Hi Mecki and Boss Tricksta, this is a compiled version of my gobbo tactics.

But before we start, Tricksta, the roster you sent to the list, is that a
starting roster? I see no skills gained, but yet you have gotten an awful
lot for your buck!

Da Tactics:

1. Getting started:
1a. Big Guys.
What big guy rules does your league use?
If you use "no stars", you have no easy access to TTM, and this will greatly
hurt your team! IF you play in a league where you first need an ST+1 for a
troll rookie, and _then_ TTM - you are screwed!
Talk to your commish about lowering TTM to ST:5.
If you _do_ use stars - then do you also allow multiples of each star?
If multiples are allowed, pick the troll star instead of Mork.
The troll is so much cheaper, and besides, when throwing players you only
need to get a "missed result", so there will be no difference between AG1
and AG3.

1b. Wizards
Does your league allow wizards to cause TO's? (standard rules).
If so, buy one for your starting team - it can win you many games.

2a: Skills and Throwing players.
Throwing players is your number one weapon!
Remember - throwing a player that does _not_ have the ball will not result
in a TO!!! This is very important.
This also means that you should get jump up for some gobbos ASAP!
Once you've got jump up gobbos and 1 or more TTM trolls, you can use the 2
special plays sketched out below.

Always throw players short range (never long), as this will count as long,
and incur a -1 throwing penalty. This means that you only need a 3+ to get a
missed result (which is what you need).

3.Da special Plays.
3a. Da deliverator. (offense)
When playing offense, sometimes you may be tempted to throw a gobbo with the
ball. But on a missed pass, he will need a 4+ to land, and this just might
cause a turn over.
Instead, throw a gobbo without the ball (but with jump up (and preferably
catch too)). If he lands on his feet great! If he lands head first, he may
still pass his armour roll.
If he is hurt, don't panic - try again next turn.
But if he is allright, run a gobbo with the ball up to him, give him a
hand-off, and let him run in the touchdown.

3b. Da flying double blitz. (Defense).
This is good against a large defensive formation such as the cage.
Throw a jump up gobbo at an empty square, next to as many opposing players
as possible. He probably won't land on his feet - but hopefully he will be
Now - run in assists, and let the gobbo take a block action, against a
corner of the cage.
Hopefully, this will open a hole, so that another player can use the blitz
action to get attack the ball handler.

4. Safety
Allways consider: Am I in a position to either score or steal the ball?
If you are not, the safety of your gobbo's is a top priority.
Any gobbo's next to a player with block (or mighty blow) should immediately
attempt to dodge away. (If this fails - heck, anything would have failed
with that roll).
If a gobbo is standing next to a player with tackle, use a troll to blitz
the bastard.

Thats about it - good luck with the gobbos
Martin (uncle bigbad) 1