Offence for Strong Teams

The offence for strong teams is kind of straight forward. All you really have to do is smash your opponent to a pulp and then score a touchdown.......sounds easy??? Well it`s not all that easy as it sounds, there is a bit more to it. Read the following article and you`ll get some advice (hopefully good!).

Strong teams vs. Fast teams: One variant that works really good is when you form a cage around the ball carrier. The Cage should consist of some strong players who just smashes all opponents who come near the cage, so the only thing you have to do is walk down the field and score a touchdown. You can make this a bit more confusing for your opponent by letting two players in your team run along the side lines. They can either be used as a distraction to your opponent or you can use the ball carrier in the cage to break out from the cage and run to one of the side line players and make a handover. After that all you have to do is make the touchdown.

The chart below displays how it could look.

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B = Blocker
L = Lineman, Beastman
BM = Big Monster

Of course there are other ways, for example you can smash your opponent in the first half, if her receives the ball, and in the second half when he can`t set up a full team you can just smash him some more AND after that score a touchdown. A very good tactic is to set up a small cage on the side of the field, and the use the rest of the players on your team to hold of your opponent.

Strong teams vs. Strong teams: Hmmmm......this is a bit harder. I`ve found that the best tactic to use when playing against strong teams is to be really, really dirty. Because if you can get your opponents number down, the rest is easy. If both you and your opponent have a monster the first thing you should do is to GET IT OUT. This will give you the edge for the rest of the game. With you in possession of the only monster you can use it to make way for the ball carrier, and hopefully there wont be anything to stop you.