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Here is a Blood Bowl Soccer game report using the rules which
I have posted over the last 2 days.

Humans versus Orcs on a very sunny day which at the kick off
became simply nice weather! The orcs won the toss and decided
to kick off.  The teams were as follows:

Orcs: Goal Keeper, 2 Ogres (Morgs), 2 Black orcs, 4 Mid-fielders
      2 forwards, 5 fan factor and NO rerolls!

Humans: Goal Keeper, 2 Defenders, 2 forwards, Griff, 5 mid-fielders
        2 rerolls and 2 fanfactor.

1st Half
Turn 1:
The orcs push forward and the humans counter by bitzing but falling
over in a dodge.

Turn 2:
The orcs  turn is short as one of the ogres gets double skulls!
The humans tackle the orcs and get the ball but get sent off
for fouling despite the loud pleas from the coach!

Turn 3:
The orcs start blocking seriously injuring one, KOing Griff
and recapturing the ball. The humans dodge, and blitz but
fail in the attempt.

Turn 4:
The orcs go for a shot on goal but their black orc misskicks
the ball completely (misskick=fumble) the humans jump on to the
counter attack but fail to dribble the ball (dribble=pickup ball)

Turn 5:
The orcs block and blitz but the ball is now scattering every
where! The humans don't fair much better falling over themselves
dodging to get the ball!

Turn 6:
The orcs KO a human line man and get the ball, wilst the humans
pick themselves up from a variety of prone positions.

Turn 7:
Custard Pie! the orcs knock down the human goal keeper with a
piece of a culinary delight!  With no-one to save the ball the
orcs puh it in to the net for an easy goal.  The humans kick off
with a leap, blitz and run!

Turn 8:
With a couple of blocks the ball scatters and a human is stunned.
The humans dodge, dodge and fall over!

At the end of the first half it 1-0 to the orcs.  None of the KO'd
make it back so the humans start as a weak side in the second half!

2nd Half.
Turn 1:
The huams kick off with a blitz a leap and run run run. The orcs
block back with a double skulls!

turn 2:
griff shoots but the orc keeper makes an amazing save in the top
corner of the goal (they need to roll a six and what did Mike do?
rolled a blimmin' 6!) The orcs pus forward smashing though with
blocks and a blitz.

Turn 3:
The turns ends pretty much deadlocked in mid field neither side
making any signifcant moves.

Turn 4:
The humans get possession again and have a shot,and  with the
orc keeper running round like Bruce Grobbelar in the field how
could they miss?  The humans shoot and... Intercepted.  The
galant orc keeper some how jumped up and chested or headed
the ball into his control.  With that the orcs push down field
and shoot at longbomb range but the ball sails high over the
goal into the crowd.

Turn 5:
The humans dodge and KO themselves in the process.  the orcs
however make their move stunning Griff and KOing another player.

Turn 6:
With the ball in the human goal keeper's control he kicks it
up field at longbomb range the recipient dribbles the ball
sucessfully.  The orcs push out, and seriously injure griff
and stunn the goal keeper.

Turn 7:
The humans blitz and run up the field towards the orc goal,
the orcs run back but another double skulls puts an end
to their defensive measures.

Turn 8:
The humans shoot and SCORE!! the score now 1-1. The orc kick
off and make a few blocks but the final whistle blows - extra

Extratime, the orcs win the toss and elect to kick off
X Turn 1:
The orcs blitz and make a foul killing a human player.  And
KOing another.The humans make a blitz and foul, KOing an orc
but fall going for it.

X Turn 2:
The orcs in another blitz seriously injure a human and stun
another in a foul move.  The humans try to repsond to the
onslaught but fall over again going for it.

X Turn 3:
The human Goak keeper gets blitzed and the orcs swarm round
the goal easily scoring the wining goal.

End of the game score Orcs 2, humans 1,  casualties are
2 dead, 2 seriously injured humans (and one sent off) and
2 seriously injured orcs.  This game was no friendly
preseason match! More a "We remember 1966" England-Germany