Issue 2

Well, two months have already crept by and so it's time for issue 2 of
Longbomb. As always the game system has been ticking over nicely, we
have also been talking about the longer-term plan for Blood Bowl and
although it's too soon to announce anything yet I can tell you that it's very
exciting and a great time to be in the Blood Bowl hobby.

Blood Bowl Magazine 8 has been completed and is now at the printers.
Expect to see rules for the new Elf team as well as a full event report of the
Blood Bowl and some great house Rules from Tom Anders using On-Pitch

Here's the Editorial:

Welcome to issue 8. GW HQ is awash with excitement once more as Blood
Bowl fever has hit! The game has always had a very fickle relationship at
Head Office. Coaches here usually go Blood Bowl mad for two to three months;
pitches and coaches fill up Bugman's, before it disappears into the
'underground' once more. The recent tournament and release of the 2003
Annual has been a catalyst for bringing Blood Bowl to the fore again.
This time, I intend to fully capitalise on everybody's enthusiasm by
organising the largest Head Office league to date. Of course, if I manage to get
some content for BBmag as well, where's the harm? (Me, devious - never!).

It's another great issue (well, I'm bound to say that) with the release
of the Elf team. Jervis and Chet Zeshonski have come up with a very
interesting roster; see the article on page four for more details. Talking of Chet
he also makes a second appearance in this issue as the author of the
Amazon Playbook. Chet is an accomplished coach who missed out on winning Blood
Bowl Resurrection by the slimmest of margins, so heed his advice well.

We also have some cool house rules this issue in the shape of on-pitch
spellcasters. These rules have been about on the internet for a while now
and a lot of regular coaches swear by them, so it was time we aired them in
BBmag for the whole of the Blood Bowl playing public to see. As always, if
you have any comments (good or bad) then don't be shy - contact Coach's
Corner and let us know what you think. Until next time!

Zara the Slayer will be making her first appearance in Blood Bowl
Magazine 9, the first draft rules are with the BBRC now, rest assured that she
is suitably Slayer-ish.

As August draws nearer so does the Chaos Cup. The Tournament will be
held at Chicago Games Day on the 1st and 2nd of August. I'm told the trophy of
the Chaos Cup itself is huge!! For more info go to www.BloodBowl.com or
email Tim Huckelbery at hivemind@games-workshop.co.uk

Don't forget about joining the NAF at www.BloodBowl.net the NAF is a
voluntary organisation run by die-hard Blood Bowl coaches just like
you. Becoming a member allows you access to the world player rankings and to
play in NAF tournaments and let's not forget those Blocking Dice!

This section is called 'What's on my desk' because I simply talk about
the models that currently grace it.

Aly Morrison has just delivered Hubris Rakarth and, wow! This is one
tall and mean looking elf. He's currently working on Jordell Freshbreeze who
I'm sure will look equally as stunning.

Aly has also just finished the dioramic base that the 'dogfight' double
star players will stand on. I've placed my Griff and Varag on top of the
monitor and it looks really cool especially with the Blood Bowl logo sculpted
on the side of the base.

We've just got the newly painted Necromantic team in. Stu Witter has
painted them in a lot of drab blacks and browns to give a great horror movie
looking team. The Undead cheerleaders are being released at the same time and
they look suitably gross and comical, especially the large hipped ghoul!

The new Vampires by Steve Buddle have come in, replete in blood vein
armour. The Thralls also have a great 'peasant' look.

The Capital Cup, 12th-13th of July, New Zealand,

GenCon Bowl, 25th-26th of July, USA, www.midgardbb.com

DragonBowl, 29th-30th August, USA, email: fsufan5@cox.net

The Death Bowl 2003, 18th-19th October, www.house-rulez.com

Well that's it for this issue. I can be contacted through our websites
at www.specalist-games.com or www.BloodBowl.com. You can also email me at
Fanatic@gamesworkshop.co.uk see you in a few months.

'Anything but a one'