by Andy Meechan, with Harald Hedlund

The following may be of use to you in a few ways: you're a beginning Coach; you want to learn some new plays; or you want to see if your favourite cunning plays are original after all. This should be of use to you unless you fall into the last case; the Lateral Plays page is probably more your style - here we'll see basic kick-off Offensive and Defensive setups and take you through a turn-by-turn guide on how the play should progress. If you're a new Coach you'll find the word 'should' gains more meaning as you get into the game: experienced Coaches know what I'm talking about.

The text below is split into two main areas: Offence and Defence. Both of these split again when discussing general tactics to be used against certain styles of play which your opponent will attempt. These styles are loosely grouped into the following two areas: Strength and Agility. Strength teams such as Orcs or Chaos are renowned for their brutal approach to the game (specific race tactics are discussed in the Team Playbook) which is characterised by a slow moving offence which will gain the upper hand in the second half of the game through weight of numbers due to a grinding attrition in the first half. Agility teams on the other hand rely upon their ball moving abilities to out-score their opponents. They can handle the ball well and generally run rings around their opponents, but suffer in the aforementioned games of attrition; relying to score more in the first half than the Strength team can in the second.

Of course this is a liberal application of such stereotypes and some teams fall [almost] neatly between the two. These teams are the easiest to start playing with, but will give you little long-term challenge compared to one of the extreme teams. But for now all you need to know is that we'll be broadly stereotyping to avoid an article which will take you a day to read and a lifetime to master.