Issue 3

Here we are again! Sorry the issue is a little late, I've got caught up in
Inquisitor deadlines (the other game I manage). Anyway here it is.

I spent Wednesday morning at the printers trying to get (with the help of
the printer at the press) the 'Blood Bowl blue' just right on the next issue
of BBmag. This issue focuses on the Necromantics. Zara the Slayer also makes

her debut this issue. Here's the editorial:

It's issue 9 and I'm in a very reminiscent mood today, so it's time for a
bit of nostalgia! I first joined Fanatic at its inception in 2000 when
Jervis plucked me from the depths of Mail Order. At the time, Blood Bowl was
in a bit of a state. After a re-release in 1998, it had recently come out of
the stores, the legacy of poor support for the hobby.
The first thing we did was make the game available again. This was closely
followed by BBMag1 which contained the now infamous 4th Edition rules. Now
they bring back a lot of mixed feelings here in the Fanatic Office as well
as in the BB Community at large. However, it did two things that have helped
make Blood Bowl what it is today. Firstly, it got everybody talking about
Blood Bowl again - Internet message boards and chat rooms flared up after
months of dormancy. Secondly, it also set the wheels in motion for the BBRC,
in effect we learnt from our mistakes in that springing a whole new rules
set on an unsuspecting Blood Bowl community was a bad thing, so the BBRC
represents the community in the evolution of the game.
So where are we today? Well, Blood Bowl has never been more popular. The
game is growing at a phenomenal rate, boxed sets and Handbooks are flying
off the shelves, there's the living rulebook and an independent society in
the NAF. The Tourney circuit gets bigger every year and soon there will be a
Major in Europe, America and Canada. All in all, Blood Bowl has come a long
way in the past three years. That's not to say everything's perfect - far
from it! But it's never been a better time to be a Blood Bowl Coach.

The Chaos Cup was hosted in Chicago at Games Day last weekend. I've been
reliably informed that everybody had a great time. The special guest was
Jervis Johnson (who's he! Why can't I go to these gigs!?). Jervis handed
over the cup to Xavi Tomás of Spain. This means that Team Spain hold both of
the Majors! Are Spanish players the best in the world? On current evidence,
yes! Expect a full report in BBmag10. You can see pictures of the event at
the GamesDay US website or by clicking the hyperlink here:

(If this hasn't hyper linked simply cut and paste into your browser.)

Another big Tournament held in America recently was at GenCon. Tom Anders
did an excellent job of organising the largest Blood Bowl tournament to date
on American shores. The GenCon Bowl was won by Wolfgang Eigl of Austria
coaching the Undead team the Death Raiders. Wolfgang managed all this with
no Star Players in his team! Expect to see a full report in BBmag and you
can also check out Tom's website www.midgardbb.com

While talking about Tourneys GW Canada will be holding one at this year's
Canadian Games Day Jervis will also be attending (there's that name again,
who is he?) and I'm sure it all be a good laugh. This year's tourney is a
forerunner to the Spike! Being held in Canada next year. For more info
follow this link:

I've recently been contacted by the editor at Legions Realm Monthly: An
Internet gaming magazine. They've become quite taken with Blood Bowl and
have been giving some excellent coverage in their last few issues. The
Magazine is free to download so it's well worth a look. Check out:

What's on My DEsk
This section is called 'What's on my desk' because I simply talk about the
models that currently grace it.

Not too much this time. We've had the Minotaur in for a couple of weeks now
you may have seen on the Picture of the Day at the Specialist Games Website,
if not we'll pop him up again soon.

Have I mentioned the Ogre Cheerleader before? She (it!) has made a few
appearances at Games Days so I'm sure that there will be a few pics of her
at on the web somewhere. For those of you who still haven't clapped eyes on
this beauty she comes complete with a rather fetching thong, Squig pom-poms
and large patches of under-arm hair - Britney, eat your heart out!

Ropecon 2503, 9th-10th of August, Finland,

Britcon, 15th-17th of August, UK, Email: richard.would@legalservices.gov.uk

Morg's Mannheim Massaker, 30th-31st of August, Germany,

The Death Bowl 2003, 18th-19th October, Canada, www.house-rulez.com

Well that's it for this issue. I can be contacted through our websites at
www.specialist-games.com or www.BloodBowl.com. You can also email me at
Fanatic@gamesworkshop.co.uk, see you in a few months.

'Anything but a one'