Creating new teams is a lot of fun. You've grabbed John Kipling Lewis's guide to building new players out of the Oberwald and you've put your team together, but the final question remains .... is the team balanced. What follows is a set of guidelines ... some guidelines are checks on reasonableness, others are guidelines that should rarely if ever be broken.

Guideline/Checklist for building new Teams

Special Notes on Big Guys: These Team Balancing rules are for normal teams (not Big Guy teams) also do not include Big Guy allies as part of a team when creating a new team ... if you are creating a NEW Big Guy ally for your team just make sure to follow these guidelines:

Normal Team Building Guidelines

Important Guidelines

Breaking these guidelines to build a team should be rare and critical to the team concept and playstyle.

1) The Cost Formula:

2) AG and ST at 4+: 3) Skill and Traits: 4) Max/Min Player Cost: 5) Max. # of 100k+ players: 6) Stat Maximums: 7) Lineman must be cheap: 8) Max. # of Non-linemen: 9) Player Discount Factor - Non-Lineman:

Recommended Guidelines

These guidelines are more frequently broken to develop a different style team and concept. However, breaking these guidelines, while more acceptable, should still be very limited.

10) Player Discount Factor - Linemen:

11) Number of Team Positions: 12) Max. Number of Allowed Lineman positions: 13) # of Players allowed and Cost Increments: 14) 60k Team Discount Ceiling and 0k Floor:


To calculate an individual player's discount factor use the following:

Jervis Johson Blood Bowl Player Cost Formula

All models start with 5 points, to which is added the following

MA 2 = -4

MA 3 = -3

MA 4 = -2

MA 5 = -1

MA 6 = 0

MA 7 = +2

MA 8 = +3

MA 9 = +4


+ / - ((ST - 3) * 3)

plus a further 3 points if the ST > 3

plus yet another 3 points if ST > 6


AV 5 = -4

AV 6 = -3

AV 7 = -2

AV 8 = 0

AV 9 = 1

AV 10 = 3


+ / - ((AG - 3) * 2)

a further 1 point if AG > 3 and ST > 3


see below for costs

Cost In GPs

Right, having got the points value you can convert it into a cost for the player.

If the points value is 10 or less, then the players value is:

GPS = pts * 10,000

If the points value of the player is 11 or more, then the players value is:

GPS = 100,00 + ((points - 10) * 5,000)

The point values for skills, traits, and racial characteristics are all 2 points each each except the following:
0 point skills: Spikes (include only the points for the AV increase)
1 point skills: Frenzy, Horns, Leap (AG 3 or less), Pass (AG 3 or less), Right Stuff, Stunty, Thick Skull, Throw TeamMate, Very Long Legs (the MA AFTER VLL should be used for the MA points above in addition to this point)
3 point skills: Big Hand, Block, Claw, Dauntless, Foul Appearance, Guard, Leader, Multiple Block, Razor Sharp Claws, Regeneration, Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Tentacles, Titchy

1 point bonus: Players starting with both Block and Dodge.

Negative traits are all -2 points except the following:
-1 point trait: Always Hungry
-3 point traits: Off for a Bite, Really Stupid, Take Root


Finally how do the official 15 teams fit into the guidelines as a comparison ... I'll list the teams/players that break the guidelines (if you'd like a graphic look at the 15 official teams using the cost formula, click here:


That said, if you look at the above the guidelines are as close to matching the official teams as you can get. Very quickly, I'll run down the exceptions:

#4) It is commonly agreed that if the Wardancer and Troll Slayer were being proposed as players today that both would have a difficult time becoming official. This Important guideline break by these two players is a very real exception and one that should raise concern if found on a new team.

#5) This exception was the result of an LRB rule change and is clearly still an exception to the general rule.

#8) Orcs have 14 positional slots only because 0-4 Goblins were official added to the roster (and we could debate where these guys are really postional or just a lineman exception).

#11 and #12) The Undead team has two lineman positions and the Orcs are allowed Goblins as roster players. Because of these two definite exceptions to the norm, they show up as guideline break ... which in reality they are.

That leaves #10 and #14:

Or put another way, I think the method is as close as you can get to a guidelines for team building because almost no teams or players break the first 9 Important rules and the official GW team exceptions to the guidelines can be linked to only nine items:
1) Wood Elf Wardancer
2) Dwarf Trollslayer
3) Undead Zombie
4) Halfling
5) Chaos Dwarf Hobgoblin
6) Amazon Thrower
7) LRB increase to 0-4 Lion Warriors for High Elves, 0-4 Wights for Undead, and 0-4 Blitzers for Dark Elves
8) Goblins on Orc team
9) Block at 2 points for Dwarves and 2.5 points for Norse instead of the normal 3 points.