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This is the 4th post of my soccer coversion rules for Blood Bowl it
details the goalkeeper (big changes here!), free kicks, penalties etc
the 5th post is a list of teams and the 6th post a game report.


Martin   (


A free kick will be awarded to a team if a turn over results
due to a foul action, ie. a fouling player is caught by the
referee and sent off.
The closest player on the team that WAS fouled to the fouled
player takes the free kick.  The ball is given to this player.
If the fouled team is already in possession of the ball then
it may attempt to "play the advantage" rather than move the
ball back to the place of the foul.  To "play the advantage"
requires a roll of 5+ on a d6.  If the roll is successful then
no free kick is taken an play continues normally.
Should the freekick be taken then no opposing tackle zones
should be on the free-kicking player.  Opposing players must
be moved back one sqaure into the nearest free square but
NOT off the field! A free kick is counted as a pass action.

A penalty will occur if a turnover results from a foul action
in the penalty area.  The ball is placed on the penalty spot
and the same conditions that apply for a freekick apply for
the penalty kick also.
Penalty kicks are considered to be done at quick pass range
so there is a -1 to save modifier applies and no scatter occurs.
A player with penalty kick skill will give a -2 save modifier
and cna reroll a misskick or inaccurate kick, but NOT a saved
kick!  The goal keeper must (if still on the field) be placed
in the endzone in the middle of the goal (equal number of
goal squares to each side).

A penalty kick which fails but the ball remains in play does not
count as a turn over so the kicking team may attempt to reclaim
the ball but no shots, or passes may be attempted.
A penalty kick that is saved, goes out of bounds or scores counts
as a turn over as usual.  Note also that free kicks may be used
to score with in the usual way.


If the ball goes out of bounds behind the goal then either a goal
kick or a corner kick will result.

If the ball was last touched by a played attacking that end then
a goal kick results.  The ball is given to the goal keeper. If
the goal keeper is stunned (tsk tsk!) or off the field then the
ball is given to a defender in the penalty area.

A corner kick is awarded if the ball comes of a defending player
and goes out of bounds behind the goal.  The ball is placed in
the corner most square of the endzone on the side of the goal the
ball went of on.  The closest attcking player may take the corner
kick which counts as a pass action.


The goal keeper is a sacred player!  Any attempts to block the
goal keeper will not escape the vigilant eye of the referee!
To block a goal keeper counts as a foul action and the referee
may take the appropriate action on the blocking player.  On a
roll of a 4+ the blocking player will be sent off.  The call
may be argued or annulled by special play cards.

All goal keepers may choose from the "goal keeper", "general"
skills. and others on doubles roll.
Goal keeping skills are only valid in the penalty area. ie.
goal kick can not be used to reroll a kick in mid-field.

Goal keepers can save different parts of the goal more easily
depending upon their size.  There are three sizes of keeper:
LARGE (ogres, trolls, treemen, minotaurs etc), MEDIUM (skaven,
humans, elves, orcs, Hobgoblins etc) and SMALL (dwarfs,
halflings, goblins etc)
A large goal keeper (L)is assumed to take up 3 goal sqaures,
a medium keeper(M) 2 and a small keeper (S) 1 sqaure.  eg.
                  |_|L. . . . |_|
                  |_|L. .M. . |_|
                  |_|L. .M. .S|_|

The keeper saves at +1 on any of the squares they are assumed
to cover.  Saves are at +0 modifier in any adjacent square,
-1 modifier 2 sqaures from the keeper and so on.  The further
in field the goal keeper goes the less goal he can save. On
the endzone may save the whole goal (if able) the next sqaure
in reduces the effective savable area by on sqaure all round
and so on.

The goal keeper may attempt to save a shot at goal if the balls
final position (after scatters) is not further than one square
from the keeper.  The diving catch skill enables goal keepers
to dive and extra square enabling them so save a shot upto 2
squares from the keeper.  The ball is considered to be in the
goal keepers control if the save is successful even if prone.
(except for punch or fisted saves when the ball scatters)
Saves are made against agility, but all goal keepers have
an agility of 3 or greater.