version 1.5


  • Block Puck
  • Check
  • Dauntless
  • Endurance
  • Hooking
  • Instigate
  • Kick Pass
  • Leader
  • Pass
  • Poke Check
  • Puck Control
  • Pro


  • Bounce Puck
  • Face Off
  • Hop
  • Shoot
  • Side Step
  • Speed Skate
  • Wrist Shot


  • Brace
  • Break Free
  • Cross Check
  • Fighting
  • Hacking
  • Mighty Blow
  • Slap Shot


  • Catch
  • Cover Up
  • Diving Save
  • Nerves Of Steel
  • Save

Skills Description

General Skills

Block Puck - Player gets a +1 on all Block attempts.

Check - The Check skill affects the results of the Check dice.

Dauntless - A player with this skill is capable of psyching themselves up so that they can take on even the very strongest opponent. The skill only works when the player attempts to Check or Fight an opponent who is stronger than himself. When the skill is used the coach rolls two dice and adds them together. If the total is greater than the opponents strength value, then the dauntless players strength is counted as being equal to his opponent's when he makes the Check, before any bonuses for defensive or offensive assists are added. If the dice roll is less than or equal to the opponents strength value, then the dauntless player must use his normal strength for the Check.

Endurance - This player works on his endurance, and only fails an endurance roll on a 1.

Hooking - Player may force an opponent to re-roll an Agility roll made for a Hold.

Instigate - This player is adept at starting fights with verbal abuse. Such a player can start a Fight with a unwilling player on a roll of 4-6 instead of the normal 6.

Kick Pass - This player may take immediate control of the puck into any square in his stick zone rather than rolling to scatter after successfully blocking a shot with his body.

Leader - The player is a natural leader and inspires the rest of the team while he is on the field. Having such a player in the team allows the coach to take a Leader Re-Roll counter at the start of the match and at half time and place it on the Re-Roll track along with his Team Re-Roll counters. A team may only ever have one Leader Re-Roll counter, even if it has several players with this skill. The counter is used in exactly the same way as a Team Re-Roll counter, but it may only be used if a player with the Leader skill is on the playing field (standing or prone) at the time the counter is used.

Pass - A player with this skill is allowed to re-roll the dice if he misses a pass.

Poke Check - This player gives an extra -1 modifier to opponents who attempt puck control rolls in his Stick Zone.

Puck Control - This player may re-roll a failed puck control roll.

Pro - A player with this skill is a hardened veteran. Such players are called professionals or Pro's by other Blood Bowl players because they rarely, if ever, make a mistake. Once per team turn, a Pro is allowed to re-roll any one dice roll he has made. However, before the re-roll may be made, his coach must roll a dice. On a roll of 4, 5 or 6 the re-roll may be made. On a roll of 1, 2 or 3 the original result stands and may not be re-rolled with a skill or team re-roll.

Agility Skills

Bounce Puck - A player with Bounce Puck skill can determine which direction the puck will bounce when it hits the wall. Distance is determined normally.

Face Off - Player is adept at Face-Offs and may thus re-roll a face off failure.

Hop - A player with the hop skill is allowed to attempt to jump over an adjacent square, even if it is occupied by a knocked over (but NOT standing player) from either team. Making a hop costs the player two squares of his normal movement. In order to make the hop, move the player to any empty square adjacent to the square that they are jumping over, and then make an agility roll for the player. No modifiers apply to this dice roll at all.

If the player successfully makes the dice roll then they make a perfect jump and may carry on moving (and may hop again if they have enough movement left). If the player fails the agility roll then he falls over in the square that he was leaping to, and the opposing coach may make an Armour roll to see if he was injured. A failed hop counts as a turnover, and the moving teams turn ends immediately.

Shoot - A player with this skill is allowed to re-roll the dice if he rolls an inaccurate shot.

Side Step - A player with this skill is an expert at skating out of the way of an attacker. To represent this ability, his coach may choose which square the player is moved to when he is pushed back, rather than the opposing coach.

Furthermore, the coach may choose to move the player to any adjacent square, not just the three squares shown on the push back diagram. Note that the coach may choose which square the player is moved to even if the player is knocked over after the pushback.

In addition, the Side Step skill affects the results rolled on the Check dice.

Speed Skate - The player may re-roll the dice if he falls over when trying to move an extra square.

Wrist Shot - A player with Wrist Shot ignores stick zones when rolling shot accuracy. Blocking is resolved normally. You may not use this skill in conjuction with Slap Shot.

Strength Skills

Brace - A player with this skill is never pushed back as the result of a Check. He may completely ignore 'push back' results, and 'Knock down' results always knock the player over in the square he started in.

Break Free - A player may use his strength instead of his agility when his opponents holds. For example, a player with strength 4 and agility 2 would count as having an agility of 4 when his opponent attempts to hold.

Cross Check - A player with this skill moves a player back two squares instead of one on a push back or knockdown result.

Fighting - A player with this skill add an extra die when rolling for fighting results.

Hacking - The player may hack one opposing player who is in an adjacent square. Roll two dice: if the score is greater than the opponents Strength, then the opponent drops their stick and loses their stick zone for the rest of the team turn. If the score of the dice is less than or equal to the opponents Strength then the hack has no effect. You may never hack a Goalie in the crease.

Mighty Blow - Add +1 to any armour and injury rolls made by a player with this skill. This skill may not be used by players with a strength of 2 or less.

Slap Shot - Subtract 1 from Block Puck attempts. You may not use this skill in conjunction with Wrist Shot.

Goalie Skills

Catch - If this player blocks a puck, they may elect to catch it. They then immediately place the puck on the ice at their feet and are in control of it.

Cover Up - If this player blocks a puck but rolls a natural "6", they may elect to simply block it instead.

Diving Save - A player with this skill is allowed to move three squares when the opposing coach announces that one of his players is going to shoot the puck instead of the normal one. After the shot is resolved, place the player is prone in the square they have moved to.

Nerves Of Steel - The player may ignore the -1 dice modifier for enemy stick zones when he attempts to pass, shoot, or block the puck.

Save - A player with this skill gains a +1 on all blocks when they are made in the crease.