GenCon Bowl 2003

The GenCon Bowl 2003 was the first GenCon tournament advertised on a world-wide scale.

The GenCon Bowl 2003 was the largest tournament ever held in North America. 60 coaches competed in late July of 2003.

Here are the details of this great event that hopefully someday another tournament in North America can top.

Final Results from the tournament by tournament ranking

Results of tournament summarized by Race played
Results of each match played at tournament by round

Rules and Schedule for the 2003 Event
Pictures of the Event
T-Shirt Design for GenCon Bowl 2003
Trivia Quiz for tournament - Chet Zeshonski won with the most correct
Scorecard used for GenCon Bowl 2003

GenCon 2003 Winners

Left to Right:
Ben Rheaume - Quebec, Canada - 3rd Place & Most Touchdowns - Skaven
Matt Thomson - Texas - 2nd Place - Skaven
Wolfgang Eigl - Austria - 1st Place - 1st Place & Farthest Traveled - Undead
Wolf Kluger - Austria - Best Sportsman & Farthesst Traveled - Human with Zug

GenCon 2003 Trophies

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