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 Hello there,

Well here is the first 3 posts of the my newly revised rules
for converting the 3rd edition Blood Bowl in to Blood Bowl
The first post (this one) has a small FAQ attached, the second
post details the skills for blood bowl soccer and the 3rd post
details the playing field and goals

 I would be grateful if you have any suggestions or questions that
 you mail me direct at:

 and post your suggestions, thoughts etc in this group for
 the benfit of others who have tried this variation.

 Thanks, and have fun!!


 Blood Bowl Soccer FAQ

 1)  You said when shooting pick a square in the goal. Does
 this mean on the goal line or could you shoot for the top right
 corner?                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

 Yes!!  You can choose to shoot the ball at any square of the goal
 (posts, goal mouth etc).  The goal area is 7x5 squares all can be
 'shot' at.

 2) If so how is the scatter for inaccuracy done?

 The goal squares are the same size as the board squares.
 Suppose a shot is declared and it is aimed at the top left
 hand corner of the goal (the square below the cross bar, to
he right of the  upright)  The shot is taken from long pass
range so it will scatter twice, each scatter being for 1
square (assuming shot accurate). Placing the scatter
template over the nominated square the d8 is rolled,
tha ball scatters one sqr to the right. The die is rolled
 again and the ball moves one sqr down.  The shot ends in
the goal mouth.  If the keeper is able to attempt a save
it is done now, all modifiers taken into account etc.  If
the ball had scattered on to a 'post' sqr on its second
 scatter then roll for scatter again as if the shot was
inaccurate. Since the shot was at long pass range it will
 scatter 3-6 sqrs in a direction again determined by the
 scatter template, suppose the ball scatters directly
downwards for 4 sqrs, its now on the goal line and will
score unless it's save, if it had scattered 5 sqrs the
ball would have ended up in the endzone no save would be
necessary since ball not in the goal but in the field of
 play. I think this should clear any queries about shooting
 at goal.  If  it doesn't please email me.

 3) What about goalies?  how tall are they.  Can a halfling
    reach the bar?

 The revised rules have attempted to answer this question by
 splitting the height of players in to three catagories, small
 medium and large.  In the long run this may prove too

 4) This is a tired question, but how many squares
    do as a big guy take up?  We have always played 4 not 1.
    Would an ogre goalie cover 40%  of the goal?

The revised rules have attempted to solve this problem.  An ogre
would constitute as a large player and would cover more of the goal
than a small or medium.
See Goal keepers post when its posted

 5) Does a moving slide tackle count as a blitz?

 No.  Slide tackle enables a player to attempt to steal the
ball from  a player in an adjacent square, with out having
to make a block.

 6)  Are there any star players?

 I haven't specificly made up any new star players or converted
 and  existing ones.  Basically just convert the existing star
 players by exchanging/adding any skills as you see fit.  I
 think the 'net' star player "Erik Kantona" is a must for
this version!!!