Subj: [BBOWL-L]   Big Guys and Points Values

Hello to all,

Just a quick message to say that I haven't forgotten my promise to try and
come up with some new rules for Big Guys - I just haven't had a chance to
get round to it yet (may be this weekend?!?). However I wanted to say how
interesting and useful I've found the material which has been posted to the
list about this subject. In particular the suggestions for some new
'negative skills' were very handy, as were the stat's for 'starting Big
Guys' by John Parsons.

Moving on, a few of you have expressed an interest in my revealing how the
cost for players was caculated. Here's how you do it.


All models start with 5 points, to which is added the following:


MA2 = -3; MA3 = -4; MA4 = -2; MA5 = -1; MA6 = 0; MA7 = +2; MA8 = +3


+/- ((ST-3) * 3)

_plus_ a further 3 points if the ST>3

_plus_ yet another 3 points if ST>6


+/- ((AG-3) * 2)


AV6 = -3; AV7 = -2; AV8 = 0; AV9 = 1; AV10 = 3


+2 per skill/mutation/etc


Right, having got the points value you can convert it into a cost for the

If the points value is 10 or less, then the players value is:

GPS = pts * 10,000

If the points value of the player is 11 or more, then the players value is :

GPS = 100,000 + ((points-10) * 5,000)


Once you've got a starting value, playtest it to make sure it's right. THIS
IS VERY IMPORTANT! I never, _ever_, assume that the points value generated
by one of my formulas will be anything other than a starting place. There
are just too many variables involved in a game for any simple mechanical
system like this to generate a 'true' value for a player - the good old
'Mk1 human brain' and a whole bunch of play-testing is what's needed to
come even close to such a thing!

In particular, note that some skills are a lot more useful than others. For
example, I generally count Block as 1.5 or 2 skills in the above
calculations, and there are other skills which are equally as valuable, and
some which need to be down-graded.

Finally, please not that the values generated by the mail-order trolls for
their rookie Big Guys and new Star Players where based on pure guess-work
and _didn't_ use my formulas. If anybody can be bothered it might be
interesting to work them out properly and send an updated set of values to
the list : )

That's all for now. Have fun with those calculators...


*Disclaimer* This stuff is just our own opinions - it ain't official until
it's in print!

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