<I had just won with the Chaos dwarves..>....

> Congratulations to your win with the best team of them all.
> As a coach of Hatclad FC I am very curious about your strategy.
> Could you mail me some info on your offense and defense strategy
> as well as your lineup!

The Roster
Forming the Team Part one
About Hthark
Forming the Team part two
The Chaos Dwarf Blockers
The Hobgoblins
Overall Strategy - Defense
   Against TD Machine Teams
   Against Crunch Teams
Overall Strategy - Offense
   Against TD Machine Teams
   Against Crunch Teams
   Chaos Dwarf Blockers
The Horror Rooks II Simplified Roster
Notes about the Horror Rooks II
Coping with Deviances (House rules, CJ implants etc.)
   Only One Star Player & Grashnak Blackhoof?
   Big Rookie Guys


I've never thought of my Chaos Dwarf teams as the most successful
teams I've coached - but over my entire 3rd Edition Blood Bowl coaching
career - of the three times I've coached Chaos Dwarves - I've won the
league three times.  Quite suprising.  I think that a primary reason (not the
primary - but contributing) is that other players are not used to playing against
the Chaos dwarfs and the element of suprise counts for upset win again and
Given the amazing (even to me) correlation of Chaos Dwarfs to
league win ratio when I've been coaching them - I have decided to spill my
beans and write the exhaustive tome on how to coach Chaos Dwarfs.

Most of this document is exclusive to chaos dwarf coaching. There
is much in the strategy of playing Chaos dwarfs which could be applied to any
team - and indeed some of the information within is still applicable to some teams.
I will summarise the most important points to general strategy with the team now -
so that you can mull them over.  Enjoy this mammoth tome :)  It mght just fit, rolled
up, in your hat - so I recommend keeping it under your hat :)

Summary of general tactics particularly useful to Chaos dwarfs:

The Roster

Chaos dwarves are shunned by most coaches because a
quick scan down their roster shows that they only have two players
available - the Blockers and the Hobgobs.  A scan of the stats for
these players reveal that the blockers are exactly the same as the
longbeards for the dwarves and the hobgobs are equivlent to human
linemen without as much armour on!

What kind of team is this?  How can a team like this win?

Well, the answer is a little further than the simple statistics - it is the
combination of the two types of player which make the chaos dwarves -
with a lot of help from one source - Star Players.

I openly admit that the Chaos Dwarf teams really require star players to
be 'up there' with the best.  Without them, the Chaos Dwarf team is
shafted more than Chet's undead - and that isn't a little bit either.  So to
get over the 'only idiots rely on Star Players' or 'Star players are cheese'
is a quintessential part of the gaming strategy.  That is not to say that
Star players are the critical part of the game plan - and that without them
all is lost - but the Star Players for the pointy ones do contribute a lot to
the team.

Forming the team (part one)

When forming a team, you need to have a strategy.  My strategy has
been to win from game one.  Some people prefer to max out on rerolls
to 'get their money's worth' - but I find that there is no real need to begin
with four rerolls.  The chaos Dwarves are fortunate enough to have 50,000
rerolls as it is - and after a while you will run out of money to spend things
on anyway (what with the majority of your team costing ony 40,000 each.)

About Hthark

So I took Hthark from the start.  Hthark is arguably the best star player in
the deck.  He is undoubtedly in the top five.  I admire Hthark primarily for
his flexibility.
Morg'th is the only other star player with the flexibility of Hthark.
You need to remember that Hthark has an effective movement of nine and
can dodge almost anywhere on 2+.  That combined with Block, Strength of
6 and an aromour of 10 (backed up with Thick Skull) makes him the ideal
player for the Chas dwarves.  The only real downside of Hthark is his AG of only
two (he dodges with Break tackle).  This makes ball handling with him worth
saving a reroll for.  Cetainly do it though.

I primarily use Hthark as a response player.  In defense, he is fantastic
at ripping into any cage which forms, and makes an excellent stop to anyone
who has delusions of streaking in for a two turn touchdown.  Used as a defensive
'safety' you can almost depend on the player going down.  So I usually put my
Htharks in the widezones to prevent anyone pushing past to score quickly.  Near
the sidelines.  (One square in - not next to - with a helping player next to him as well)

Of course this changes depending on the opponent - with the centaur being
nearer the action if the team is the kind which maims first and asks questions later.
On offense I use the centaur either as a bodyguard protecting the ballcarrier,
the ballcarrier himself (which is useful when outnumbered although the SPP's are
wasted) or as a sweeper to clear anyone out of the way for the oncoming cage or

Forming the team (part II)

That being said, my opening list almost always looks like this:

6 Chaos Dwarf Blockers
4 Hobgoblins
2 Rerolls
9 Fan factor

The Chaos Dwarf Blockers

I max out on the Chaos dwarf blockers as they are worth their weight
in gold.  Sure they are slow - that is the nature of them - but they are a very solid
front line.  Against tough opponents I only place three of them up front as they are
likely to be outsmashed - but against the agile teams I place a few more - depending on
the position of the game.  The 6 blockers give you a front line which is as tough as a
dwarf front line - which we all know how tough that is - so don't be afraid to let them be
pounded a fair bit.  They can take it.  Really thier main responisbilities are to duke it out,
take some casualties and tie up those nasty hurting types from getting to the hobgobs.

Admittedly - I'm not a pounding type of player.  I prefer a ball-oriented game.
But this suits the Chaos Dwarves to a tee.  Sure they hit hard enough themselves - but
I don't make a habit of going toe to toe with the beefy teams - as they are likely to win
at it.  So I use my chas dwarves as cannon fodder.  I do pound with them - and I take
two-dice-you choose at the end of my turns as the pointy hats can take a skull without
panicking - and with block they don't have that huge a chance of going down.
I certainly take one die blocks with them on anybody who would dare to approach
without block - but get the priorities right - I only make the blocks which help
get to the ball and are statistically likely to be favourable.

The other major use on defense is to be the 'tackle' player - as they all come with
it.  I make a point of not allowing any player to get through the defense wihtout having
to make dodges of blitz the right players.  Of course - I put my toughest players in the
key positions.  My three lambs should not be contingent on remaining upright
to prevent anyone from getting through - so basically a line of defense which has a
semi-circle around the three lambs - makig sure no catcher types come around - which
all changes if the team is highly unlikely to execute this kind of maneuver.  Dodging
past player with tackle will reap rerolls - if nothing else.  And unless the player is a one
turn scorer they'll pay for it next turn.  Nohting better than tying up catcher with Chaos dwarf

The Hobgoblins

The hobgoblins are the ball carriers.  You can get up to twelve of them
if you really want to - so specialise.  Make at least one a dirty player (if for no reason
other than to annoy Chet) and use him - until he is ejected.  Make at least two ball
handlers.  They should have sure hands.  Get most of the others block - and turn them
into catcher types, general response safety types, extra cannon fodder etcetera.
Don't underestimate the hobgobs as important - they are invaliuable.  I find
that if an opponent takes all your hobgoblins off the pitch you are in serious trouble.
This is beacuase you have no ball handlers left and The Chaos Dwarves need to play

a ball centred game if they are to win.  You can still pull it off - especially if you still have
Hthark on the pitch and rerolls - but it does put you at a severe disadvantage.  So
protect them with your line of big hat men and bodyguard Hthark.  To a limited extent.
Don't mother them and never let them go into the enemy lines for the ball - just be careful
not to let them take too many big hits from the enemies 'guys who hurt' list.

Overall Strategy - Defense.

<Against TD Machine teams>

Spread youself out - don't let the scorers get through your line.  If they do - pounce
on them.  This, however is not first priority.  Get the ball.  Most speed teams have plenty of
catcher types (or blitzer types who can do the same kind of thing but are harder), and removing
them is not easy.  So remove the threat first.  I ususally 'sic' my bull centaur on the player closest
to the ball.  With break tackle and a move of nine the team's thrower usually let's out a
shriek before being slammed out of the game (fouled out by the hobgoblin in
fast pursuit if necessary.)  Get the ball yourself.  Give it to the Bull Centaur and pound for a while.
If this doesn't go to plan and you can't reach the ball - take out the closest player to it
and tie up the rest in tackle zones (with tackle if possible).  That ought to keep them worried for
a while.  Make sure that anyone who is in your backfield is at least surrounded by two players
each.  That should leave them the middle of the field - but if worst comes to worst the ball ends
up in a cage there - but you've taken out their thrower and two of their catchers. (and still have time
to eat that cage with your Hthark - and plenty of players downtown to hold it up if
it progresses too far.)  So focus on the ball.

<Against Crunch teams>

Again - focus on the ball.  The crunch teams will try to form a cage type affair
so make sure you get to the ball before it reaches it's destination.  If that can't happen - then
play it tough.  Don't send too many players in - just enough for the cage to have
to shed players slowly to keep moving.  The best players for this is of course the Pointy hats.
Wait for the cage to slowly whittle down (and not too near the endzone)
and then strike - send all the players in at once.  You will pay for it  with hobgobs ending up
nursing wounds - but it will get you to the ballcarrier (to blitz with Hthark if he's around).  Speaking
of Hthark - don't set him up toet to toe with their big bad guys - he's too vital to be simply exchanging
pounds - and without mighty blow etc. he'll likely lose it (if only slightly).  Keep him out in the open
and blitzing in and out of the perimeter of the cage - picking off the vulnerable ones.  I'd use him
for the blitz every turn you can  - in and out again - one more player on the ground.
Then comes the boot.


Do it with hobgobs.  A dirty player is handy and maybe even two depending on the league.
Even if none are available - take the key players out.  Normally that for me is not the towering
ST 6 or 7 player but the guy who is most likely to score touchdowns or throw long bombs
with ease.  Look at their roster to work out who that is.  The ST 6 or 7 player is not only
harder to get down - but also harder to injure once they are down - so targetting them is
not as smart a move.

Overall Strategy - Offense

<Against TD machine teams>

Make sure that you have the ball.  Run with it and protect it.  I would only rarely set up a
pass play as if it goes wrong the opponents are home and hose.  Offense agasint these
teams can have no margin of error - as if the ball gets loose - all your players are in the wrong
spots to recover (Chaos dwarves being slow and hobgoblins generally not big hitters)
Take the going slow  and pound to your hearts content.  Let them come to you.  You have
the ball - so use this advantage to injure some of them. Only if the going is tough then
score.  If possible - let anyone but Hthark score and rack up the SPP's - but conversely
don't be afraid to score with him.  If a Chaos Dwarf Blocker ever ends up with the ball - take the
opportunity to rumble up the field and score himself (with friends - of course) - and the SPP's
will be appreciated.
As I alluded to - commit all of your player to the offense as you need them to protect the
ballcarrier running.  You will unlikely stop the enemy if they get the ball anyway - so make sure
that they don't.

<Against Crunch teams>

A solid cage is not a great idea as the other team will hammer it.  Set up a fast
running play with Hthark if things are grim (as all he needs is 4+ ball pickup and he's away).
The other option is a two or three turn pass play.  Hobgoblins can pass quite well with a
reroll - its the catching which undoes me.  So I send a small platoon of players in case the
ball comes loose.  If this attracts the attention - run a bit moe with your continget with the ball.
If the ball get's the attention, then throw the thing and, worst come to worse (other than the
fumble) you can pick up the ball next turn for the score. (after the bobbled catch)
Scoring by this method once after scoring on defense will win you the game - so don't try
it too often or the other players will think you did it intentionally :)


Chaos Dwarf Blockers:
Normal rolls (in order of favourites):
Mighty Blow
Piling On
Dauntless (but this isn't my kind of game - as discussed in fouling)
Stand Firm

Diving Tackle (up to two - great for defense against one turn scorers)
Dodge (great on the line of scrimmage and in general play if needing to
for a suprise)
Jump Up

Wish for: ST+1

Wish against: AG+1


Normal rolls (in order of favourites):
Sure hands
one Dirty Player (or maybe two - depending on the league)

Sure Feet

Wish for: AG+1

Wish against: too many 'normal' rolls

The Horror Rooks II Simplified Roster

(all stats are as normal unless indicated)

2 x Hthark types:
'Abbatoir' Stampede
Zag 'mad cow' Beefcake

Chaos Dwarf Blockers:       Skills
Biggles Icegrag                  Diving Tackle, Mighty Blow
Thorn Smashmouth
Brag Wormscar                  Diving Tackle, Dodge
'Krakenback' Scumbuster
'Pete' Blackrock                 Dodge, Guard
Kramer Quaffliqueur            Guard

Hobgoblins:                        Skills
Snaggletooth Devious        Sure Hands, Dirty Player, Magic Helm, Block
Scapula Artifice                  Block, Dodge
Swastika Oriface
Zimmer Boogeyman            +1 AG, Pass
Bupu Overtime                    Block, Dodge
Prestige Fastbreak
Gratuitous Violence

5 Rerolls (+ trophy reroll now)
Fan Factor 17
1 Apothecary
1 Wizard

160,000 in treasury

Team rating = approximately 216

Notes:  We don't use allies or any of the other 'non official' things in our league -
and you are only allowed two star players......

"Who is ZZharg Madeye?"

Zzharg is a starplayer with a 10+ penalyt rating as he has a blunderbuss.  Rather
than blowing other player's heads off with it though, he only uses it with the ball
- which allows you to rocket a ball to anywhere on the field.  It's not that great
a weapon really, although it has it's uses (can make some interesting plays!_.
He is, unfortunately, just as likely to pick the ball up as Hthark
(and guess who I'd prefer to have te ball?). He's really just a chaos dwarf you can
have on the team over and above the blockers you can buy (6).
That's the only use I can see for him - and he has a penalty roll after
every kickoff and is peaked!
    So the only time I'd buy him would be if you can only have one Hthark (see below)
and can buy up to four star players (Hthark and Grashnak would be the first two).

Coping with Deviances:

'only one of each Star Player' + 'What about Grashnak?'

Buy Grashnak if you can't have any more Htharks.  The benefits of Hthark
in a ball oriented team are obvious - but Grashnak is still a powerful asset.

With Grashnak I would tend to use the blitz with the minotaur to use the
Horns 'skill'.  I would again refrain from going toe to toe with other big guys
(except as a hit & run blitz) as Grashnak does not have block - nor thick
skull - making a downed minotaur a liability (and more likely to happen). I'd
put Grashnak in the defensive - blitzing anybody who threatened to score
rather than on the line of scrimmage - unless the line of scrimmage held no threat
and you had the ball.


Allies are undoubtedly more beneficial than a disadvantage - so if you can afford to
lose a reroll occasionally because of them  - then invest.  I recommend a stronger
front line (Chaos Warriors and Black Orc Blockers) and get them block early to bring
them into line with the rest of your force's main advantage.  Any player with Ball handling
skills would be great also - so a DarkElf thrower, Blitzer of lineman if possible (which, IMO,
it shouldn't) would be great.  A Skaven thrower coula also be an investment - but
a gutter runner I'd think over heavily - ST 2 doesn't bode well with the Chaos Dwarves.
Just before you go and buy allies left right and centre, make sure you have at least 3 rerolls
because te Chaos dwarves use them - and to have their few taken away leaves you in grim
pickings indeed.

Big Rookie Guys.

The Rookie Bull Centaur is a great player - but with only ST4 and
no block makes for slow going with them.  I'd recommend it for people who
aren't needing the ST6 of Hthark  - where ST 4 isn't the norm in the league.
I played with two Big Rookie Centaurs in my previous team (which also won
it's league) - The Evil Faerytale.  I did find that eventually (for the final against
the vampire league) I had to sack one and get Hthark.  Hthark makes more
sense, as many of the skills you consider for the rookie Hthark already has, but
it is nice to have players who can use those rumbling touchdowns for progression.

Well - that's it.  The complete digest of Chaos Dwarf strategy and Tactics.

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