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Basically exactly the same as the BB board but with the
following new markings.

4x7 area at each end in centre field area as shown in diagram,
with penalty spot at point marked 0

                     back line
                ---|1------------|--- End zone.
                 + |2+ + + + + + | +
        wide zone+ |3+ + + + + + | +
                 + |4-----0------| +
                    1 2 3 4 5 6 7


This basically marked by the skulls, but to clarify see diagram.

            + | + + + + + + | + +
            + | +/-------\+ | + +
            + | | + + + + | | + +
            --------------------- centre line (line of scrimage)
            + | | + + + + | | + +
            + | +\_______/+ | + +
            + | + + + + + + | + +


These would be the only new pieces that would be required to
 be made, and are placed behind the penalty area off the board in the
traditional fashion.  E ach goal mouth is 5x3 squares with one
square of 'post' to the outside of the mouth. eg
            posts |_| . . . . |_| posts
                  |_| . . . . |_|
                  |_| . . . . |_|

The goal may appear large but I have found it to be about the
right side so long as the goal keeper doesn't stray from his
 line (essentially the endzone).


The kicking side sets up first. For the kicking team three
 players must be on the centre line and on must be in the
middle of the centre circle, this player has the ball.  The
defending side must have 3 players on the centre line, but
 NONE in the circle. The centre line for the defending team
 being defined by the circle and 1 square (sqr) on the actual
 centre line either side.
The kicking team rolls on kickoff table as usual, the only
change being that "Bad Kick" makes the kick off pass inaccurate,
 scattering according to distance kicked, see below.

The kick off team must pass the ball from the centre circle
to a player in the kick off teams half.  The kick of team
doesn't have to make the pass its first action but the player
 kicking the ball 'off' may not move in the kick off turn.
The kickoff if at 'hand off" distance still counts as a pass
action. This prevents attempts to score from kick off.

A team that concedes a goal kicks off.


Shots and Passes are made in exactly the same way as in BB,
but inaccurate passes and shots scatter differently as descibed.
A team may NOT make a pass and shot at goal unless the player
 shooting for goal is INSIDE the penalty area. A player with
the "Shoot" skill may reroll inaccurate/misskicked(fumbled)

Inaccurate Quick pass/shot, scatters 1-2 sqrs in random direction.
Inaccurate Short pass/shot, scatters 2-4 sqrs in random direction.
Inaccurate Long pass/shot, scatters 3-6 sqrs in random direction.
Inaccurate Long Bomb/shot, scatters 4-8 sqrs in random direction.

The longer the range of shot the easier for the keeper to save.

Shots at Quick Pass, -1 to save.
Shots at Short pass, +0 to save, scatter once for one square.
Shots at Long Pass, +1 to save, scatter twice, 1 sqr for each
Shots at Long Bomb, +2 to save, scatter 3 times, 1sqr for each

The scattering of the shots represents the movement of the ball
 in flight, generally the longer the kick the greater the
deviation (if any occurs).

Any misskicks (fumbles) will scatter 1 sqrs in a random direction.

When shooting for goal, nominate the sqr on the goal you are
aiming for and roll to shoot scatter etc. If the ball ends in
 the goal mouth then the Goal keeper may attempt to save the ball
 in he is in a position to do so (see SAVING GOAL SHOTS).
If the ball ends its scatters on a "post" square then it will
 rebound in a direction determined by the scatter template
(centre placed over sqr which ball hit) for the same distance
as an inaccurate shot of the same range would scatter.  If the
rebounding ball ends in the goal mouth then it is an automatic
goal unless it ends in the same sqr the keeper is postioned in
 which case the GK may attempt to save the rebound at -2 (All
 modifiers adding etc so rebounding short shot is -3 save). Any
rebound scattering to a sqr above or to outside of goal will
result in goal kick and the ball is given to the goal keeper.
 A rebound can end back in the playing area. If GK stunned then
 ball placed in posession of player on GK's team in penalty
 area or closest to penalty area. A failed shot at goal counts
as a turn over.

Some Goal box/ penalty area rules

If player pushed back into goal roll for injury as normal.  The player
is considered off the field even if not injured and is therfore placed
in the reserves box in the dugout.
A player pushed back in to a goal post is an automatic injury, and
the player remains in the sqr they were in.

Blocking a goal Keeper is considered a foul action but since
few referees are willing to take action the player making the
block will be sent off on a roll of 1 or 2 on a d6.