This is a mirror copy of Mikkel Pahlke Fausing excellent tool. The original source website is

Welcome! I have created this page for my most recent project, the Play Creator. Below you can Download the Play Creator, as well as see what has been added (there is always room for improvement! Let me know of any ideas!)


17th August 2003 - Version 3.5

Several problems adressed in this update. First and foremost, you can once again remove players once they are placed - which didn't work in version 3.4 because of changes made to get rid of the TZ problem! Also, tackle zones don't stay on the field if the player they belong to are removed. Also, you now have the option of showing or hiding the skull in the middle of the field, as well as the crosses that seperate squares.

(You have to Right Click - Save Target As to Download the file, left-clicking will allow you to use it online instead).

I have decided to stop releasing the file as an EXE, as I believe everyone has the Flash Player installed. If this causes trouble to you, PM me on the forum and I'll bring it back!

12th August 2003 - Version 3.4

Been a while since I've had two updates in one day! This one isn't that big though, but still quite useful: I got rid of the "can't drag player when beneath other player's TZ" problem. In addition, players and symbols are now dragged much smoother...

12th August 2003 - Version 3.3

Passing Range-ruler included, as well as the much-requested and much-needed "Drag players about" option - you can now Drag 'n' Drop the players once they are on the field. Drag them off the edge of the field to remove them!

1st August 2003 - Version 3.2

A few fixes, such as the text next to players now being included with the links, tackle zone settings are remembered as well.

31st July 2003 - Version 3.1

You can now move the Block symbols/arrows etc around by dragging them with the mouse. You can also remove single symbols simply by dragging them outside the playing field..

30th July 2003 - Version 3

Version 3 finished!! It allows you to export URL's from the program that links to your particular "Setup" (or "Play"). I have included 2 export buttons, one for exporting to the Talk Blood Bowl Forum, and one for general use. If you wish to include your setup in a post at TBB, all you have to do is copy the text that appears when the TBB-URL button is clicked, and paste it directly into your text.

27th July 2003 - Version 2.4

Wohoo! Another step towards the goal.. You can now change the numbers on the players to letters as you wish, I even managed to squeeze in enough space for 2 characters per player..

26th July 2003 - Version 2.3:

Updated the way the Block symbols are placed on the field - they are now transparent until placed, so that you can see exactly where they'll go, instead of the rater inaccurate yellow box (which is still used for player placement, of course!)

26th July 2003 - Version 2.2:

Not much functionality in this update, but the code is much tighter, and you can place any number of objects now, not just 4. In addition all the Block symbols are placeable.

25th July 2003 - Version 2.1:

Just a mini update, but quite useful still I think. You can now place the ball on the field, as well as up to 4 arrows (for whatever purpose).

24th July 2003 - Version 2:

This is the first update, and features some much needed improvements - which are:
1) The entire Blood Bowl field instead of just the one half
2) Both teams can now be placed on the field
3) You can turn the Tackle Zones on and off for each player
4) You can now remove players one-by-one or by team
5) A small text-field that will allow you to write notes for each player , eg their skills
6) A completely new design! (actually, the whole thing has been re-made from scratch).

23rd July 2003 - Version 1:

This is the file that I originally posted on the TalkBloodBowl forums. It has been replaced by Version 2 (and then 3), but can be downloaded HERE since it has been brought back by popular demand... :)