The Body Shop

Note: Original concept credited to Tom Anders (based loosely on the 2nd edition Blood Bowl rules for the Chaos team).

In the 2nd edition of Blood Bowl, there are rules for cyborg enhancements to Chaos team players. I have modified the rules to add some fun to our local league.

Cyber enhanced players do not count towards a team's secret weapons allowance, but a team may not have more than 3 cyber enhanced players as after that point the NAF officials decide that the team has pushed it too far and come in with bolt cutters to "clean" the team's players up.

The following cyber enhancements can be given to any player that the Body Shop will work on for the listed prices:

Cyborg Eye: Player gains the Accurate skill. Cost: 20,000
Cyborg Arm: Player gains Hail Mary Pass and Mighty Blow skills. Cost: 30,000
Cyborg Legs: Player gains +1 to his MA, and the Leap, Kick and the coach's choice of (Pass Block, Diving Catch, or Diving Tackle). Cost: 60,000

Discounts available at the Body Shop for cyber enhancements purchased at the same time FOR THE SAME PLAYER:
Cyborg Eye and Arm: 40,000
Cyborg Eye and Legs: 70,000
Cyborg Arm and Leg: 80,000
Cyborg Eye, Arm, and Legs: 90,000

Players with the Big Guy, Stunty or Titchy characteristics or who are ST 5 or more must pay and extra 10k for each enhancement purchased over the normal rates. Examples: Cyborg Eye and Arm for one of these players would cost 60,000. The increased fees are because of the difficulty to create and expensive involved in creating miniature, oversized, or reinforced gears and parts for the cyber enhancements.

The procedure to add cyber enchanments is not without its risks. After payment is made for the operation, roll 2D6. (The League Commish makes this roll).
On a 2, the player dies during the operation (3% chance). (no apothecary roll or reroll allowed)
If EITHER dice is a 1, the player had severe complications from the surgery. The cyborg parts are successfully installed, but the player permantently losses -1 ST and misses the next game from the difficult recovery (28% chance). (no apothecary roll or reroll allowed).
Any other roll indicates a successful surgery, the player will ready to crack some heads with his new enhancements for the next game.
NOTE: Surgery rolls DO NOT have to be made for any player with bionics added to a brand new TR 100 team. It is assumed that these players were recruited from players that showed up to join the team that had already received the surgery successfully. This rule ONLY applies to players added on a bad new TR 100 team. After that any player using the body shop HAS to roll to see the success of the surgery.

Occasionally the referees will decide that the cyber enhancements bend/break two many of the NAF rules and will eject the player (much like a secret weapon player). The player gains a penalty roll which will be rolled for at the end of any drive that they were on the pitch just like a player with a weapon. If a player has more than one cyborg body part, use the penalty roll which is most likely to get the player ejected.
Cyborg Eyes have a Penalty roll of 10+
Cyborg Arms have a Penalty roll of 9+
Cyborg Legs have a Penalty roll of 8+

In addition, the following players and player types may not use the services of the Body Shop:

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