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version 1.5

This information was obtained from: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~jklewis/bloodice

Cross Check is an unauthorized expansion to the popular Games Workshop masterpiece Blood Bowl. These rules have been updated as of 4/15/99 and are playable, so send me some game reports already.

If you have any questions about the rules, send them to me at jklewis@umich.edu

Rules Changes
History of the game
Designer Notes
Cross Check Team Sheet (modified Harsch sheet)


"Welcome to a great night of hockey, tonight the Icelake Snotdrippers take on the Arbortown Might. These two teams are undefeated so far this seasons, so this should be a great matchup. Starting in the net tonight for the Snotdrippers is Flam Puckgrabba who has only allowed two scores in the last seven games. He'll be going up against the leagues leading scorer Braut Stiener. It should be quite a show tonight as these two battle it out on Morsel Hockey Nite in Cernia."

Morsel Beer. The beer you eat with a spoon.

"Welcome back, they just dropped the puck. Braut Stiener easily takes control of the puck and heads for the Snotdrippers blueline. A fights broken out on the left side there between Toesnatcha and Tommy Grimhold. Braut's swung over to the right side to check Tonga Nosepicka. He's on fire, it's just him and Flam. He shoots, Flam dives for it. It's in his glove, great save by the veteran goalie. Back after this short break."

Morsel Beer. When you want a cheap beer that's really filling.

"We're here at the palatial Wart-Rippa Ice Arena where 70,000 cheering fans have ventured out in this freezing weather to watch the Icelake Snotdrippers face the Arbortown Might. The Snotdrippers have possesion and are advancing on the Might's blue line. Ouch, Grimhold just put a big hit on rookie player Rot Igot. He's going to need medical attention. Everyone is looking at Rot, but Yuggle Buttscratcher is advancing on the Arbortown goal. He shoots, he.... SCOOOORES!"

"That's the end of the first period. The score is 1-0 with the Snotdrippers on top."

Morsel Beer. Quality you can taste... the morning after.

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