The Wonderful World of Wood Elves, Pt. 4

Playing an experienced Wood Elf Team

By the time your Wood Elf Team has played several games, it will have elements of strategy that were unavailable before due to lack of skills, specialization, and position players. Playing a team of Wood Elves with a full roster, including a full compliment of skilled Catchers and Wardancers, is significantly different then playing a team of little more than a bunch of line-elves. This page will attempt to address those differences.

Again, though, many elements of this page will differ based on the type of rules your league uses. Most of the stuff listed will work for most Wood Elf teams, just keep in mind what doesn't and adjust accordingly.

Offense/Ball Control
  • At the start of an offensive drive, set most of your players up on one side of the field, with a few on the other side as damage control in case of a blitz (off the line).
  • After the kick is recieved, take any two die blocks you have first (or 3 die blocks if you have them, usually with trees!). You should have set up so as to allow a few of these if at all possible.
  • Attack the opponent's flank with a blitz. Set up a line-elf near the end player in the wide zone, preferrably one with guard if you have 2 or more, and didn't have to use them for hits on the line. Then Blitz the player with your best Wardancer. Be sure to hit him at an angle so as to cause a sufficient space to run through with your catcher, even if you don't knock the other guy down. After your WD hits, then he should continue downfield using the remainder of his movement.
  • After the maximum number of people have been hit, pick the opponent's most dangerous player down (usually his Dirty Player if you were lucky enough to get a shot at him), and boot him with your "armor specialist", plus any of his friends you can spare for help.

    Pick and choose your timing with these, though, as you don't want to start a fouling war with players as frail and expensive as yours!

  • Move as many elves as possible through the hole your WD created, and try to position the Diving Tacklers in the group to maximize their protective capability for a pre-chosen spot in that area that the catcher (or other player you want to score) can reach.
  • After everything else has been completed, send your thrower to get the ball, and pass it to the nearest catcher. If necessary, move that catcher to the one whom you want to have the ball, and hand off to her. She then takes off down the field until she is in your pre-chosen, well defended "spot" for her.
  • If you want, leap a Wardancer, or anyone else with leap, over your opponent's line on the other side, so that he can tie up the most likely blitzer the other team was going to use.
  • If you're using a one-turn scorer, quit reading this, it's so simple you should be ashamed!

    Damage Control

  • Try not to leave any of your players next to standing opponents at the end of your turn. If you must, try to make sure they have block and dodge, to minimize damages.
  • Don't try to hold the ball to stall to the end of the half very often, especially agianst violent teams. Your team is not meant to withstand those kinds of pressures, just score and play good defense!
  • If you can, put players with ST7, Block, Stand Firm, AV10, and Thick Skull on the line. :) If not, at least make sure they have block and dodge. Magic Helmets sure are nice, too!


  • Set up as many trees as possible on the line.
  • I run the 3-6-2 with my improved Wood Elf team. The three compulsory line occupants, then 6 players 2 rows back (4 in wide zones, 2 in middle area). If you have a defensive thrower, he's one of the middle guys, if not, pick a catcher with leap (and block if possible). The other is your Dirty Player. Finally the 2 Wardancers go 2 rows further back, and act as safety valves. They're also still close enough to blitz most of the other team's half of the field if you need to do that, too.
  • Put Diving Tacklers in the wide zones(outside) and guard Elves next to them(inside) if you have them.
  • After the other teams drive has started, use your DT to (hopefully) contain the drive in the first 3 rows of your side. Then surround the barrcarrier's entourage, especially with any Guard elves available, and then blitz with your WD, leaping (if necessary) into an empty space next to the ball carrier, and smack him. Don't be afraid to hit him with one die, that usually works, too, especially if you have strip ball! Then use your catcher or thrower, whichever you have, to try to get the ball out of the mess and as far away from the opposition as possible, using hand-offs, passes, and leaps as needed.
  • If, for whatever reason, a blitz with the Wardancer is not possible, play a stalling defense. Try to make a line of elves (hopefully with well-positioned DT guys), and consistently dodge them away one square backwards turn after turn. This will slow the opponenets drive considerably, and will also make it very hard for your opponent to hurt many elves, as he will theoretically be able to blitz one elf a turn. Keep stalling, being ever prepared for the opponent to make some sort of mistake. Often, the opponent will become frustrated by this defense and that is when the mistake will occur. Also, if your defense is successful in only allowing a square or two of advancement a turn, the opponent won't have enough time in the half to score. :)
  • Always be ready to take care of turnovers by the opposition. Wood Elves are one of the best teams there is (MAYBE second to skaven) at scooping up the other guys flubs and turning them into quick TD's. Make sure you know how to take advantage! (I can't give away all my secrets!!)

    Card Selection

  • Take 1 M.I., 1 R.E.(more if you need $$ bad), and the rest (if any) Dirty Tricks.