Subj: [BBOWL-L]   P: Big Guy Rules Update (long)

Below are ammendments I've made to the Big Guy rules for the Studio League.
Many owe a debt to stuff I've seen discussed on this list. So thanks for
the help, and hope you like the changes!

Change the team limits for Rat Oges and Bull Centaurs to 2 each, as shown below

Qty     Title             Cost    MV      ST      AG      AV
0-2     Bull Centaur 130K       6       4       2       9
Skills: Big Guy, Sprint, Sure Feet, Thick Skull

0-2     Rat Ogre        130K    6       5       3       8
Skils:  Big Guy, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Wild Animal*

In addtion, Skaven and Chaos Dwarf teams are not allowed to take allied Big
Guys, so you can't include allied Ogres in a Skaven team, for example.
Finally, the maximum number of allied Big Guys allowed for any team is 2 in
total. This means that the only type of team allowed to include more than 2
Big Guys in its line-up is a team of Big Guys (i.e an Oge team, or a
Treeman team etc).


The following versions of the Wild Animal and Really Stupid 'skills'
replace all of the earlier ones.

Bone-Head: Roll a D6 before taking an action for a player with this skill.
On a roll of 1 they standing around trying to remember what it is they're
meant to be doing. This means that they can't do anything for the turn, and
they lose their tackle zone until they managed to roll something other than
a '1' at the start of a turn. In addition, bone-headed players must take
their actions last of all during a turn UNLESS there is a player from the
team that is not a bone-head or really stupid in an adjacent square. This
simply reflects the slow-witted and sluggish nature of these creatures
unless there is someone around to tell them to get a move-on (and now you
know why the Ogre on the covr has a Goblin undr his arm!).

Really Stupid: This is treated in exactly the same way as the Bone-Head
skill, except that the player can't do anything on a roll of 1-3 instead of
only a '1' _unless_ there is a friendly player in an adjacent square who is
not either a Bone-Head or Really Stupid too (i.e. if there's a sneaky
Goblin next to the Troll, treat the Troll as a Bone-Headed rather than
really stupid!). In addition, really stupid players must take their actions
last of all during a turn; in other words, once you've taken an action with
a really stupid player, the only other type of player you may take an
action with is another really stupid player. This applies even if there is
an intelligent player standing next to the really stupid one. This simply
reflects the _really_ slow-witted and sluggish nature of these creatures.

Wild Animal: A player with this skill tends to get a bit, erm, carried away
during a match, and rather lets his natural enthusiasm overcome him. Wild
animals must take their actions first of all during a turn; if you take an
action with  wild animal after having moved a player tht is not a Wild
Animal, then your opponent call call you for illegal procedure exactly as
if you had forgotten to move the turn marker. In addition you must roll a
D6 before taking an action with a Wild Animal. On a roll of '1' he goes
berserk. Berserk players immediately drop the ball if they have it, which
causes a turnover at the *end* of their action. The berserk player will
then attempt to block the _nearest_ player - friend or foe - attacking them
as if he were making a frenzied blitz move (i.e. he keeps blocking until
the victim goes down or he runs out of movement). The berserk player will
always go for an opposing player if there's a choice, but otherwise decide
randomly who he goes for. The berserk move DOES  count as the team's blitz
action, with the eception tht it can be made even if another Wild Animal
from the team has already gone beserk and blitzed. Berserk wild animals
_do_ have to go for it in order to try and knock their victim over!


Team            May Ally With
Chaos           Chaos Dwarf, Dark Elf, Goblin, Orc, Skaven, Minotaur, Ogre,
Chaos Dwarf     Chaos, Goblin, Orc, Minotaur
Dark Elf        Chaos, Minotaur, Vampire
Dwarf           Human, Ogre
Goblin          Chaos, Skaven, Ogre, Orc
Halfling        Human, Ogre, Treemen, Wood Elf
High Elf        Human, Wood Elf
Human           Dwarf, Halfling, High Elf, Wood Elf, Ogre
Orc             Chaos, Chaos Dwarf, Goblin, Ogre
Skaven          Chaos, Goblin, Minotaur
Undead          Chaos, Dark Elf, Minotaur, Vampire
Vampire         Chaos, Human
Wood Elf        Halfling, High Elf, Human, Treeman

Notes On The Allied Teams Table

Bull Centaurs, Rat Ogres & Trolls: Note that these aren't on the list of
allies above. This is because they are going to be incorporated directly
into the Chaos Dwarf, Skaven and Goblin teams lists!

Chaos: The fan factor of a Chaos team is _not_ reduced for hiring allied
players. However the special rules about team re-rolls (see below) _do_

Undead: Undead players cannot be hired by other teams, as they need the
team Necromancer to erm, remain active.

Finally, please note that it is *intentional* that some races can be taken
as allies by a race they can't ally with themselves. For example, Chaos
Dwarf teams can include Goblin allies, but Goblin teams can't include Chaos
Dwarfs (after all, can you imagine a proud Chaos Dwarf playing for a team
of Goblins!)

That's all for now.


*Disclaimer* This stuff is just our own opinions - it ain't official until
it's in print!

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