> Speaking of which, I'm probably going to be starting/playing in a BB league
> in about a month, most likely with Goblins.  I was looking at the Agility
> skills, and wondered what was worth getting?  They all already have Dodge,
> which would've been my first choice.  I was thinking along the lines of
> giving one or two Diving Catch, and most of the others Sure Feet or Side
> Step.  On doubles, maybe Sure Hands, HMP, or Block.  Any suggestions from
> those more well-versed in the game?  Suggestions on team composition?
> (Thinking 1 Ogre, 1 Apoth, 14 Goblins, 3 Rerolls, 7 FF)

Having played halflings here some suggestions:

players without double or skill increase:
diving catch, catch, side step followed by sure feet/sprint if they
survive that long. Good catchers.

with double:
HMP is a must, if strong arm increases range (depends on how your league
plays) you can consider it.
DP works well on a player with sure feet/sprint, combine with pro if you
get the chance

sure hands is tempting but there are normally other skills more important.
You could have one sure hands player to pick up the ball who hands it over
to someone with hail mary and catch...

block won't help much with low ST. Anything that helps you handle the ball
is worth more.

with stat increase:
MA: don't change skills because of it. Can become a good catcher or

AG: he will be thrown. If you ever get a double choose pro (possible
landing reroll). Catch, leap, side step, etc...

ST: combine with diving tackle. If a double comes up later block is good,
otherwise you have to live without.

Side step is your only chance to prevent frenzied ST3 players pushing your
complete team out of bounds...


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