GenCon Bowl 2005

The GenCon Bowl 2005 was the 3rd GenCon run by Tom Anders aka GalakStarscraper. It was special in that Jervis Johnson who created the game of Blood Bowl in 1987 attended the tournament this year and Matt Forbeck who work the 1st Black Library BB Novel stopped by to watch the 5th game.

The GenCon Bowl was the largest tournament ever held in North America for 2005. 53 coaches competed in 5 games swiss style during August of 2005.

Here are the details of this great event:

Final Results from the tournament by game points (2nd level sort: total points)

Results of tournament summarized by Race played
Results of each match played at tournament by round

Rules and Schedule for the 2005 Event
Pictures of the Event (not yet available)
T-Shirt Design for GenCon Bowl 2005
Scorecard used for GenCon Bowl 2005

GenCon 2005 Winners

Picture to be posted later
Dennis Anders - Pennsylvania - 1st Place - Lizardmen
William Hairstone - Arkansas - 2nd Place - Skaven
Wolfgang Eigl - Austria - Most Valuable Coach & Farthest Traveled - Amazon
Jay Deckman - Pennsylvania - Most Touchdowns (12) - Skaven
Val Cassotta - Pennsylvania - Most Casualties (17) - Khemri
Matthew Spanke - Nebraska - Least Touchdowns Allowed (3) - Orc
Marcus Ervin - California - Best Sportsman (49 out of 56 points) - Ogre
Bryan Mitchell - Indiana - Best Painted Team - Wood Elf

GenCon 2005 Trophies (images to come)

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