Welcome to the ElfBall home Page, your source for all the information you'll need to play this fun and challenging new tabletop fantasy game. ElfBall was designed to be as simple and quick as possible, for those nights when you'd like to have something to play, but don't need the complexity and investment in time that comes with most fantasy sports simulations. Despite this very basic goal, I think you'll find a great deal of tactical satisfaction available within the game.

It is my intention that all rules for ElfBall be made available to players free of charge on this website, and that all materials for the game be simple to create or aquire on your own. The miniatures are the most important aspect of the game for me, and I have tried to make sure we the players can put all of our resources into getting those miniatures instead of wasting them on some books and yet another pile of six-siders.

The Draft Rules

The latest version of the rules for ElfBall.

ElfBall Ruler

This handy ruler makes measuring moves and determining obstructed lines of travel easier. Simply print it out, cut out the black semi-circles, and use it in your games.

The ElfBall Mailing List

The ElfBall mailing list has been set up specifically for discussion of the game itself.

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