Offence for Fast Teams

This is the fun part when playing with fast teams, if you can keep all your players intact for the whole game, victory will be yours.

Fast teams vs. Strong teams: The worst thing that can happen when playing against strong teams with a fast team is that all your players gets knocked out, injured, or even killed in the first half (who can forget the game between The Pets of Tzeentz and TTK, after the first half the only Wood Elf players who were standing were one brave Wardancer and three linemen). If this doesn`t happen the rest is easy. The best tactic that I`ve found is the pass-and-run tactic. As the name says you pass the ball and then run, but there are a few things you have to remember before you do this. You just can`t enter your opponents half of the field with only one player, because he will most certainly get knocked down. Instead you enter your opponents half with about six players. At least two of these players should have an agility of four and/or should preferably be a catcher. These two players act as receivers and the rest of the players are there to protect them. The rest of the players in your team are there to protect the thrower and to hold back the opponents. Then all you have to do is make the pass and run for the end zone. The danger with this tactic is that of something goes wrong the opposing team will have a wonderful chance to score a touchdown them selves. The only thing you can do to prevent this is to use some of the players in your team to act as defenders.

The chart below displays how it could look.

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L = Lineman
B = Blitzer

S = Witch Elf, Gutter Runner, Wardancer, Catcher

T = Thrower

Fast teams vs. Fast teams: When you play against equally fast teams you can use the example shown to you above. But it might be a bit harder because you will not be able to out run your opponent. You can also use the tactic when you form a small cage around your thrower and move up the field, and when you find a gap in the defense you can either make a handover to a player who's standing a bit further down the field or you can pass a player in your team who is in a good spot on the field.