Thrud the Barbarian

Updated for 4th edition rules

Thrud first appeared in the 1st edition rules for Blood Bowl. My league converted the rules for 4th edition Blood Bowl for this unique star player from the 1st edition Blood Bowl. He appeared on page 22 of the 1st edition Death Zone rules published in 1987 and is credited to I believe to Mark Labbett for his creation. Justification for his translation from 1st to 4th edition is at the end of the page.
Also be on the look out as Games Workshop will be coming out soon with a new Blood Bowl figure for Thrud along with their own 4th edition rules for him. (We'll be curious to see how close to our rules they are.)

Thrud's Background
The strength of 20 men... the swiftness of a panther... the brain of a garden snail. Thrud the Barbarian is almost the ultimate Blood Bowl player - unstoppable, vicious, and totally stupid. In pratice, though, he maybe a bit too stupid. Thrud only barely understands the rules of Blood Bowl, just enough to know that you are allowed to hit people a lot, and that you must get the leathery ball thing down the other end of the field.

Who will Thrud play for???
Thrud may be purchased as a Star Player for ANY team in Blood Bowl. Thrud does care as long as he gets to hit someone (and maybe play with the leathery ball thing some, but mainly hit someone).

Star Players:

NamePositionCostMASTAG AVSkillsTraits
Thrud the Barbarian Freelance Star Player 140,000 6 6 2 9 Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Thick SkullWild Animal, Really Stupid, Mine! Mine! Mine!, Playing for the Fun of It!

Special playing rules for Thrud:
What follows in the New skills section is the general descriptions of the Wild Animal and Really Stupid skills in case you have never seen them. However since Thrud has both of these skills, you should play him as follows:
Thrud will always be the very first player moved during your turn.
Roll his Wild Animal skill roll FIRST. If he rolls a 1 for Wild Animal, skip his Really Stupid roll.
If he does not fail his Wild Animal skill roll, roll on the Really Stupid table as normal.
Thrud does not cause a turnover for failing his Really Stupid roll and he does not have to go last because of his superhuman eagerness to crack some heads.

New skills:
Wild Animal: A player with this skill tends to get a bit, erm, carried away during the match, and rather lets his natural enthusiam overcome him. Wild animals must take their actions first of all during a turn; if you take an action with player with Wild Animal after having moved a player that does not have Wild Animal, your opponent can call you for illegal procedure exactly as if you had forgotten to move the turn marker. In addition, you must roll a D6 before taking an action with Wild Animal. On a roll of 1, he goes berserk. Berserk players immediately drop the ball if they have it, which causes a turnover at the end of their action. The berserk player will then attempt to block the nearest player - friend or foe - attacking them as if he were making a frenzied blitz move (i.e. he keeps blocking untile the victim goes down or he runs out of movement). The berserk player will always go for an opposing player if there is a choice, but otherwise decide randomly who he goes for if more than one player is the same number of squares from him. The berserk move DOES count as the team's blitz action for that turn, with the exception that it can be made even if another Wild Animal from the team has already gone berserk and blitzed. Berserk Wild Animals do have to go for it in order to try and knock their victim over! (This includes the 3rd square if the Berserk Wild Animal has the Sprint skill).

Really Stupid: Really stupid may be used two different ways. The coach of the Really Stupid player must select which way he wishes to have Really Stupid played before the match begins. If no declaration is made, use the second method described. Note: both of the below rules were created by Jervis Johnson. The first rule appears in the Blood Bowl Compendium I and in Jervis's notes to the Blood Bowl mailing list and the second appears in a later letter by Jervis to the Blood Bowl mailing list and the Blood Bowl Compendium II.
1) The player is so slow-witted and sluggish, they must take their actions last of all during a turn unless there is player from the team that is not Bone-Headed or Really Stupid in an adjacent square (this represents the other player telling them to get a move on.) In addition, roll a D6 before taking an action for a player with this skill. On a 1, 2, or 3, they stand around trying to remember what to do. This means they can't do anything for the turn and they lose their tackle zone until they manage to not roll a 1, 2, 3. If there is a friendly player that does not have Bone-Headed or Really Stupid in an adjacent square, the Really Stupid player only stands around on a roll of 1. (i.e. if their is a sneaky Goblin next to the Really Stupid player, treat the Really Stupid player as Bone-Headed rather than Really Stupid.)
2) The rules are identical except that the Really Stupid player may move at any time whether there is a player without Bone-Head or Really Stupid adjacent to him or not. However, if the player fails the D6, it counts as a turnover. (Failure is a 1, 2, or 3 if there is not a friendly player without Bone-Head or Really Stupid adjacent to him. On a 1, if there is a friendly player without Bone-Head or Really Stupid adjacent to him).

Mine! Mine! Mine!: A player with this skill is totally focused on getting a touchdown if they get their hands on the ball. A player with this skill who is carrying the football must move in such a way as to be at least no further away from his End Zone. (i.e. every square of movement must be towards his End Zone or a horizontal move towards the sidelines.) The player will also refuse to hand-off, pass, or drop the ball, unless its knocked from his hands.

Playing for the Fun of it!: A star player with this skill does not need to be paid an appearance fee to play. He just wants to bash some heads!

Suggested minatures:
Citadel did create four different lead minature for Thrud that I have seen one of on the Net at VoodooStudios, but GOOD LUCK trying to actually find one. Ral Partha's Zoid is a great replacement fig.

Here is my representation of Thrud (Ral Partha's Zoid)
Sorry for the blurring, I'll clean it up when he's painted.

Got lucky and won a good Thrud off of Ebay to use with our local league.

PositionCompanyMinature NamePart NumberPrice# in Blister/Box
Thrud the BarbarianRal Partha EnterprisesZoid, the Pinhead Barbarian23-614$2.251

Contact Information for the above companies:
Ral Partha Enterprises
Phone (800)-543-0272

Translation from 1st to 4th edition rules

The 1st edition rules for Blood Bowl were very different from the 4th edition rules. The 1st edition stats for Thrud were: Movement: 4, Combat Skill: 3, Throwing Skill: 2, Strength: 7, Toughness: 6, Wounds: 2, Attacks: 2, Coolness: 7. Okay now how to translate that to 4th edition.

I used a Human lineman as my base player in 1st edition for the translation. A Human lineman stats were: Movement: 4, Combat Skill: 3, Throwing Skill: 3, Strength: 3, Toughness: 3, Wounds: 2, Attacks: 1: Coolness: 7.

So that meant that Thrud could move as fast as a Human lineman, so that translated to Movement of 6.

The strength skill is a mixture of Combat Skill, Strength, and Attacks in 1st (Trolls and Minotaurs in 1st edition has combined totals of 11, and Treeman had a combined total of 12), Thrud's combined total is 12 so that meant his 1E stats could translate directly to Strength of 6 (4E Treeman Strength).

Now agility is more tricky. In first edition, both the throwing skill and coolness contained elements of what is now agility. Thrud's throwing skill and coolness score are the same as a Minotaur player, and little better than an Ogre's and a little worse than a Dwarf lineman (all of which have 4th edition Agility's of 2). This led us to believe that Thrud's agility was also 2.

Finally, what is now armour was a mix of Toughness and Wounds in 1st edition. Combat skill helped determine if a hit was successful, Toughness determine if the hit effected you, and Wounds was the number of effective hits you could take before being injured. His Toughness is double that of a Human Lineman. In fact, his Toughness was the same as a Treeman in 1st edition. However, his Wounds were one less than a Treeman. So this meant, Thrud was difficult to hurt, but not as difficult to injury. Thrud's combined Toughness and Wounds are the same as a 1E Ogre, so we agreed on Armour of 9, but also to give Thrud, Thick Skull as a mitigator.

For skills, Thrud had Block and Tackle per the 1st edition rules. Mighty Blow just seemed to be a given for us as well.

Finally, his traits: Thrud in 1st edition would sometimes become so confused for his lack of brain power that half the time he would switch which side he was playing for. This led us to give him Wild Animal and Really Stupid. The Mine! Mine! Mine! ability is named from an old Daffy Duck episode and is based directly on the rules from the 1st edition rule on what happens if Thrud ever gets the ball. We also gave Thrud the Playing for the Fun of It! trait so that he could be played in our league without the 4th edition appearance fee rules that we have enforced.

So there you have Thrud!!!!

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