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Nuffle's lesser know little brother Nehall woke to look upon the land. And he saw Blood Bowl and it was good. Too good. It's no fun watching your brother's game.

Nehall decided to make his own, but when his brother caught wind of it, he was sour and displeased and shut his brother into the colder climates. Here Cross Check was born. Worshipers live for the sacred number of Nehall, which is six.

At first it was hard to move around on the icy lakes that Nehall had proclaimed at the sanctuary of the game, but a goblin team started wearing little boots with metal blades to slide around on. These boots let then skate fast up and down the ice and they used a stick to move the sacred puck around.

The worst part was they started winning.

That's when the other teams started wearing the skates and using sticks.

Famous Teams

The Blood Wings

This Human team sweeped the last Blood Stain Cup, not losing a single game. Star Players include Constanteedov, Izderman, Sir G. Fedorov, and their Goalie Asgood. Look for them to repeat this year.

The Washroom Rat-N-Tails

The defining fast team in Cross Check. Amazing offense has been the calling card of this team. While young, they have alot of talent and an exeptional Bruiser in Simple Simon, the Rat Ogre.

The Dead Stars

Talk about cold blooded. Coach Deadson was once quoted as saying "If we can't kill them, we can't score. It's that simple." A true legend of the game, this team really shines in sudden death.

Famous Players

Toog Wartsplitter

With over 300 saves credited to him, and .05 points per game allowed, Toog is considered by most to be the premier Goalie of his time. Originator of the "splits" move.


A monster of the game with 975 goals. All around the best player ever to touch the ice, and how! A one man team. (In fact he had to play one game alone, his team got caught in an avalanche, he beat the Oinktown Oilies 1-0) There has never been a better center.

Hat O'Conner

Infamous dwarf player was first to score three goals in one game. Known for his hard slamming style, O'Conner once knocked down three halflings with one check. Both feets are now called "Hat Tricks".