Subj: [BBOWL-L]   P: Studio League & Dirty Players

Hello All,

Following a long, heads down, no-nonsense, let's get this damned Chaos
Codex finished session, I can finally return to other things, not the least
of which is Blood Bowl (hurrah!). Unfortunately my enforced sabbatical has
meant that I've missed a few digests, so the comments and stuff below
relate to only the last few days worth of stuff.


The good news from the Studio league is that on the whole the new Big Guy
rules have been working out pretty well, as has Sigurd's Injury Table.
However, one thing which has become clear fairly quickly is that something
needs to be done about fouling and dirty players.

This has mainly come about thanks to the efforts of one of the newer
members of our Studio staff, who has learnt his Blood Bowl skills out
there, in the real world as it were, rather than being a member of the
Studio League from the start. What this has shown is that there was
obviously a certain form of 'peer group pressure' which stopped coaches
maxing out on certain aspects of the rules in the previous Studio leagues,
simply because they knew 'it wasn't the done thing'.

Unfortunately our new coach, not being used to the rather more gentlemanly
spirit in which we obviously play our games, has shown a distresing
tendancy to stick the boot in - i.e. foul! - any chance he gets. *And* he
grabbed the Dirty Player skill as quickly as he could lay his blood-stained
little fingers on it! I ask you, what *is* the sport of Blood Bowl coming

Of course, none of this will be news to you guys, judging by the comments
I've seen on the list about dirty players etc, but it proved rather a rude
awakning for coaches here at the Studio,not least myself. But now the
blinkers are off, and foulers everywhere, especially those Dirty Players,
had just better watch out, oh yes! Or at least they better had in the
Studio league, where the following new rule will be taking effect just as
soon as I get it pinned to the notice board! And before I get flamed to
death by irate coaches with dozens of dirty players in their teams, I
_know_ this new rule is a harsh, knee-jerk reaction, but that's the way I
like 'em! Ha ha ha ha < sound of evil laughter dwindling away into the
distance >


Add this rule to the end of the rules on fouling. In order for it to work
you will need a new counter; anything will do, bottle caps, small coins, a
bunch of keys, etc., but the best possible "I've Got My Eye On You" marker
is a painted referee model. Whatever, once you've got a counter, put it
beside the pitch when you set up. Only one is ever need per match. Here's
how you use it:

The first time a coach commits a foul, he must hand the "I've Got My Eye On
You" counter to the opposing coach, who should place it on their re-roll
track. As long as the opposing coach has the counter, any of your players
that will be sent off if they make a foul and they _don't_ roll a double on
the dice, instead of only if they _do_ roll a double!

The opposing coach is allowed to keep hold of the counter until his own
team commits a foul, at which point he must hand it over to his opponent,
who can then place it on his re-roll track. In addition the counter must be
returned to the side of the board (i.e. so that neither coach has it) when
a half ends or an illegal procedure call is made against the coach with the
counter. In the case of the Illegal Procedure call the counter is lost in
addition to any other effect the call has.

And while on the subject of...


The way the rule is meant to work is that if a coach starts _any_ 'game
mechanic' _before moving the down marker, then he can be called for illegal
procedure. Basically the only thing you are allowed to do without being
called is think about things, as soon as you pick up a model, or roll a
dice, or do something rules orientated, you can be called.


*Disclaimer* This stuff is just our own opinions - it ain't official until
it's in print!

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