The Chaos Strategies
By Brian Giese
Some Blood Bowl teams have a variety of players to choose. Some have passers, catchers, linemen, and then some elite player like wardancers, or witch elves. Chaos simply has Beastmen and Chaos Warriors. Chaos does have 1 great star player and one decent one. Lord Borak, is indeed one tough S.O.B., but Grashnak Blackhoof is big and tough but has a flaw I feel most star players have. No block.

Example of a starting Chaos Team.

Here are two example teams I use on a regular basis for Blood Bowl.

Chaos Example 1 Chaos Example 2
8 Beastmen
7 Beastmen
3 Chaos Warriors
4 Chaos Warriors
2 Rerolls
1 Rerolls
8 Fanfactor
9 Fanfactor
This is a average conservative chaos force... takes 3 out of 4 total allowed chaos warriors and fills the rest of field with the beastmen. A good fan factor and 2 rerolls isn't too bad, especially for the 70K a reroll.
This team gives you the 4 full chaos warriors. As well as a much higher fan factor to help with money in the future. Whenever you get the card that allows you to buy rerolls, take advantage of it. With only 1 reroll. You will have troubles a lot of the time. A team like this can be very powerful down the line.


The Chaos Players (pros and cons)

Beastmen: Beastmen have decent movement. It isn't great, but it is the best you are going to get with a chaos team. How you build them up really depends on how you want to play with your chaos team. Chaos can be one of the toughest teams. You start with no skills, besides horns and based on what your roll early on will give you a direction to go with your team. If you roll doubles, you have to decide whether to take Mutation or some Agility based skill. If you don't get lucky and hardly ever roll doubles then your options are limited.

I will list 2 possible combos for choosing stats. First group will be for your average Chaos team that barely gets any doubles. 2nd group will assume you are a bit lucky in rolling for skills and have a little more freedom of choice...

Skills 1: Assuming you have 8 Beastmen. If you have just 7 it won't really affect what skills you take. Give block to your first 2 Beastmen... as long as you don't roll doubles. This is just too important of a skill for a team that has no skills or any rerolls... Your 3rd and 4th Beastmen need other skills. Just for variety sake and team sake. I would give one Guard, a very useful skill. Also Sure Hands would be good for a Beastman that you intend to stay back and try to get the ball early.. If you roll doubles on you first couple skills. I HIGHLY suggest Big Hand. This can be so effective and makes picking the ball up so easy.

After your first 4 Beastmen have skills (assume 2 with block, 1 with guard, 1 sure hands), give every other one block, the other tackle or Pass Block. Don't give anyone leader, save up for Borak (he is the man). Unless you are playing a league that doesn't allow Star Players.

As for the second skills for the Beastmen I would recommend that the ones that you use for the front line get stand firm or guard. Another good skill for someone that has guard would then be block. The ones used as wide outs should get tackle. Mix up the skills when you get them. When they roll doubles always give them a physical skill unless you are trying to form a certain player.

Skills 2:This is for the people who get a ton of doubles for your beastmen. If they do not roll doubles for the first skill give them block. You have many choices, Do you want the make a Beastman into a blitzer type? Or do you want him to be a catcher or passer? If you want a catcher, then give him either very long legs, catch or even dodge. If you want a blitzer type give him Claw, Prehensile tail or Razor Sharp claws/fangs.

If you are lucky to have someone with pass give him big hand if they roll doubles again. But the odds are against this.

The main thing is by the time everyone has two skills at least 5 out of 8 Beastmen should have block and something else. Someone should hopefully have some skill to play as passer. Another as a runner. 3rd skill and up: Strip ball, some more with guard.. Possible regeneration, Razor Sharp Fangs can be very effective.

The idea that I am trying to get across is that since that the chaos team has no Position players, you have to make your own.

Chaos Warriors: Chaos warriors are the main focus for the offensive in the chaos team... At first though they have no skills and they can be beat. However they are still tough, with 4 strength. They are good for the line because not a lot of other players start with a higher strength. Chaos warriors are used to help break down the middle or sides of the field as your Beastmen run through the holes they make.

Skills: The first skill to give them is block, if you don't roll doubles. Try to give this skill to all the Chaos Warrior. A chaos warrior with block and a Beastman next to him with guard can be a good combination indeed. If you roll doubles take a mutation. Claws, fangs are good choices. Tentacles can be good, if you know you will be facing lots of elves in your future.

Second skills and so on, Mighty blow can be a good skill for at least one warrior. If you get doubles and already have block Give them dodge and make him a bitch to knock down. Hopefully you might get a strength 5 chaos warrior, if luck is with you. Other skills such as guard are ok, if you don't already have some Beastmen with it. Guard is better for Beastmen though as they can assist the chaos warrior. Foul appearance is always good and regeneration is a good thing to have as well (they just keep coming). Stand firm is another useful skill to make them unmovable.

Big Guy Minotaurs: I include these because a ton of people use the big guy rules from Citadel Journal 13 . Minotaurs are just fun... So what if they go crazy and charge. Just make sure they are close to the enemy.

Skills:For their first skill give them block. Even if you roll doubles... Since they sometimes charge, minotaurs need Block in case they get in trouble. Of course they gain skills rather slowly. They are just a good big guy to have on the field. Don't give them the ball. They will just drop it if they go nuts. They are very good in center of the line. Multi block can be good against smaller players. Especially if the minotaur is charging with horns. One assist from a Beastman can give him total of ST 7 and any elf team will be flying to the ground in pain.

How the troops are placed
Chaos team receiving a kick-off Chaos team kicking off

Receiving: This is the way I usually set up for chaos. You need to make your setup specific to your team. If you have a minotaur with Wild Animal (if you play with big guy rules) place them in the front line. Your opponent cannot choose not to place players there. Therefore if you go balistic you have an enemy close by so you don't end up blitzing your own guys.

Kick Off: The same as above.

If you have any suggestions, please mail me