Subject:  [BBOWL-L]   P: New Big Guy rules part 2 (long)

Hello All,

On to the second part of the Big Guy rules. First of all though, I'll sort
out a couple of rule questions you guys have been discussing:

Thrown Models and Turnovers: A turnover _only_ happens if the thrown player
was holding the ball _and_ falls over.

Declaring Blitzes: Although not in the rules (though it should be, 'cause
we play it this way), you must declare what action you are taking with a
player before you take it.

Big Guys part 1: In answer to John Phelps question, these rules are written
for the 'vanilla' rules - i.e. Blood Bowl and Death Zone only, so don't
increase costs of Star Players etc. If you want to add stuff from
elsewhere, prepare to improvise!

Big Guys part 1 RULE CHANGE: After some thought in the bath last night,
I've decided that dividing the number of allied players allowed per
position by 2 is a bit lenient, and that it really should be divided by 4
(rounding up) instead. So the example I gave would now read as: For
example, an Orc team can normally have up to 4 Black Orcs. This means that
a team selecting Black Orc allies could have a quarter this total (1 Black
Orc) in the team.

And now, on to the new rules. As with part 1, these ideas are untested so far...


The following team list is really an amalgam, with each line representing
what would normally be  team. However, in most leagues a coach simply isn't
going to be able to field a team of Big Guys, because they are not going to
be able to afford to buy 11 players and stick within budget! Therefore the
Big Guys in the following list will nearly always be taken as allies for
other teams, rather than fielded as a team in their own right.

League Commissioners who desire it should feel free to allow coaches to
field Big Guy teams, but they'll need to bump up the starting budget of the
team to allow this to happen. Single race Big Guy teams must be chosen from
a single line on the list below (i.e. all Ogres, or all Vampires, etc.) and
can't take any allied players themselves apart from Star Players of the
same race (so you could include Count Luthor Von Drakenborg on a team of
Vampires, for example). BTW, note that all Big Guys are limited to a
maximum qty of 12., which means that you can't have more than a 12 man Big
Guy squad.

Qty     Title           Cost    MV      ST      AG      AV

0-12    Minotaur        110K    5       5       2       8
Skills: Horns, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Wild Animal*, Always Hungry*

0-12    Ogre            120K    5       5       2       9
Skills:  Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone-Head*

0-12    Treeman         110K    2       6       1       10
Skills: Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Take Root*

0-12    Troll           100K    4       5       1       9
Skills: Regenerate, Mighty Blow, Really Stupid*, Always Hungry*

0-12    Vampire         110K    5       4       4       8
Skills: Hypnotic Gaze, Regenerate, Off For a Bite*

In addition, add the Bull Centaur shown below to the Chaos Dwarf team list,
and the Rat Ogre shown below to the Skaven team list:

Qty     Title           Cost    MV      ST      AG      AV
0-4     Bull Centaur 130K       6       4       2       9
Skills: Sprint, Sure Feet, Thick Skull

0-4     Rat Ogre        130K    6       5       3       8
Skils:  Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Wild Animal*


Skills marked on the list above with an '*' are new and detailed below.

Always Hungry: The player is always ravenously hungry - and what's more
he'll eat absolutely anything! Should a player with this skill ever use the
Throw Team-Mate skill, roll a D6 after he picks the player to be thrown up,
but before he throws them. On a roll of 1 he attempts to eat the
unfortunate player! Roll the D6 again, a second 1 means that he
successfully scoffs the other player down, with obviously fatal results for
the latter. On a roll of 2-6 the other player squirms free and should be
placed prone in a randomly selected adjacent square (if the square is
occupied then the original occupant is pushed back and knocked over).

Bone-Head: Roll a D6 before taking an action for a player with this skill.
On a roll of 1 they standing around trying to remember what it is they're
meant to be doing. This means that they can't do anything for the turn, and
they lose their tackle zone until they managed to roll something other than
a '1' at the start of a turn.

Off For A Bite: Roll a D6 for *each* player with this skill each time you
wants to set them up on the pitch. On a roll of 4-6 they can be set up
normally, but on a roll of 1-3 they've popped into the crowd to bite the
lily-white neck of an attractive maiden (and who can blame them!), and
can't be used this drive.

Really Stupid: This is treated in exactly the same way as the Bone-Head
skill, except that the player can't do anything on a roll of 1-3 instead of
only a '1' _unless_ there is a friendly player in an adjacent square who is
not either a Bone-Head or Really Stupid too (i.e. if there's a sneaky
Goblin next to the Troll, treat the Troll as a Bone-Headed rather than
really stupid!)

Take Root: Roll a D6 for the player before the match starts. On a roll of
1-3 the player is slumbering in a wood somewhere and misses the match all

Wild Animal: A player with this skill tends to get a bit, erm, carried away
during a match, and rather lets his natural enthusiasm overcome him. Roll a
D6 before taking an action with the player. On a roll of '1' he goes
berserk. Berserk players immediately drop the ball if they have it, which
causes a turnover at the *end* of their action. The berserk player will
then attempt to block the _nearest_ player - friend or foe - attacking them
as if he were making a frenzied blitz move (i.e. he keeps blocking until
the victim goes down or he runs out of movement). The berserk player will
always go for an opposing player if there's a choice, but otherwise decide
randomly who he goes for. Note that the berserk move doesn't actually count
as the team's blitz, and can be made even if another player from the team
has already blitzed. Berserk players _do_ have to go for it in order to try
and knock their victim over!


Most Big Guys are very slow learners and so must earn _double_ the SPP's to
gain a Star Player Roll. For example, a rookie Big Guy needs to earn 11
SPP's to become 'experienced' and gains his first roll.

All Big Guys, with the exception of Vampires, are limited to taking
Strength and General skills only. Vampires can take Agility and general
skills only.

In addition, Big Guys are _not_ allowed to use doubles on star player rolls
to pick skills from categories not normally allowed to them. Instead a Big
Guy can use a double on a star player roll to do _one_ of the following:

1. Add +1 to his strength

2. Add +1 to his armour value

3. _Remove_ any one skill he doesn't want any more!

Note that strength and armour values still can't be improved by more than 2
points over their starting value, or to greater than 10 no matter what.

And that, for the time being, is that. It's over to you guys now: there are
bound to be things I've missed and forgotten. Go for it...


*Disclaimer* This stuff is just our own opinions - it ain't official until
it's in print!

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