Issue 1

A couple of months ago we asked gamers who visited the Fanatic website which
 of the game systems we cover needed a newsletter. Blood Bowl won and so here it is!

The advantage of an electronic newsletter over the printed medium is its
instantaneous nature. Writing news for Blood Bowl magazine means, on
average, a six to twelve week delay until it's in the hands of the readers.
With the newsletter I can constantly tweak and add right up until the moment
it's sent, so you are getting the most up-to-date Blood Bowl news. The first
couple of issues of Longbomb will probably follow Jervis' "rambling" nature but
we'll keep tweaking until a format is eveloped. So what's going on in the world
of Blood Bowl?

As you will all know Blood Bowl LXII has now been and gone. It was a great
success with the winning team of the Blood Bowl being the Flatlined Annihilators
coached by Marcos 'Tarra' Tarrasso, one of the large contingent of Spanish coaches
that came over especially for the tournament. The Spanish guys have thrown down
the gauntlet and decreed that it will be an all-Spanish final next year - you have
been warned! There will be a full report of the tournament in Blood Bowl magazine 8
also look out for the new Blood Bowl 'Hall of Fame' section coming to BloodBowl.com
very soon.

The Blood Bowl 2003 Annual has just been released and should be in your local GW
store now (if you live in the UK). Coaches outside will have to wait a few more
weeks. You can also buy it from the UK online store if you haven't got a Games
Workshop near you (www.games-workshop.co.uk/storefront). Due to his phenomenal
popularity Lord Borak features heavily in this years
Annual, along with updated experimental rules for five teams, the complete All
at Sea series of articles and the all-important appendix at the back of the book.
The Appendix ensures that all you need is the most recent Annual and the Handbook
to have the most up-to-date version of Blood Bowl.

Revealed at the Blood Bowl LXII to those at the NAF seminar was our long-term plan
to develop and produce a travel Blood Bowl game. This is still very much in early
development so don't expect to see anything for a few years. However, Jervis did go
and visit our plastic manufacturing site the other day and it was discussed by the
experts there and deemed possible to make... I'll keep you updated of how this project
is progressing in future issues.

After a few happy years the 'Powers That Be' have evicted us from the Fanatic Bunker!
Not to worry as we're not going homeless yet. The Studio have graciously found us
some space, we've already put up some walls to create a new Fanatic Bunker although
it is still up for debate whether this to keep the Fanatic Crew in or the Studio out!

For those of you who still don't know (where have you been?) the NAF - the Blood Bowl
players society have opened their website www.bloodbowl.net. Becoming a member of NAF
gives you numerous benefits including, Black Blocking Dice, full access to the
website, NAF Tourneys and an entry on the World Player Rankings, which is fully
recognised by Fanatic and Games Workshop.

Blood Bowl Magazine 7 is currently at the printers so expect it on the shelves in
two-to three weeks time. This issue covers the new Trophy packs, experimental rules
for Racial Wizards and an excellent playbook article on the Chaos Dwarfs by
Stephen Babbage - member of the BBRC.

With the first Major: the Blood Bowl LXII now over for this year the next one on the
horizon is the Chaos Cup to be held at Games Day Chicago, here's Tim Huckelbery with
more information:

Games Day Chicago will see the 1st Annual Blood Bowl Chaos Cup Championship!

Officially sanctioned by Fanatic, this will be the premier Blood Bowl event in America.
Jervis himself will be on hand to preside over the games (we tried for Lord Borak, but
he was busy with his column), and the winners will be immortalised into the huge new
Chaos Cup Trophy itself. They will also be written into Blood Bowl history too as the
winners of the 2503 Chaos Cup in Spike! Magazine.

This will be August 1 & 2 at Games Day Chicago (the Friday before Games Day will be at
the Chicago Battle Bunker and then at Games Day itself on Saturday). The rules will be
very closely modelled after the UK Blood Bowl Tournament rules? The entry fee will be
$40 (in addition to the Games Day ticket option of your choice). You will get: Entry
into the Chaos Cup Tournament, Special Blood Bowl - Chaos Cup Commemorative Coin,
Dinner on Friday Night and two full days of Blood Bowl fun!

Space will be limited! Be sure to check the US website for news on Games Day Chicago
tickets going on sale. Any questions, please email Tim Huckelbery (USA Blood Bowl Brand
Manager) at hivemind@games-workshop.com

Next year expect to see the two remaining Majors enter the ever-growing BB Tourney
circuit they are the Spike! Open in Canada and the Dungeonbowl bound for Germany.

This section is called 'What's on my desk' because I simply talk about the models that
currently grace it.

Griff Oberwald & Varag Ghoul-Chewer: First seen by those lucky few who attended the NAF
seminar at the Blood Bowl. The new Griff and Varag figures look great. They've been
sculpted by veteran Blood Bowl sculptor Aly Morrison. The characters themselves have
aged and so Griff has now developed a small paunch and Varag has all manner of scaring
from decades of playing Blood Bowl. Each figure is multi-part so they can be placed
in a much more dynamic pose than the usual stock positioning they also come with an
alternative head so you can play them as 'grizzled veterans' rather than Griff or Varag.
Aly has also done a dioramic base so you place the two models in a dramatic scene. This
is how I'm going to display mine!

We were so impressed with Aly's work we've asked him to do a whole series which Jervis
has termed the 'dogfight doubles' (something to do with his old childhood modelling days).
The next pair on the list are Jordell Freshbreeze and his nemesis Hubris Rakarth, expect
to see old and new Star players get the 'dogfight double' treatment in the future.

Ramtut III: Phil Bowen, sculptor of the Khemri team has done a great job on bringing
Ramtut the third into the Blood Bowl world. There is a definite 'Star Gate' feel about
the model, which will make it look very intermediating for opponents whilst on the field.
The stats can be found in the Blood Bowl 2003 Annual.

Elves: I start work on Blood Bowl magazine 8 next week which will feature the new Elf team.
The new models hark back to the 'cyber-fantasy' of second edition. They are sculpted by
the talented hands of Dave Thomas. The 'cyber-fantasy' look is what we want all future
Blood Bowl release to have as we move away from the Warhammer Army feel of recent years.
Even as I type this Jervis and the BBRC are putting the finishing touches to the team
list that will be published in BBmag 8.

Sydcon 2003, 18th-21st of April 2003, Australia, www.sydcon.net (then click on board games).

Rendez-vouz Blood Bowl, 10th- 11th of May 2003, France, www.rendezvousbloodbowl.free.fr

WPS Blood Bowl GT 2003, 7th May 2003, UK, www.players-society.com

GenCon Bowl, 25th-26th of July 2003, USA, www.midgardbb.com

Well that's it for this issue, I can be contacted through our websites at
www.specalist-games.com or www.BloodBowl.com. You can also email me at
Fanatic@gamesworkshop.co.uk see you in a few months.

'Anything but a one'