Defence for Strong Teams

Strong teams vs. Fast teams: This first example is used when you play against weaker but faster teams. The most important thing about defence when your opponent is fast is to have a deep defence. But you don't want to back of completely instead you want to be ready on offence AND have a stabile defence. The best defence is offence. So if your opponent makes a mistake and a turn over takes place you can quickly turn from defence to offence.

It`s very important to make good use of your strength, so always set up a strong line of players on your front line. This has two advantages. First it forces your opponent to use the side lines, the best thing about forcing your opponent towards the side lines is that the opponent won`t be able to attack with as many players as he want to. The worst thing that can happen when playing against fast teams is that your half is invaded by allot of fast players. If this happens you wont be able to cover them all properly and this is exactly what a fast team coach wants to happen. Because all he have to do if this happens is to use his thrower to make a pass and run for the end-zone, and you will have no chance to catch up. So force your opponent towards the side lines where you will have some kind of control over his/her offence. The second advantage about having a strong front line is that if your opponent fumbles and there is a turnover you can use the front line to smash through your opponents defence and hopefully, if you are very lucky, grab the ball. If you can`t reach the ball don`t get to excited and move all your players to the opponents half, instead you should only move some players to put some pressure on your opponent, but always keep a steady defence.

Below you can see how I usually set up my defence against fast teams. It may vary depending on who your opponent is.

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B = Blocker
L = Lineman, Beastman
BM = Big Monster
Yellow Squares = Tackle Zones

As you can see on the chart above the Blocker and the Lineman, in the side lines, are one square away from the halfline on the field. This is done to force the opponent to use his blitz move on one of these. Because this is the only way to get through on your side of the field. So instead of getting blocked in the first round they will be a great annoyance to your opponent. The front line is very tough as you can see. With two blockers and a monster anyone with some self preservation will give up the idea of getting through there. The Linemen in the back of the field act as "cleaners". If some enemy players get through to your end of the field they will take them out.

Strong teams vs. Strong teams: If your opponent is of equal strength the only change you have to make is to move your defence forward to increase your smashing ability. One important thing when playing against teams with equal strength is to choose your blitzing and blocking targets wisely. Always try to get two blocking dices, and always play an offensive game even if you are playing defence, with that I don't mean that you should charge your opponents zone with all you got, but instead use four-six players to hunt the ball and generally cause allot of confusion in your opponents half. This will stop your opponent from getting a organized attack together, and then it`s just a matter of time until your opponent will make a mistake and you`ll have a wonderful chance of scoring a touchdown, with so many players in your opponents zone.

Here is one example how your defence could look like.

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