> KidNefaria wrote:
>  starting with a lineup like this is short-changing
> > yourself.  i know you're Kid Knowledge and you have a real successful team and
> > all that good stuff, but why should you build up all these linemen and then
> > have to concentrate on your position players later?  With position players
> > you'll have a better chance of winning your opening matches, and they'll gain
> > skills earlier.  Having a low FF is bad, but i think having a low talent team
> > is worse.  I mean, i've never coached HE's, but i have done DE's and i think
> > the same principles apply.  Start with as many position players as possible, a
> > low FF and 1 reroll, get your apothecary later, they're still 50k.  Just my
> > opinion, i guess, i wonder why its different from everyone else's.
> >
> > nef

OK, he did ask "why". And why indeed? Why would anyone in his right mind
want to start a team consisting entirely of Linemen
(There is that one blitzer of course, but...)

Here is why:

You can have up to 2 throwers, 2 catchers (or was that 4?) and 2 blitzers
on your High Elf team. This is 6 out of 16 players. Which leaves a demand
for 10 linemen.

Your position players, even new ones, will have no problem advancing. Any
Lion warrior can run fast and catch the ball. Any Dragon Warrior can do
largely the same while kicking butt in a reasonable fashion. A new Phoenix
warrior just has to lob the ball a few times.

By starting with so many linemen you are bound to get some SPPS on them.
You will have to rely on them for scoring, passing and fighting. And they
*will* get better at it. With the MVPs and occasional casualty, TD and
pass, your linemen will improve over time.

In the long run, you buy new specialised players, but by that time, your
linemen have got their Block, Dodge, Diving Tackle, skill vital to the
well-being of your team.

Your SPPS will be more or less evenly distributed among your players,
which is desirable. Having two skills on twelve players (~150 SPPs) is
better than having four skills on two.

Sigurd. 1