> Just wondering if anyone could help me with tactics for the
> Undead.

Oh, I think we could do that...

> We're just starting a league hear and i'm damned if
> I know what to do with these buggers. I've played elven teams
> before, but since this is pretty much an all strength teams
> league I decided to go with the decaying ones.
> Any and all tactics are appreciated, but I'm more concerned
> with what are the best tactics on the pitch.. Can't run +
> throw 'em, I guess punch it out, but they don't seem to
> have the staying power there..
> Any help is greatly appreciated, thanx in advance..

You have hit the nail on the head - you have a 'strength team' that can't
really dish it out and has little staying power.

You simply try to win by attrition, and hope that you develop enough cool
players (namely, any non-Skeleton/non-Zombie) to actually win games for

I will assume no Stars, and no Allies. I would start your team off thusly:

2 Mummies
2 Wights
2 Ghouls
3 Skeletons
3 Zombies
3 Rerolls
9 Fan Factor

This gives you a lot of rerolls to start with, and a big Fan Factor. These
are important. It also means you only have to buy, basically, 2 more
rerolls (@140K apiece), 2 Ghouls, and a Zombie/Skeleton pair (total cost:
a mere 340K!)

I would suggest the following skills for your players:


Block is essential. I would follow this up with Guard (you need it) and
Stand Firm (in case you are feeling dodgy or want to get your Guard into a
play). On a fourth normal skill, I would take Tackle (people tend to run
away from these guys;)

Good doubles choices: Jump Up (fail to Foul him and he'll get up and kill
you:) and Dodge (harder to knock down, good with Stand Firm and/or Break

On MA +1: Go with Frenzy, Block, Tackle, Break Tackle.

On ST +1: Jump for joy.

On AG +1: Fire him unless your league is particularly Fireball-happy or
he's very well developed.


Wights need to do a lot of things. For them, Pro is essential.

After that, it doesn't matter much. Tackle, Dauntless, Sure Hands, Strip
Ball...these are all workable Wight skills.

On doubles: Dodge. Jump Up. Guard. Stand Firm. Avoid Mighty Blow - Pro is
about as effective at causing injuries, and can be used in more
situations. Try to take something that enhances your player's versatility.
Hail Mary Pass if you want to use one of these guys as a ballhandler and
plan to employ a pair of Diving Catch Ghouls.

On MA +1: Pro, Shadowing, Tackle.

On ST +1: Pro, Frenzy.

On AG +1: Pro, Pass Block.


Block is essential. Having a tried a number of other skills, I have
finally settled on Sidestep as a good second skill. Sure Feet is good.
Diving Tackle is good with Dauntless and Pro (and Block). Remember that
you have four of these guys, so you can build them in pairs if you so

You can try for a pair of Catchers if you so desire, with Block, Catch,
Diving Catch, and Sure Feet combos. Best pray for HMP, though.

On doubles: Guard first. Combined with Sidestep, this has GOT to be the
most annoying combo in the game (especially with Block and Dodge). Stand
Firm second, but only if the player doesn't have Sidestep yet. Otherwise,
take Accurate or HMP.

On MA +1: Block, Shadowing, Tackle, Sidestep.

On ST +1: Frenzy OR Diving Tackle, Block.

On AG +1: Block, Pass Block, Sidestep, Catch.

Zombies & Skeletons

Employ either of them in whatever mix you like. However, I suggest the

Block, followed by Pro.

You're waiting for doubles. Zombies get Guard with doubles, and Stand Firm
or Jump Up if they roll another pair of doubles. Otherwise, they get
Dauntless for their third skill. Skeletons are more mobile and make good
Foulers, so you're hoping for Mighty Blow. Otherwise, they get Tackle and
play linebacker.

I suppose you should probably carry a DP or two early in your team's
career - make them both Skeletons if you can help it. Follow up with Block
and Pro, and take Dodge on doubles.

On MA +1: Fire them.

On ST +1: These are gifts from the Dark Ones. Try to supress the urge to
cackle with glee.

On AG +1: Fire the Zombies (unless they have Guard). Fire the Skeletons
unless you thinkyou can give them Sure Hands, Block, and HMP. Then use
them as the focal point of your offense and watch the bewilderment on the
face of your opponent.

Allies & Stars

If your league allows Luthor - get him. If your league allows multiple
Luthors - get them, too, but lament the fact that you play in a very
unimaginative league.

If you are allowed a Vampire, get it. Hypnotic Gaze is a very cool thing
to have. Don't worry about the fact that it/they don't show up half the
time. It only takes up a Zombie spot, anyway.

If you are allowed a Minotaur, think twice before getting it. They don't
regenerate, have average AV, and cost your team a lot of rerolls.

If you are allowed a Chaos or Dark Elf Ally, think twice. They can't be
protected (short of getting Regenerate for the Chaos player). if your
league allows Linemen-only Stars, that's fine - a Beastman and Dark Elf
Lineman fit quite nicely, and they're more than reasonably priced.

Take one Magic Item (you're hoping for Healing Scrolls for the Ghouls and
Magic Helmets for everyone else) and a bunch of Dirty Tricks.

Happy haunting!

-=-Acerak 1