ALTERNATE RACES

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    0.1  What this document is all about
          This document is a collection of alternate races for Blood Bowl
          which are floating around the net.  Many of them are untested
          and some are created as a joke.  The decision of which is which
          is left as an excercise for the reader.

          This list is maintained by Dean Maki.  Submissions or corrections 
          should be sent to him at dfmaki@makivel.synapse.net.

    0.2  How to get a copy of this document.

         This document will be posted periodically to rec.games.board and 
         BBOWL-L, along side the OBERWALD (On-Line BloodBowl Enthusiasts'
         Reference With Assembled League Doctrines).

         The current copy of this OBERWALD SUPPLEMENT is also kept at the MORG 
         (Mail Order Retrieval Gizmo).  Send a message to
         MORG@makivel.synapse.net with the following in the body of your
                           GET RACES.TXT

    0.3  New this edition

         Gnomes and Fimir (from Sigurd Garshol)
         Nipponeese (From Jarrod Coad)

1.0 MONGRELMEN    (From Chet Zeshonski)

   A number of years ago, a friend of mine was looking for alternate races to
   play in 2nd edition Blood Bowl.

   Well, it occured to me the other week that I could mess around with the 
   rules a bit and try to come up with something a little similar, however 
   warped. I know people have often complained that several skills never 
   get picked (particularly among the Physical Abilities), so I gave the 
   matter some thought and came up with the "Mongrelmen".

   Please note that there is nothing official about this; furthermore, these 
   rules haven't even been playtested. Anyone who wishes to do so is 
   encouraged to, and I'd be more than interested in hearing the results. A 
   number of "potential/possible" benefits and penalties for the race were 
   toyed with, and I have decided to include ALL of them. Whether this makes 
   for a playable race or not - I don't know. That's what you people (who I 
   KNOW love new races, Star Players, etc., etc., etc.:) are going to tell 

   Any section marked with an asterisk (*) indicates an optional rule that 
   needs serious playtesting to see how it affects the race as a whole. I'm 
   not sure the whole thing is comPLETEly balanced, but I'd caution against 
   throwing out all the penalties to tes the race.

   Anyway, without further ado - here they are...

   History - Ages ago, the great primal force that is Chaos swept out of the
             North, corrupting the souls of all it encountered.
             All, that is, except for the strange race now known as the 
             Mongrelmen. By some strange twist of fate, these humans were not
             completely corrupted by the Invasion of Chaos.

             However, a mark was left upon the people who survived "intact."
             Strange mutations began to develop with alarming frequency. 
             Children were often born with strange abnormalities - dog-faced, 
             lobster-clawed, even rat-tailed.

             The people survived, however, and have since devoted their lives
             to battling Chaos and all its forces (they've also developed a 
             lot of even stranger mutations!).

   Player List
   Qty     Title            Cost   MA      ST      AG      AV      Skills
   ~~~     ~~~~~            ~~~~   ~~      ~~      ~~      ~~      ~~~~~~
   0-16    Mongrelman      70,000   6       3       3       8      Special

   Rerolls: 60,000 gold pieces each

   Every Mongrelman starts with one randomly selected mutation (see below).

   Special Rules
   Mongrelmen often develop strange mutations, as has been noted. However, due 
   to their (ironically) chaotic metabolism, such mutations are exceedingly

   To represent these two facts, any Mongrelman who rolls doubles for a skill 
   is allowed to roll on the Mutations Table below.

   1: Big Hand        5: Horns              9: Regeneration 13: Thick Skull
   2: Claw            6: Hypnotic Gaze     10: Spikes       14: Two Heads
   3: Extra Arms      7: Prehensile Tail   11: Stunty       15: Very Long Legs
   4: Foul Appearance 8: Razor Sharp Fangs 12: Tentacles    16: Choose
   For the second (and any successive) mutations, a roll of 16 (Choose) or a 
   mutation already possessed by the player allows the coach to choose any

   Skill Rolls
   * Mongrelmen may normally choose General Skills only. Due to their highly 
   warped nature, a player who rolls doubles for a skill may not automatically 
   choose a skill. Instead, he must roll a d6 and consult the following table:
        1-3:  May choose a Skill from any category.
        4-6:  Most roll a Mutation.

   Mongrelmen who roll stat increases (MA+1, ST+1) may keep these without 
   rolling, as these increases are physical mutations of a different nature. 
   Thus, a Coach who rolls (6,6) for a skill may take ST+1 or a Mutation 
   (randomly rolled). If the Coach rolls (6,6) or (2,2) and wishes to choose 
   Dodge, for example, he must roll 3 or less on the chart above to do so.

   * Due to their highly irregular physical nature (and penchants for 
   misplaced hearts and the like), Mongrelmen are more difficult to heal 
   than most races.  To reflect this, any Apothecary trying to heal a 
   Mongrel player succeeds on a roll of 3+ rather than 2+.

   * Mongrelmen cannot hire normal Wizards. Rather, they have their own 
   practitioners of magic, called Warpers (or "Channelers," as they are know 
   to the Mongrelmen themselves). These truly odd specimens are capable of 
   warping (or, more accurately, "channeling") the Taint of Chaos out of the 
   Warper and into the world.

   Mongrelmen may hire a Warper at any time during team creation or the 
   season, and he costs 150,000 gold crowns. A Mongrelman team with a Warper 
   on it is allowed to choose 1 extra Magic Item card per game to reflect the 
   Warper's control of the Taint of Chaos.

   Choose the team's Special Play cards normally, and then set aside the 
   Warper's Magic Item card (note, then, that Mongrel teams with a Warper 
   *are* allowed to circumvent the usual limit of 1 Magic Item card per game). 
   If the Warper is injured in any way or otherwise made unavailable for the 
   game (a "Better Offer" card, for example), the Magic Item card is returned 
   to the deck if it has not been used already (thus, it is very important to 
   set aside the Warper's card - preferably, under the Warper's model).

   The Fans
   * Because Mongrelmen are so - well, UGLY - and few in number, they rely 
   largely on fan support from other races. However, because these fans are 
   so fickle, Mongrelmen must subtract an additional -1 from their Fan Factor 
   roll after every match, in addition to any other modifiers which may apply.
   Mixed Race Teams
   Mongrelmen, due to their ugly and bizarre nature, must fight a lot of 
   prejudice on the Blood Bowl field. A Mongrel team may hire Human players, 
   but must first roll a 6 to do so (using the Mixed Race rules from Citadel 
   Journal No. 7).  Humans may hire Mongrel players, but must similarly roll 
   a 6 to do so (this is because the players will often not want the Mongrel 
   player on the team).

2.0 SNOTLINGS   (From Dan Kast)

   (I thought the 2nd ed. Snotlings were so much fun, I brought them back.)

   Snotling (Cost 20,000) MA 6, ST 1, AG 3, AV 5, Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty

   A Snotling may select Agility skills (if he lives long enough).


   Snotlings are MUCH smaller than Goblins and Halflings; therefore, they may 
   be thrown without the normal one-band range penalty (ie., they can be 
   thrown up to Long Bomb! distances).  However, this also means that they have 
   trouble handling the ball.  They cannot pass (although they may hand-off), 
   nor can they ever attempt to intercept the ball.  When a Snotling catches 
   the ball, roll a die.  On a 4-6, he is just fine; on a 1-3, the Snotling is 
   knocked over and the ball scatters from his square (and if he is in the End 
   Zone, a touchdown is not scored).

   Snotlings usually do not have their own teams (although if you want to play 
   one, the cost of re-rolls is 40,000).  Any Chaotic team (see above) can 
   hire up to 4 Snotlings.  

3.0 SLANN    (From Dan Kast)

   The Slann are an ancient race who once roamed the stuff of Chaos in their 
   marvelous silver spaceships.  But no longer -- the Slann have long since 
   degenerated and the technological marvels they once produced are now a 
   thing of the past.  So low have they sunk into barbarity that they even 
   (shudder) play Blood Bowl.  How uncivilized can you get?!

   Qty.    Type        Cost    MA ST AG AV   Skills       Skill Picks
   0-12    Lineman     80,000   6  3  3  9   Leap         General
   0-4     Catcher     90,000   7  2  4  8   Leap, Catch  General, Agility
   0-4     Blitzer    110,000   7  3  3  9   Leap, Block  General, Agility

   Re-rolls: 70,000


          ***************  ATTENTION CITIZENS ***************

   Your Friend The Computer had invented a new game for your enjoyment.  This
   new game is so fun and exhilarating that only a Commie Mutant Traitor 
   would not sign up immediately to play.

   You and your fellow players are instructed to carry a ball over the
   opposing team's goal line.  You must also use any means to prevent the
   opposing team from crossing your goal line with the ball.  Your health is
   secondary to the enjoyment of the game.  The Computer likes it that way. 
   You do too, right Citizen?

   No    Clearance   MA ST AG AV   Skills     Skill Picks        Cost
   0-12  RED          6  3  3  8   None       General           50,000
   0-2   ORANGE       7  3  3  8   Block      General           70,000
   0-2   YELLOW       8  3  3  8   Catch      General,Agility   80,000
   0-2   YELLOW       6  3  3  8   Pass,      General,Passing   80,000
                                   Sure Hands

   Rerolls:  70,000


   Alpha Complex Blood Bowl teams may not use an apothecary.  Alpha Complex
   teams may not hire players from other races, nor may other races hire
   Alpha Complex Players.

   On a Doubles skill roll, the team member must choose from the R&D Skill set

   Each player starts with 5 clones.  If a player dies, the next clone will be
   activated and placed in the Reserves Box.

   If at any time a player has amassed 5 Treason Points more than he has
   Commendation Points, he will be terminated and replaced with his next clone
   in line.  This clone has all the skills and memories as the previous
   player, but no Treason or Commendation points.

   The following will earn Treason Points:

      Fumbling the Ball :                         1TP
      Throwing an Inaccurate Pass :               1TP
      Failing to Catch the ball   :               1TP
      Entering a Zone you are not cleared for :   2TP
      Choosing a skill you normally cannot have : 1TP
      On field when TD scored against you :       1TP
      Falling for any reason :                    1TP
      Failing to pick up the ball :               1TP
      Getting Injured :                           1TP
      Failing to return R&D Equipment :           2TP
      Failing to use issued R&D Equipment :       1TP
      Dropping the Ball :                         1TP
      Performing an action not cleared for:       2TP
      Causing someone to miss a game :            1TP
      Getting ejected :                           1TP
      Awarded MVP :                               2TP

   The following will earn Commendation

      Scoring a Touchdown :                       1CP
      Catching the Ball :                         1CP
      Completed Pass :                            1CP
      Knocking an opposing player down :          1CP
      On field when TD scored for team :          1CP
      Causing an Injury :                         1CP
      Awarded MVP :                               2CP

   Other Notes:

      The ball is Security Clearance ORANGE.  Getting control of the ball if
        you are not ORANGE or greater earns you 2 Treason Points.

      The Endzone is Security Clearance YELLOW.

      The BLITZ action is Security Clearance ORANGE.

      The PASS action is Security Clearance YELLOW.

      The FOUL action is Security Clearance GREEN.
      When entering the End Zone, roll 2 dice.  On a result of 2, The Computer
      has determined that the square entered into is Security Clearance ULTRA-
      VIOLET.  The Player will be terminated (and the next clone activated) 
      and a Touchdown will not be awarded.  Scatter the ball.  The Security 
      Clearance of that square will revert back to Yellow after the corpse 
      is removed.

   R&D Skill Set

   When using any of the R&D Skills, roll a D6.  On a roll of 1, the device
   blows up, knocking the player to the ground.  Roll for armour.  This causes
   a turn over and may not be rerolled.  The player will gain 2 Treason
   Points, but the device will be replaced for the next game.

   Pogo-Shoes:  The player may Leap, as per the skill.  He may also Go For It
        four times.  The shoes are rather clumsy, and as such, the player 
        suffers a -1 when dodging and has his base MA reduced by 1.

   Drill:  This power assisted hand drill gives a +1 bonus when rolling for
        armour and injury rolls on any blocks, or any fouls the player is 
        involved in.  If the player is knocked down, he suffers a +1 on his 
        armour and injury rolls.

   Steam Powered Epoxy Gloves:  A boiler unit is strapped to the back of the
        player, with conduits leading to a pair of gloves.  The steam heats 
        up the Epoxy disks on the gloves.  This allows the player to pick up 
        or catch the ball on a 2+, regardless of tacklezones.  The player may 
        never voluntarily give up the ball.  If he is knocked over while 
        carrying the ball, he will land on the ball, causing it to burst.  
        Eject the player for Delay of Game and kick off the ball again.  If 
        the player scores a Touch Down, roll a D6.  On a 1-3 the dissolving 
        solution does not remove the Epoxy, and the player cannot let go of 
        the ball.  A replacement ball is used, and the player must sit out 
        the rest of the game.

   Ballzooka:  This device allows a player to make an accurate pass to any 
        square on the board.  The player may not move or otherwise take 
        another action during the turn.  Unfortunately, its front is 
        identical to its back.  When using this device, roll a D6.  On a 1-3, 
        the ball fly backwards.  Further unfortunately, the Ballzooka is 
        aimed by looking through the device.  If the ball is sent backwards, 
        it will hit the operator in the face, injuring him.  Do not roll for 
        armour, go right to the injury table.

   Slippery Suit:  An energy pack is used to hyper-excite silicate molecules
        across a full body jump suit.  This makes the wearer virtually
        ungrabbable.  The player may ignore tacklezones when dodging, and
        the Tackle skill may not be used against this player.  The suit
        also makes it impossible to pickup or catch the ball, or get a good  
        grip on an opponent.  Therefore the wearer of this suit has no
        tackle zones, and may not block or foul or assist in a block or foul.

   Hydraulic Boot: The player gains the skill Kick and has a +2 bonus when 
        committing a foul instead of the normal +1.  The player's base 
        movement is reduced by 3 due to the size of the foot wear.

   Turtle Shell Battle Armour:  The wearer of this devastating piece of gear
        has his AV raised to 10 and ST raised to 5 and gains the skill Block.  
        His movement, however is reduced to 1, and he may not Go For It.  
        If the player is ever knocked over, he may not get up without 
        assistance. (He may roll over if he was stunned.)  To stand up, 
        the player needs assistance from players with a combined ST of 17 or 
        more.  These players may not do anything else during the turn they 
        are helping the downed player.

5.0 SUPER HALFLINGS  (From Chet Zeshonski)

   Super Halflings have the exact same stats as their "normal" cousins,
   but have access to General skills, and cost 10,000 more.  If your 
   league uses Super Halflings, then ALL halflings should be Super;  
   mixing Super and "normal" halflings is not advised.

6.0 THE ORIGINAL NORSEMEN    (From Jacob Jonsson)

   Num   Position    MA ST AG AV   Cost    Skills       Skill Picks
   0-16  Lineman      6  3  3  8   50,000  None         General
   0-4   Blockers     5  4  2  9   90,000  None         General, Strength
   0-2   Berzerker    7  4  3  8  120,000  Frenzy,      General, Strength
                                            Thick Skull

   Rerolls:  70,000

   Norse teams may hire rookie or star Ogres.  They may also hire as 
   allies: Dwarves (6+ roll), 1 Halfling or 1 Human.  Norse players may
   be hired as allies by Dwarves (6+ roll), Halflings (6+ roll) and 
   Humans (1 player).

7.0 TYRANID    (From Tom McCarthy)

 Num  Position     MA ST AG AV   Cost     Skills           Skill Picks
 0-4  Tyranid       7  4  3  8  110,000   None              General

 0-6  Genestealer   7  3  2  8   80,000   Extra Arms        General
                                          Mighty Blow
                                          Hypnotic Gaze

 0-1  Magus         6  3  3  7   60,000   Sure Hands        General, Passing
                                          Hypnogic Gaze     Agility

 0-12 Hybrids       6  3  2  7   30,000   None              General

 0-4  Squigs        5  2  3  7   30,000   Dodge, Stunty     Agility
                                          Mutation to match

 0-4  Hunter-Slayer 6  2  3  7   30,000   Dodge, Stunty     Agility


      Zoat          5  5  2  8  110,000   Sure Feet,         Strength
                                          Thick Skull

      Carnifex      4  6  1 10  160,000   Claw, Thick Skull  Strength
                                          Stand Firm
                                          Razor Sharp Claws

  Rerolls:  70,000
  Biguns count against the total of four star players
  Tyranids may not ally with anyone
  The Carnifex may not catch or carry the ball.  If the ball is in the
    possession of a Carnifex, it will burst.
  If a Carnifex trys to throw a teammate, he must first make an unmodified
    armour roll to see if the little guy is injured.
  Tyranid players do not acquire Star Player Points.  Star Player Points
    are gained by the entire team as one through the hive mind.  Skills are
    acquired with levels based upon twelve times the normal:
    0-60 SPPs No skills.  61-122 1 Skill/player.  121-130 3 Skills/player

8.0  NIPPON   (From Jarrod Coad)
  No.   Player   MV ST AG AV   Skills           Skill Picks         Cost
  0-2   Samurai   6  3  3  9   Block            Strength, General   80,000
  0-16  Ashigaru  6  3  3  8   None             General             60,000
  0-2   Thrower   6  3  3  8   Sure Hands,Pass  General, Passing    70,000
  0-2   Ninja     8  3  4  7   Dodge, Catch     General, Agility   100,000

  REROLLS: 60,000
  May hire Apothecaries and Wizards.


     Samurai may not use Foul actions, as this is deemed dishonorable by the
     Bushido Code.

     SENSEI (Cost 50,000) A sensei will allow the players on a Nippon BBowl 
     team to be trained in the fabled Martial Arts...once per game, a player 
     on the Nippon team may use Mighty Blow, Hypnotic Gaze - a nerve pinch 
     version -  and Leap - the player does not need to have these skills, 
     and the same player does not have to use all the skills. The Sensei 
     allows all three skills to be used once each during the match

     The Nippon may also have a SHINTO PRIEST - instead of a Wizard - 
               (with thanks to Gavain Sweetman)

     SHINTO PRIEST (Cost 200,000) The shinto priest acts as a normal wizard 
     except that they have an additional spell "Call Kami spirit".  The 
     spirit will take possession of a Samurai, if more than one the coach 
     chooses which will get the spirit.  Possession by a Kami spirit gives 
     the Samauri exceptional vitality and endurance which is represented by 
     +1 ST and MV.  However, spirits have their own associated skills, which 
     are randomly determined roll d6:

          1-2 Evil Kami - player can foul and gains Dirty Player.
          3-4 Good Kami - player gains Sprint and Sure Feet
          5-6 Berzerker Kami - player gains Frenzy

     A Samurai possessed by an Evil Kami must foul if he has a downed player
     in his tackle zone at any point during his move - from either team - but
     does not gain any SPP's for doing so.  If a Samurai possessed by an Evil
     Kami fouls anyone during the possession, he must roll on the Serious 
     Injury table to see what injury he commits on his own person to atone 
     for the dishonour.

     The spirit can be summoned at any time but the possession will only last
     until the next kick-off.
     The Nippon call all Freebooters RONIN -  the masterless grey warriors - 
     and do not respect them, feeling they have no honour.  If Freebooters are 
     used in a game by the Nippon team, all Samurai have armour and injury 
     rolls made by them on opposing players reduced by one.  However, if 
     Freebooters are used by the opponent, all armour and injury rolls made 
     on the Freebooters by Samurai are increased by one.  If both sides use 
     Freebooters, the Samurai make rolls as normal...


     Oroku Saki - Samurai Star Player
     MV 6  ST 4  AG 3 AV 10  Block Dodge Mighty Blow Leader   -  180 000

     Hamato Sarami - Ninja Star
     MV 9 ST 3 AG 4 AV 8     Dodge, Catch, Leap, Sure Hands  -  170 000

     WhisperingWindHeraldsYourDeath - Ninja Star
     MV 8 ST 3  AG 4  AV 7 Dodge, Catch, Throwing Stars*  -  170000
     Throwing Stars - New Skill   Penalty Roll  10+ (if 10,11,12 is rolled ,
                      ninja is sent off)

        A player with the Throwing Star skill has a supply of Poisoned 
        shuriken that allow him to make a one die block against any player 
        - no matter what their strength - within range of a Quick Pass but 
        not actually in an adjacent square.  If a Opponent Down is rolled, 
        this is resolved as normal; Both Down - opponent goes down, ninja 
        must make agility roll - if failed, a star slips out of his sleeve 
        and rolls to the feet of the Referee - ninja sent off as if a penalty 
        roll was failed; Skull - ninja must make agility roll, as above, but 
        if failed the ninja has poisoned himself and must make armour and 
        injury rolls to see what happens when he hits the ground.


     Temples in Nippon are guarded by statues of ancient Samurai warriors 
     that will come to 'life' when the temple is threatened.  By twisting 
     the animating spell a little, a few priests have managed to change 'the 
     temple' to 'the team'.  The Temple Statue follows all the same rules as 
     the Samurai position players - ie will not foul; if playing on team 
     with Ronin (Freebooters) same rules appy as Samurai...
     Nippon Big'Un  -  Temple Statue - STAR PLAYER
     MV 4  ST 6  AG 2 AV 9   Block, Thick Skull, Stand Firm      - 190 000

     Rookie Temple Statue
     MV 4  ST 5  AG 2 AV 9  Thick Skull, Block         -   150 000

     Please send comments or suggestions to ja_coad@postoffice.utas.edu.au

9.0  FIMIR (From Sigurd Garshol)
 "Through the choking Mists they came, the One-eyed and thrice accursed
 Demon-spawn known to Man as the Fimir. They came to raid our Homes and
 steal our Daughters. And none could stand against their Might."
                                                        Adiomus of Boehmenbad

  No.   Player       MV ST AG AV  Skills           Skill Picks         Cost
  0-12  Fimir Shearl  5  3  2  8                   General             30,000
  0-6   Fimir Fimm    5  4  2  9  Block, MBlow     General, Strength  100,000
  0-2   Lesser Demons 6  3  4  7* Dodge, Wings     General, Agility   100,000

  Due to incredibly poor depth vision, Fimir double all negative range 
  modifiers when making a pass. In addition, all ranges are treated as being 
  one band longer than measured (see Halflings) 
  Fimir Magic Special Rules
  The Team may hire either a Dirach Wizard (150k) or a Meargh Hag Queen (300k).
  A Dirach may either generate the fog described below, or cast a normal spell. 
  The fog seeps in on the field just before the players set up. The fog allows 
  the Fimir to ignore their normal Passing Restrictions, and imposes the same 
  penalty to all Non-Fimir Players.
  The fog may be generated at the start of the drive before both teams set up, 
  provided the weather is Nice. The fog disappears if a 4+ is rolled on a D6 
  after each drive, or the weather changes to anything other than Nice.  Only 
  one Fog may be generated each match.

  A Meargh Hag Queen can generate fog AND cast a spell as an ordinary wizard.
  Demon Special Rules
  If you have a Dirach or a Meargh you may purchase Lesser Demons as players. 
  If you have a Meargh, you may purchase Greater Demons as players.
  All Demons have a special armour value: The opponent does not add any 
  modifiers to his armour roll.
  Injured Demons never suffer any permanent injuries, but are temporarilly 
  banished from the Mortal Plane. The may be resummoned at some expence.
  Badly Hurt: resummon in the next Make Purchase Phase buy paying 25% of 
              original cost.
  Seriously injured: Resummon in the Make Purchases Phase AFTER the FOLLOWING 
                     match by paying 50% of original cost.
  Killed: Sorry, but the demon is banished for a so long time that he counts 
          as dead.
  A Demon that is not resummoned at the designated time, is lost.
  Demons retain any skills/increases obtained when resummoned.
  A Demon fitted with Magic helmet loses his special ability of ignoring 
  Armour modifiers.
  Note that Demons assosciating with Fimir are non-Chaotic. They are merely 
  considered Evil...

  Special Physical Ability: Wings.
  This player may Leap as described under the skill LEAP. There are some 
  exceptions. The Leap allways succeeds on a 2+. If the roll to leap was a
  natural 6, the leap only costs 1 square of movement. It is impossible to 
  use WINGS during a Blizzard, and Pouring rain imposes a -1 modifier to 
  the roll. 
  Fimir Star Player
  Shrang Highcrag -Fimir Fimm Noble
  5 5 3 9 Block; Mighty Blow; Break Tackle; Leader           160k
  Greater Demon Starplayer
  Hjrkkakk, The Dark Disembowler
  6 6 3 9* Block; Mighty Blow; Horns; Prehensile Tail;               220k 

  Work in progress.  Please send comments or suggestions to: 

10.0 GNOMES (From Sigurd Garshol)
  No.   Player       MV ST AG AV  Skills           Skill Picks         Cost
  0-16  Gnomes        6  3  3  7   Stunty          General            40,000
  0-2   Blitzers      6  3  3  7   Stunty, Block   General, Strength  70,000
  0-4   Runners       7  2  3  6   Dodge, Stunty,  General, Agility   60,000
                                      Sure Hands
  REROLLS: 50,000


  Gnomes suffer under the same rules as Halflings and Goblins regarding 
  Passing and Injuries.

  Gnomes does not have the same limitations to their magic as Dwarfs do. 
  They may hire "normal" Wizards. As an option (in place of a wizard) they 
  may go for the Trickster (same price). The Trickster is used at the start 
  of the match. The Trickster allows the Team to take an extra number of 
  Dirty Tricks. Roll a D6:

       1:   No Extra Dirty Trick
       2-5: 1 Extra Dirty Trick 
       6:   2 Extra Dirty Tricks

  Make this roll after the ordinary Special Play-cards roll.


  Hercules D'Chantaux -Gnomish Blitzer
  7 4 3 7 Stunty; Block; Dodge; Guard.    
  Cost: 120k

  Jarek Thunnelswype -Gnomish Runner
  8 2 4 6 Dodge; Leap; Nerves of Steel; Sprint; Stunty; Sure Hands
  Cost: 130k

  Brognil the "Mental" -Gnome
  6 3 3 7 
  Special: Chainsaw
  Cost: 70k

  Insane:  When an action is declared for an an insane player, roll a D6. On 
  a roll of 2+ the player is used as normal. On a roll of 1, the player goes 
  absolutely bananas. The player. Stand the player up if it is lying down. 
  If it has the ball, it is immediately dropped (Does not count as a 
  turnover: See the Turnover Rules) Move the player D6 squares in a straight 
  line dictated by the scatter template, ignoring all tackle-zones. If 
  another player is standing in the way, the Insane player will throw a block 
  at the opposing player, pushing him out of the way if possible, and will 
  then strive to complete it's move. This may mean blocking several players. 
  Prone or Stunned are Pushed Back, out of the way if possible. No assists 
  are counted for these blocks. If the player has a functional Weapon that 
  can be used in place of a block, it will use these. If the opponent of the 
  insane player is removed from the board, the Insane player may continue his 
  move.  Note that the player will only block players that actually stand in a 
  square he is supposed to enter.
  Work in progress.  Please send comments or suggestions to: 

                           OBERWALD SUPLEMENT No 2

                                   THE STARS

    This document is a collection of star players for Blood Bowl.  Many of the
    players are unofficial.  Some are converted from earlier editions of Blood
    Bowl.  Others are submitted by coaches who built up a rookie to the point
    that they feel he deserves the title 'STAR'.

    This list is maintained by Dean Maki.  Submissions or corrections should
    be sent to him at dfmaki@makivel.synapse.net.

    This list is posted periodically as a suplement to the OBERWALD (On-Line
    BloodBowl Enthusiast's Reference With Assembled League Doctrines) to
    rec.games.board and BBOWL-L.  You can also obtain from the MORG (Mail
    Order Retrieval Gizmo) by sending a message to MORG@makivel.synapse.net
    with the following in the body of your message: 
                    GET STARS.TXT 

       All submissions must be sent to dfmaki@makivel.synapse.net.  When
       sending in a submission, try to follow the format used in this listing
       for easy cut-and-paste.  Please use the legends at the end of the list
       for skill and race names.  If your star player comes with a skill or
       ability which is not normally available in Blood Bowl, please send a
       description along with the star.

       The maintainer reserves the right to refuse any submission which does
       not measure up to his particular idea of 'Star Player'.  This is a
       very subjective thing, but good guidelines are:

               1.  You can't make the star easily from existing basic 
                   players. (i.e. Lots of Doubles Rolls)

               2.  The player has at least one stat increase.

       Most 'Shmoes With Just a Bunch of Skillls' will be rejected.  For
       example, a High Elf Pheonix Warrior (Thrower) with normal stats
       but skills:  Pass, Safe Throw, Sure Hands, Hail Mary Pass, Strong
       Arm, Dump Off though formidable, will be rejected.

This list is best viewed using mono spaced fonts.
New entries marked with a +.

Name                   Race  M S A A      Skills                 Plays   $ 
                             V T G V                              For      From
Zzharg Madeye            CD  5 3 2 9  Blk, Tkl, TSkl, Blun        CD    100K DZ
Hthark the Unstoppable   BC  6 6 2 10 Blk, BTkl, Spr, SFt, TSkl   CD    180K DZ
Xtall Ironhand           HG  6 3 4 7  Leap, DPlr, SHnd, SBll      CD    120K NT
Zorn Uzkrag              CD  4 4 2 9  Blk, Tkl, TSkl, MBlw        CD    140K CJ
Trabore Despoiler        CD  4 3 2 9  Blk, Tkl, TSkl, Dlss, DTkl  CD    120K NT
Kharg the Slaughterer    CD  4 3 3 9  Blk, Tkl, TSkl, MBlw, Gard, CD    170K NT
                                       JUp, PiOn                  

Bellow Thunderslam       MN  5 6 2 9  Blk, Horn, MBlw, SBll       CD/CH 180K 2e
Grashnak Blackhoof       MN  6 6 3 9  Horn, MBlw, TSkl            CD/CH 160K DZ

Wilhelm Chaney           WW  7 4 3 8  Frnz, RClw,                 CH    120K UP
Dorjak Sureclaw          CH  6 4 3 9  Claw, LLeg                  CH    110K UP
Galem Goreblade          CH  5 4 3 9  Dlss, Frnz                  CH    120K UP
Wormhowl Greyscar        CH  5 4 3 9  Blk, MBlw                   CH    140K 2e
Slarga Foulstrike        BM  6 3 3 8  Horn, XArm, DPlr            CH    100K UP
Dieter Hammerlash        CH  5 4 2 9  Blk, Ctch, PBlk             CH    130K NT
Lewdgrip Whiparm         CH  5 4 3 9  Pass, SHnd, Tent            CH    130K UP
Lord Borak the Despoiler CH  5 5 3 9  Blk, DPlr, Ldr, MBlw        CH    160K DZ
Bilerot Vomitflesh       CH  4 5 2 9  DPlr, FApr                  CH    120K UP
Doubledrool              CH  5 4 3 9  Tent, 2Hed, Tail            CH    110K UP
Hacker Spleenripper      CH  5 4 3 9  Saw                         CH    130K UP
Fang Spiketail           BM  7 3 3 8  LLeg, XArm, Blk             CH    100K NT
+ Derek the Dork         BM  6 3 4 8  Horn SHnd, NofS, Ctch, PBlk CH    130K NT
+ Rascally Ron           BM  7 3 3 8  Horn, BHnd, SArm, Hail      CH    140K NT

Eoarn Harokon            DE  6 3 4 8  Ddge, SThw, NofS            DE    100K 2e
Petro D'Arvill           DE  6 3 4 8  Kick, NofS, Ddge            DE    100K 2e
Hawthorn Tullaris        DE  7 3 4 8  Blk, MBlw, Ctch, Spr        DE    140K 2e
Odium Khan               DE  6 3 4 8  Blk, SBll, TSkl             DE    110K 2e
Asperon Thorn            DE  8 3 4 7  Ctch, Leap, NofS            DE    110K 2e
Moravis Curfew           DE  6 3 4 8  Pass, SThw, Ddge, Hail      DE    110K 2e
Tuern Redvenom -1-       DE  7 4 4 8  DPlr, Tkl, Blk, Ddge, Pro   DE    170K UP
Horkon Heartripper       DE  6 3 4 8  Ddge, Leap, Shad, Dagr      DE    120K DZ
Roxanna Darknail         DE  8 3 5 7  Frnz, Ddge, Leap, JUp, Spr  DE    160K CJ
Haric Silverthorn        DE  7 3 4 9  Blk, Leap, Gard, DTkl, Helm DE    170K NT
Keyan Shadowspit         DE  7 3 5 8  Blk, Frnz, Ddge, JUp, DTkl, DE    180K NT

Pick' Seamsunder         DW  3 5 2 9  Blk, MBlw, Tkl, TSkl        DW    130K 2e
Bardin Ironglove         DW  3 4 2 9  Blk, MBlw, TSkl, Tkl        DW    110K 2e
Stuka Schmidtt           DW  5 3 2 8  Pass, TSkl, SHnd, Hail      DW    110K 2e
Granite Rivalblade       DW  4 4 2 9  Blk, Tkl, TSkl              DW    100K 2e
Grimwold Grimbreath      DW  6 5 3 9  Blk, Leap, MBlw, TSkl       DW    170K 2e
Barik Farblast           DW  4 3 2 9  Blk, Tkl, TSkl, Blun        DW    100K UP
Flint Churnblade         DW  4 3 2 9  Blk, Tkl, TSkl, Saw         DW    100K UP
Grim Ironjaw             DW  5 4 3 8  Blk, Dlss, Frnz, MBlw, TSkl DW    150K DZ
The Deathroller          DW  4 7 1 10 MBlw, MBlk, SFrm            DW    160K DZ
Drumgrim Quickstride     DW  6 3 3 8  SHnd, TSkl, Spr, SFt        DW    140K CJ
Devin Headbanger         DW  5 3 3 9  Blk, TSkl, Dlss, MBlk, SBll DW    120K NT
Gibbon the Winded        DW  6 3 3 8  SHnd, Pass, NofS, Hail Tskl DW    110K NT
Haden Blockbuster        DW  4 4 2 9  Blk, Tkl, TSkl, Gard, SFrm  DW    160K NT
                                       Ddge, Dlss, SFt
Goldtooth Flowingbeard   DW  6 3 3 8  SHnd, TSkl, Blk, Ddge, DTkl DW    150K NT
Axebreaker Jones         DW  4 3 2 9  Blk, JUp, NofS, PiOn, Tkl   DW    110K 2e

Spiky Norman             GB  6 2 3 7  Ddge, Pro, RStf, Stnt, TSkl  GB/OC 60K 2e
Garbage Throttlesnot     GB  6 2 3 7  Ctch, Ddge, Leap, RStf, Stnt GB/OC 60K 2e
Dirty Dan                GB  6 3 3 7  Ddge, Stnt, DPlr             GB/OC 60K UP
Bommer Dribblesnot       GB  6 2 3 7  Acc, Ddge, Bomb              GB/OC 80K DZ
Scrappa Sorehaed         GB  6 2 3 7  Ddge, RStf, Pogo             GB/OC 60K BB
Fungus the Loon          GB  4 2 3 7  B&C                          GB/OC 60K DZ
+Nobbla Blackwart        GB  6 2 3 7  Ddge, Frnz, RStf, Saw        GB/OC 80K BB
+Dee Eff                 GB  6 2 3 8  Ddge, Stnt, RStf, Dlss, MBlk GB/OC 90K NT
                                       Blk, Helm
Gazooga                  GB  6 2 4 7  Ddge, Stnt, RStf, Dlss, DTkl GB/OC 90K NT

Knee-high Strider        HL  6 2 4 6  SHnd, Leap, Ddge, Stnt, RStf HL    80K NT
Ernald Spiritburner      HL  5 3 3 6  Blk, Ddge, MBlw, (Stnt) TSkl HL    80K 2e
Puggy Baconbreath        HL  6 2 4 6  Blk, Ddge, NofS, Stnt, RStf  HL/HU 80K UP
Jobo Hairyfoot           HL  6 3 3 6  (RStf) Ddge, (Stnt) Spr, SFt HL    60K CJ
+ Bongo Potbelly         HL  5 4 3 6  Ddge, (Stnt) Side, DTkl, SFt HL    90K NT
+ Bolman Gamgee          HL  5 2 5 6  Ddge, RSf, Stnt, SArm, SFt   HL   100K NT
Warmglow Windaloo        HL  6 2 4 6  Ctch, DCtc, Ddge, Pro, RStf, HL    80K CJ

Soaren Hightower         HE  6 3 4 8  Acc, Ddge, Pass, Hail, Pro  HE    130K 2e
Ibrahim Golddawn         HE  9 3 4 7  Ctch, JUp, Spr, Leap        HE    130K 2e
Valen Swift              HE  6 3 4 8  Pass, SHnd, SThw, Acc, Hail HE    160K CJ
Vallen Swyft             HE  6 3 4 8  Pass, SArm, Ddge, Leap      HE    150K 2e
Luarn Proudbrow          HE  6 3 5 8  PBlk, Tkl                   HE    110K 2e
Prince Moranion          HE  7 4 4 8  Blk, Dlss                   HE    140K DZ
Angus Swiftfeet          HE  9 3 6 7  Blk, Ctch                   HE    170K NT
Carthas Moonbeam         HE  7 3 5 8  Blk, Gard, Leap, PBlk       HE    160K NT
+ Eaeren Wyrmsbane       HE  7 5 4 8  Blk, MBlw, SFrm, Pro, Ddge  HE    180k NT

Hawkfire                 HU  6 3 3 8  NofS, Pass, SHnd            HU     80K 2e
Ziggi Abschuss           HU  6 3 3 8  PBlk, Blk                   HU     80K 2e
Miessen                  HU  8 2 3 7  Ctch, Ddge, Leap, Spr       HU     90K 2e
Ritter Von Baum          HU  6 3 3 8  Tkl, SBal, Spr              HU     80K 2e
Jacob von Altdorf        HU  6 3 3 8  Pass, SHnd, Acc, SArm       HU     90K 2e
Siggi The Boot Schuster  HU  6 3 3 8  Kick, NofS                  HU     70K 2e
Big'Gunn Shonn           HU  8 2 3 7  Ctch, Ddge, NofS, Pass, Blk HU    110K 2e
Griff Oberwald           HU  8 4 4 8  Ddge, Blk, Leap, Spr, SFt   HU    180K BB
Mighty Zug               HU  4 5 2 9  Blk, MBlw                   HU    120K DZ
Gregor Meissan           HU  7 3 3 8  Ctch, Ddge, DCtc, SHnd      HU    100K UP
Hoshi Komi               HU  8 3 4 7  Ctch, Ddge, Leap            HU    110K UP
Helmut Wulf              HU  6 3 3 8  Saw                         HU    100K UP
Frank N Stein            HU  4 5 1 9  MBlw, SFrm, BTkl, TSkl      HU/UD 130K UP
Griegor Miessen          HU  8 2 3 7  Ctch, Ddge, SFt, DCct, Side HU    150K CJ
Erik Kantona             HU  7 3 4 8  DPlr, Blk, MBlw, Kant       HU    150K CJ
'Epoxy' Ginhart          HU  9 2 3 8  Ctch, Blk, NofS, Ddge, Helm HU    120K NT
+ Swifty Murdoch         HU 10 2 3 7  Ctch, Ddge, Leap, Spr, SFt  HU    130k NT

Wolfhowl Blacscar        NO  6 4 3 7  Blk, Frnz, JUp, Dlss, MBlw  NO    160K CJ
Icepelt Hammerblow       ST  4 6 1 9  Rgen, Blk, MBlw             NO    160K CJ
Ulrik Wuulfson           UL  7 4 4 8  Blk, Ddge, Frnz, Fang, Woof NO    170K CJ

Morg'N'THorg             OG  6 6 3 10 Blk, MBlw, TSkl, TTM        HU/OC 190K BB

Hak Demoncutter          OC  5 3 3 9  Tkl, TSkl, Hail             OC     80K 2e
Urfrik Skullhack         OC  4 4 2 9  Spr, PBlk, Ctch             OC     90K 2e
Krug Painspear           OC  6 4 3 9  Blk, Leap, Spr              OC    130K 2e
Rip Sorepain             OC  4 4 3 9  Blk                         OC    120K 2e
Harg Vainkill            OC  5 3 3 8  Ddge, Hail,NofS, Pass,Shnd  OC    110K 2e
Gorflem Rot-Breath       OC  6 3 3 9  Blk, Ctch, MBlw, TSkl       OC    140K 2e
Kolath Head-Ripper       OC  5 4 2 9  Blk, MBlw, Spr, TSkl        OC    140K 2e
Greaser Geargrinder      OC  3 5 2 9  Blk, MBlw, SFrm          OC/GB/CD 120K UP
Urgoth 'Ripper' Bolgrot  OC  5 3 3 9  Saw, TSkl                   OC    100K UP
Varag Ghoul-Chewer       OC  6 4 3 9  Blk, JUp, Ldr, MBlw, Pro   OC/GB  160K DZ
Krag Kneebreaker         OC  6 3 3 9  Blk, Dlss, DTkl, SHnd      OC/GB  120K NT
Dick Buttkick            OC  4 4 2 9  Blk, Gard, Pro, DTkl        OC    150K NT
Ripper'Bolgrot           TR  4 6 1 10 MBlw, Rgen, TTM          OC/GB/CH 150K DZ

Headripper               RO  6 6 3 9  MBlw, Tail                  SV    160K DZ
Chainfist                RO  6 5 4 10 Gard, MBlw, Helm            SV    190K NT
Marg Plaguewind          SV  7 3 3 7  PWG, SArm                   SV     80K NT
Split Tendoncutter       SV  8 3 3 9  Blk, Ddge, Leap, Pro, SHnd  SV    150K 2e
Rasta Tailspike          SV  8 3 3 7  Ctch, XArm                  SV     80K UP
Hakflem Skuttlespike     SV  9 3 4 7  Ddge, XArm, Tail, 2Hed      SV    130K DZ
Breet Braingulper        SV  7 3 3 7  Pass, SHnd, Acc, Pro        SV     90K 1e
Skrag the Unclean        SV  7 3 3 7  Pro, FApr                   SV     70K 1e
Shisk Four-Arms          SV  9 2 4 7  Ctch, XArm, Ddge            SV    110K 1e
Slart Smash-Rip          SV  4 4 3 9  Blk, RClw,                  SV    120K 1e
Skritter                 SV  7 3 3 7  SHnd, Pass, SArm, Acc       SV    100K UP
Skreet  -2-              SV  7 4 3 7  Blk, Ddge, Leap, Gard       SV    140K UP
+ Gonzo Sam              SV 10 2 5 7  Ddge,Ctch, LLeg, PBlk       SV    140K NT
+ Cluny Scourgetail      SV  9 2 5 7  Ddge, Stnt, RStf, Ctch Rgen SV    160K NT
The Hand                 SV  6 3 3 7  BHnd, SHnd, Pass, Acc, NofS SK    100K NT

Voluptua                 DY  6 3 4 7  Shad, Gaze                  HL/WE 100K NT
Deeproot Strongbranch    TM  2 7 1 10 Blk, MBlw, SFrm, TSkl, TTM  HL/WE 180K DZ
Limber Lumber            TM  2 6 1 10 Blk, SFrm, TSkl, JUp        HL/WE 190K NT
Ramtut III               MY  4 6 1 9  Blk, MBlw, Rgen, Spr        UD    150K 2e
Count Luthor Von         VM  6 5 4 9  Blk, Ddge, Gaze, Rgen       UD/HU 180K DZ
Wishbone                 SK  6 3 2 7  Blk, Pro, Rgen              UD     60K UP
Spiny Norman             WI  6 3 4 8  Blk, Ddge, Rgen, PBlk       UD    140K NT

Jim Plunkwood            WE  7 3 4 7  Pass, NofS, SArm, Doff      WE    120K NT
Rot Wilder               WE  7 3 4 7  Blk, Ddge, Leap             WE    110K NT
Sweetwind                WE  8 3 4 7  Ddge, SFt                   WE    100K NT
Pierrot Rainforest       WE  7 3 4 7  Kick, Tol                   WE     80K 2e
Dolfar Longstride        WE  7 3 4 7  Ddge, Kick, PBlk            WE    100K 2e
Eldril Sidewinder        WE  8 3 4 7  Blk, Ddge, Leap, Ctch, Spr  WE    150K UP
Jordell Freshbreeze      WE  8 3 5 7  Blk, DCtc, Ddge, Leap, Step WE    150K DZ
Highelm Lyprade -3-      WE  7 4 3 7  Blk, PBlk                   WE     90K UP
Clearwater Everglade     WE  7 3 4 7  Pass, SHnd, DOff, SThw      WE    140K CJ
Eldrake Surefire         WE  7 3 5 7  Pass, Acc, Leap, SThw       WE    150K NT

                                  L E G E N D
RACES/TEAMS:                      ~~~~~~~~~~~
    BC - Bull Cenraur         HG - Hobgoblin        SK - Skeleton   
    BM - Beastman             HL - Halfling         ST - Snow Troll
    CD - Chaos Dwarf          HU - Human            SV - Skaven
    CH - Chaos                MN - Minataur         TM - Treeman
    DE - Dark Elf             MY - Mummy            TR - Troll
    DY - Dryad                NO - Norse            UL - Ulfwerner 
    GB - Goblin               OC - Orc              VM - Vampire
    DW - Dwarf                OG - Ogre             WE - Wood Elf
    HE - Highelf              RO - Rat Ogre         WI - Wight
                                                    WW - Werewolf
2Hed - 2 Heads            Gard - Guard                 RClw - Razor Sharp Claws
Acc  - Accurate           Gaze - Hypnotic Gaze         Rgen - Regeneration       
B&C  - Ball and Chain     Hail - Hail Mary Pass        RStf - Right Stuff
Blk  - Block              Helm - Magic Helmet          SArm - Strong Arm
BHnd - Big Hand           Horn - Horns                 Saw  - Chainsaw 
Blun - Blundrebuss        JUp  - Jump Up               SBll - Strip Ball    
Bomb - Bombardier         Kant - Kantona Kick          SFrm - Stand Firm
BTkl - Break Tackle       Kick - Kick                  SFt  - Sure Feet
Claw - Claw               Ldr  - Leader                Shad - Shadow 
Ctch - Catch              Leap - Leap                  SHnd - Sure Hands
Dagr - Poisoned Dagger    LLeg - Long Legs             Side - Side Step
DCtc - Diving Catch       MBlk - Multiple Block        Spr  - Sprint    
Ddge - Dodge              MBlw - Mighty Blow           SThw - Safe Throw 
Dlss - Dauntless          NofS - Nerves of Steel       Stnt - Stunty   
DOff - Dump Off           Pass - Pass                  Tail - Prehensile Tail
DPlr - Dirty Player       PBlk - Pass Block            Tent - Tentacles     
DTkl - Diving Tackle      PiOn - Pile On               Tkl  - Tackle
Fang - Razor Sharp Fangs  Pogo - Pogo Stick            TSkl - Thick Skull  
FApr - Foul Appearance    Pro  - Pro                   TTM  - Throw Team Mate
Frnz - Frenzy             PWG  - Poisoned Wind Globe   Woof - Woof Woof
                                                       XArm - Extra Arms         

   Kantona Kick
       Penalty Roll 9+ on each kick.  Instead of making a block, use Kantona 
       Kick against an adjacent opponent (or the crowd).  Roll a 1 die block:

                           Player                    Crowd
       Defender Down   defender down, +3          Opponent loses
                       armour roll                1 Fan Factor
       Push Back       kicker down                no effect
       Attacker Down   kicker seriously           kicker beaten by crowd
                       injured (no armour roll)   with Mighty Blow.

   Poisoned Wind Globe
       (Secret Weapon) - Penalty Roll 9+.  This secret weapon is thrown 
       like a pass, and uses your pass action for the turn.  The globe 
       will shatter in the square it lands in (no scatter).  Players in 
       the square hit are knocked over on a 3+, and in adjacent squares 
       on a 5+.  During rainstorms or blizzards, subtract 1 from the rolls.  
       Only one globe may be thrown between kickoffs.

   Woof Woof  
       Skeletons destroyed by this player may not regenerate.  The player is 
       placed in reserves box for the remainder of the match.  
       If a Treeman is on the pitch, roll D6 before taking an action with 
       this player.  On a 1, the player moves towards the Treeman.  If the 
       player is adjacent to a Treeman, roll a D6.  On a 1, the player may 
       take no further action that turn.

BB, DZ - Blood Bowl (BB) box set or Death Zone (DZ) expansion.  These are the 
         only Official players.  All others, including the Blood Bowl Updates
         and Citadel Journal players are Optional.

CJ, UP - Citadel Journal (CJ) or Blood Bowl Updates (UP).  The Next Best 
         Thing(tm) to Official.

1e, 2e - Converted from 1st or 2nd edition Blood Bowl.  Quite Unofficial.

    NT - The 'Net'.  Very Unofficial.

     -1-  Price adjusted slightly upwards from published price of 150,000.
     -2-  Price adjusted drastically from published price of 100,000
     -3-  Many people think Highelm Lyprade should be AG 4 and ST 3.  YMMV

2.0 CONTRIBUTORS  (In no particular order)
Dean Maki               Tom McCarthy             Jim Bell
Rudi Jetz               Graham Estey             Paul Smerek
Mike Schilder           Craig Walker             Sean Migneault
Jason I. Gilham         Quahog25@aol.com         JA Chapman
Michael Baker

Any ommisions are due to honest oversight.  Please send in any corrections.


			   From The Journal

0.0 Administrative

1.0 Mixed Race Teams (Allies)

2.0 Rookie Big Guys

3.0 Chaos Daemon Rules

4.0 Norse Teams

5.0 Coaches


    0.1  What this document is all about
	  This document is a collection of alternate rules for Blood Bowl
	  which were originally presented in the Citadel Journal and Blood
	  Bowl Update Sheets provided by Games Workshop Mail Order

	  Articles in the Citadel Journal and Update Sheets are unofficial
	  and may or may not be presented with the nod of approval from 
	  Jervis Johnson.

	  This list is maintained by Dean Maki.  Corrections should be sent 
	  to him at dfmaki@makivel.synapse.net.

    0.2  How to get a copy of this document.

	 This document will be posted periodically to rec.games.board and 
	 BBOWL-L, along side the OBERWALD (On-Line BloodBowl Enthusiasts'
	 Reference With Assembled League Doctrines).

	 The current copy of this OBERWALD SUPPLEMENT is also kept at the MORG 
	 (Mail Order Retrieval Gizmo).  Send a message to
	 MORG@makivel.synapse.net with the following in the body of your

   1.0  Mixed Race Teams (Allies)

     Each team is allowed a total of two (2) players from other races.  A
     player of another race costs 50% more than his list price.  Star 
     Players and Rookie Big Guys cannot be bought unless already allowed.
     These players contribute their list price for Team Rating purposes, not
     the price actually paid.
     Team          May Hire
     Chaos Dwarf:  1 Chaos, 1 Goblin, 1 Orc
     Chaos      :  1 Chaos Dwarf, 1 Dark Elf, 1 Skaven, Undead (6+)
     Dark Elf   :  2 Chaos
     Dwarf      :  Halfling (4+), 2 Human, 2 Norse
     Goblin     :  Chaos Dwarf (6+), 2 Orc
     Halfling   :  Dwarf (6+), 2 Human, 2 Wood Elf
     High Elf   :  Human (4+), 2 Wood Elf
     Human      :  2 Dwarf, 2 Halfling, 2 Norse, High Elf (4+), Wood Elf (4+)
     Norse      :  2 Human, 2 Dwarf
     Orc        :  Chaos Dwarf (4+)
     Skaven     :  2 Chaos, Undead (6+)
     Undead     :  Chaos (6+), Skaven (6+)
     Wood Elf   :  Halfling (6+), 2 High Elf, 1 Human  
     If you attempt to hire from a race which has a number in parenthesis,
     you must roll that number or higher on a d6.  If you do so, you may
     purchase this player.  Otherwise you must wait for five (5) games 
     before you may try again.  You do not lose any money if you fail, but
     you do lose any special play cards used in the attempt.

     You can trade for a player from another race.  You must pay 50% of the
     player's list cost for 'arbitration'.
     If you trade a player with 26 or more Star Player Points to a team of
     another race, you lose one Fan Factor. (The 'Gretzky Rule')
     1.1 Goblin and Skaven Mixed Teams

       Num  Position     MA ST AG AV   Cost    Skills          Skill Picks
       0-6  Goblin        6  2  3  7   40,000  Dodge, Stunty   Agility
						Right Stuff  
       0-6  Lineman       7  3  3  7   50,000                  Gen, Phys
       0-2  Storm Vermin  7  3  3  8   90,000  Block           Gen, Phys, Str
       0-2  Gutter Runner 9  2  4  7   80,000  Dodge           Gen, Agil, Phys
       Reroll:  60,000
	A Goblin/Skaven mixed team may buy any player or Star available 
	to Skaven or Goblin teams except:  Varag Ghoulchewer, Fungus the
	Loon, Morg'n'Thorg and Bommer Dribblesnot.
	After every touchdown or end of half, roll a d6 for each player 
	on the team.  On a one, the player will remain in the dugout, 
	refusing to play with players of the other race.
	Whenever a skill roll for a Goblin comes up doubles, the Goblin 
	may take a Physical Ability instead of a skill.
	It is suggested that your league allow only 1 Goblin/Skaven team 
	for every seven other teams.

   2.0 Rookie Big Guys
     [From Star Player Updates 2 and 3 and adaptations]

     Rookie Big Guys, as presented in Blood Bowl Star Player Updates II and 
     III, count as unpeaked star players on your roster (ie. one of four 
     stars you may hire).  [GWUK]

     It is _highly_ recommended that Treemen not be allowed to take agility
     skills, even if doubles is rolled.  [JJ]

     Big guys with throw teammate and strong arm may throw halflings and 
     goblins with the right stuff for long bomb ranges.  [GWUK]

     Big guys _may_ throw teammate using hail mary pass.  [JJ]

     All big guys take up one square, either when standing or when prone.

     Treemen with 3 or more MA can stand up using 3 MA without rolling.

     Unpeaked monster players are given below.  All have access to Strength
     skills, but not General, Passing or Agility skills, unless "doubles"
     are rolled on a Star Player Roll.  Minotaurs and Rat Ogres may gain
     Physical Abilities on a "doubles" roll.  

     The first list of Rookie Big Uns below are from the Star Player Updates
     released by GW mail order and Citadel Journal.  These were created by 
     GW mail order without play testing or input from Jervis Johnson.  Jervis 
     himself considers them a mistake, and does not play with them.  
     The second list below are adaptations or creations by various members on 
     the 'net.

     Jervis has written a 'discussion paper' for  his own, new rules for rookie
     Bigs.  They are included in a separate document.


 Player         Cost   MV ST AG AV  SKILLS                 Play For
 Minotaur      130,000  5  6  2  9  Horns                 Chaos, Chaos Dwarf
 Ogre          140,000  5  6  2 10  Thick Skull, Block    Human, Orc, Chaos
 Rat Ogre      120,000  6  5  3  9  None                  Skaven
 Treeman       140,000  2  6  1 10  Stand Firm, TSkull    Wood Elf, Halfling
 Troll         120,000  4  6  1 10  Regenerate            Orc, Goblin, Chaos


 Player         Cost   MV ST AG AV  SKILLS                 Play For
 Bull Centaur  140,000  6  5  2 10  Sure Feet, Block,     Chaos Dwarf
				       Thick Skull
 Snow Troll    110,000  4  6  1  9  Regenerate            Norse
 Ulfwerner     110,000  6  4  3  8  Razor Sharp Claws     Norse
					Woof Woof -1-
 Vampire       130,000  6  4  3  9  Regenerate, HGaze     Human, Undead
&Zombie Ogre   170,000  4  6  1 10  Regenerate,           Undead
					Mighty Blow
    -1- See the section on Norse Teams (6.0) for a description of Woof Woof.

    Be warned that the unofficial Big Uns, for the most part, may not have had
    very much play testing.  They are all subject to future modification or

     [From Citadel Journal]
     A Chaos team must be dedicated to one of the four major Chaos powers
     when created.  Chaos teams which wish to use Daemons must have a 
     wizard on their staff.  The Daemons will disappear if the wizard is
     killed or leaves without being replaced before the next game.
     All Daemons except the Bloodthirsterhave a Daemonic Aura.  The Aura
     prevents all modifiers from being applied to armour rolls against the
     Minor Daemons are dispelled if badly hurt, seriously injured or killed.
     Greater Daemons are dispelled if seriously injured or killed.  Remove
     dispelled Daemons from your roster.
     Greater Daemons have penalty rolls, like secret weapons and fill a Star
     Player slot on your roster.
     0-2  Plaguebearers   120K   6 4 3 7  Horns, Foul Appearance
     Great Unclean One    230K   3 7 1 9  Foul Apearance, Multi Block, Thick
     (Penalty 9+)                         Skull, Pile On, Stand Firm
					  Steam of Corruption
	STEAM OF CORRUPTION: Replaces block of blitz action.  Place lightning
	 bolt template from Daemon.  Players half or more under must make an
	 dodge roll or fall and take armour rolls.  Players do not actually
	 leave their squares.
     0-2  Bloodletters    130K   6 5 3 7  Frenzy
     Bloodthirster        240K   6 8 3 10 Block, Break Tackle, Dirty Player
     (Penatly 8+)                         Mighty Blow, Chaos Armour
     0-2  Deamonettes     110K   6 3 4 7  Claw, Hypnotic Gaze
     Keeper of Secrets    230K   6 7 3 9  Block, Claw, Extra Arms, Horns,
     (Penalty 8+)                         Mighty Blow, Aura of Slaanesh
	AURA OF SLAANESH:  Within the daemon's tackle zone, any attempted
	 action fails horribly unless preceeded by a successful base AG roll.
     0-2  Pink Horrors    120K   6 3 3 7  Big Hand, Stunty
	  Blue Horrors    ----   6 2 3 6  Big Hand, Stunty
     Lord of Change       240K   6 7 4 9  Jump Up, Leap, Pass Block, Leader
     (Penalty 7+)                         Random Event
     Pink Horrors aren't dispelled, but are replaced by two Blue Horrors,
     one in the Pink's square, the other D6 in a random direction.  Blue
     Horrors may not gain SPPs, and if both are dispelled, the pink is
     dispelled.  Otherwise the Pink Horror returns next game as the Blues
     merge.  If the second Blue is the 12th player on the pitch, roll D6.
     On a 1-3 one is sent off for the match.
	 RANDOM EVENT:  The Lord of Change may draw a Random Event at any 
	  kickoff for which he is on the field.  It is played as normal so
	  long as the daemon is on the field, and discarded if the daemon is
	  sent off, dispelled or banished.

      [From Citadel Journal #10]
      The Norse are northern humans, with their own special abilities.
      Sweltering Heat affects Norsemen on a 1 or 2, but a Blizzard only
      trips them up on a 1, and they may attempt long passes.
       Num   Position   MA ST AG AV   Cost    Skills        Skill Picks
       0-12  Thrall      6  3  3  7   50,000  Block         General
       0-2   Throwers    6  3  3  7   70,000  Block, Pass   General, Passing
       0-2   Huscarl     6  3  3  7   70,000  Block, Daunt  General, Strength
       0-2   Berzerker   7  4  3  8  120,000  Block, Frenz  General, Strength
						Jump Up
       Reroll:  60,000
       The following are Star Players who will play for Norse teams:
       Wolfhowl Blackscar   Norse      6 4 3 7 Block, Frenzy, Jump Up,    160K
						  Dauntless Mighty Blow   
       Icepelt Hammerblow   Snow Troll 4 6 1 9 Regen, Block, M Blow       160K
       Urik Wuulfson        Ulfwerner  7 4 4 8 Block, Dodge, Frenzy,      170K
						  Razor Sharp Claws
						  Woof Woof
       Woof Woof:  Skeletons destroyed by this player may not regenerate.  
		   The player is placed in reserves box for the remainder of
		   the match.  
		   If a Treeman is on the pitch, roll D6 before taking an 
		   action with this player.  On a 1, the player moves towards
		   the Treeman.  If the player is adjacent to a Treeman, roll
		   a D6.  On a 1, the player may take no further action that
     [From Citadel Journal #10]
     A team may hire coaches to train players and teach them skills without
     SPPs.  The players are still limited to seven skill or statistic gains
     and peaked players may not be taught.  The coaches come in three levels
     of ability, with a class of skills that they teach and a favourite
     skill.  A team may not start with a coach.
     Coaches count as assistant coaches for Brilliant Coaching rolls.
     Retired players may only become assistant coaches, not coaches.
     The three levels of ability are Experts (50,000gp), Old-Timers (100,000)
     and Ex-Players (150,000).  
     The four areas of expertise are Fouling (General Skills), Blocking 
     (Strength), Passing (Passing) and Catching (Agility).  You may only hire 
     one coach from each area of expertise, and only if a player on your basic 
     team roster may normally receive those skils taught by that coach.  
     Coaches may be used once after each match.  Select a player and name a
     skill from the coach's area of expertise.  Roll 2D6 and apply all 
     modifiers.  On a 11 or 12, the player gains the skill.
     MODIFIERS: +2  Coach is an Ex-Player
		+1  Coach is an Old Timer
		+1  Coach is teaching his favourite skill
		-2  Player normally cannot learn that skill
	 Fouling Coach (General)   All but Halflings and Goblins
	 Blocking Coach (Strength) Dwarf, Human, Skaven, Orc, Undead, Chaos,
				       Chaos Dwarf
	 Passing Coach (Passing)   All but Undead, Halfling, Goblin, Chaos,
				       Chaos Dwarf
	 Catching Coach (Agility)  All but Dwarf, Orc, Chaos, Chaos Dwarf,
     Favourite Skills:  Expert           Old-Timer        Ex-Player
	    Fouling     Block            Dirty Player     Tackle
	    Blocking    Mighty Blow      Guard            Break Tackle
	    Passing     Pass             Safe Throw       Accurate
	    Catching    Catch            Sure Feet        Diving Catch