GenCon Bowl

Rules for GenCon Bowl 2007 - August 17 and 18, 2007, Indianapolis

The GenCon Bowl is a two day Blood Bowl tournament held at the GenCon gaming convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The first GenCon Bowl in Indianapolis was held in 2003 and was (and still is) the largest Blood Bowl tournament ever held in North America.

All players are welcome to play in the tournament each year. The more the merrier.

Details of past events can be found by year below:

GenCon Bowl 2006 - August 11 and 12

GenCon Bowl 2005 - August 19 and 20

GenCon Bowl 2004 - August 20 and 21

GenCon Bowl 2003 - July 25 and 26

GenCon Permanent Trophy (images to come)

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