version 1.5

Designer Notes

This section gives some insight into why I did what I did with the rules. Game deisgners might find this section interested as well as anyone who want's to know some tidbit about how this or that rule evolved.

I also answer interesting questions (and give credit for ideas) here.

To do:

Oh, and Big Guys. I need to get them done. I'm trying to think of a way to make it good to have Big Guys in Net. A rule about their size seems in order, but I'm not sure how to word it yet.

I'm also in need of color text. That means "Did ya know" stuff and histories for teams and players. If you have cool ideas, send them my way.

Q & A

Why make a Hockey version of Blood Bowl.

It was pretty simple really. I thought it would be fun. Time was another factor. I wanted a game that could be played in less time than Blood Bowl. An average game of Cross Check should take about 2/3rds the time of a Blood Bowl game.

How did you make the Goalies?

With the exception of the Undead team, I took a lineman, subtracted three movement and added one armor. If the lineman started with a skill, I added save. If not then no skill was given. Because of the huge amount of padding Goalies wear, dodge and stunty were always removed.

Do you have to set the players up the same way as on the face-off diagram, or are there other possibilities? (Tibor Kiss)

Yes, you must set up as in the diagram. At first this seems unfair to the Agility teams, but as Agility teams should get the puck at face-offs, they will get to move first anyway.

SPPs for penalties: I do not understand why the player in the penalty box gets any SPP. (Tibor Kiss)

Two reasons.

The most important reason was I wanted people to keep track of penalty time and they just wouldn't do it if there wasn't a advantage to doing it.

The second reason was similar to the reason casualties get points, while it doesn't directly effect scoring, you've done something that may lead to a score.

I've made the time to SPP ratio really low. Four to one. This means that if you could normally score once in 12 turns, it's more adventageous to just score than to have guys in the box.

Thanks to David Yellope, Tibor Kiss and Sean Butler for taking an interest in the game.

Special thanks to Chris Rohan for support above and beyond the call of duty. His ideas have been too numerous to list here, but have made significant contributions to the game as it is played today. Thanks Chris.