Subj: [BBOWL-L]   Has Blood Bowl Been Dropped?

Just a quick message to let people on the list know that, contrary to
popular opinion, Blood Bowl has not been 'ditched' by Games Workshop. It's
not going to be available in our stores, it's true, but the game and
miniatures will remain available through from our mail order department,
and we'll carry on printing support articles in the Citadel Journal. This
has come about because, for a year or two at least, we're simply not going
to have the human resource available to design anything new for the game in
terms of rules or miniatures, and because of this we've decided to put the
game on a back-burner until we can deal with it properly.

It should be obvious from my first post that I'm looking forward to having
a chance to work on the 4th edition rules. However I would like to say that
I'm going to make sure that any changes I might make will be made available
to people who own 3rd edition as a free 'Update Sheet'. This will be
possible because 4th edition won't be like the 2nd and 3rd which were
almost complete revisions of the game, it'll simply be a chance for me to
sort out what I see as a couple of problem areas, as well as a golden
opportunity to 'back-fill' the Blood Bowl miniatures range and fill in the
gaps that are there.

Hope that sets the record straight.


*Disclaimer* This stuff is just our own opinions - it ain't official until
it's in print!

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