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Converted rules for 3rd edition Blood Bowl for this unique star player from the 1st edition Blood Bowl. Original idea for Galak is credited to Mark Labbett. Note: the following is copyrighted material by Games Workshop Ltd. 1987 and comes from page 23 of the 1st edition Blood Bowl Death Zone rule book.

Galak Starscraper's Background
Galak is Gurk Cloudscraper's BIG brother, an unusually intelligent giant (which isn't saying much, since he's still pretty dumb) who has loved Blood Bowl since he was knee-high to an Ogre. Sadly, as he grew up he found opponents became less and less keen to play against him, until he eventually had to retire. However, his love of the game just would not go away, and one day he came up with an inspired idea. Striding out into the desert, he trapped a herd of zebra in a canyon. After 3 days of skinning, sewing, and cursing, he returned to civilization in his new stripy suit as the world's first giant Nuffle Amorical Football (NAF) referee.

Galak's inability to control his temper when several players gang up on one player has led to numerous calls that he be barred from refereeing. Unfortunately, Galak finds it equally difficult to control his temper when so accused, leading to several very flat and very dead investigating committees.

The following is a Did you know... from Page 36 of the 3rd edition Blood Bowl rule book:
Did you know... That Storm Giant Galak Starscraper was a key part in the experimental 'eye in the sky' telepathic vision system when he carried a sorcerer on his shoulder who transmitted what he saw to crystal balls and magic mirrors all over the Old World. The experiment ended in disaster when the sorcerer fell off Galak's shoulder during a particularly exciting match and was impaled on the helmet spikes of a passing player.

Who will Galak Starscraper referee for???
Galak loves the game of Blood Bowl so there are three ways to get Galak to be the guest referee your game.
1) If you are running a league and want to add Galak to it, require both coaches to roll one D6 before any game starts. If the results are two 1s or two 6s, Galak has shown up and "persuaded" the normal referee to let him stand in.
2) If BOTH coaches request Galak to guest referee.
3) If one of the coaches pays Galak 100,000 GPs to referee the match.

Special Note: if used for league play, Galak may only referee one match at a time (even if one of the three above conditions is true for two different matches.) To control this for our league, I have one minature which represents Galak and if he is currently being used for a game then Galak is not currently available to referee.

Star Player Referee:

NamePositionCostMASTAG AVSkills
Galak Starscraper Freelance Star Referee Special (see above) Special* 9 3 14 Block, Tackle, Tremendous Blow, Out of My Way!

Special playing rules for Galak Starscraper:
While he may not be the most competent referee in the Known World, few can doubt that he is the most feared and respected. Well, most feared anyway. Now, if there is one thing Galak can't stand, it's the sight of several players ganging up on one player, especially if the victim is prone.

If at any point during the game, 3 or more players try to foul a player or a block is made with 3 or more offensive assists, the defending coach rolls 2D6. On a 7 or more, Galak gets so mad that he storms out on to the pitch to 'sort things out'. (Note: this action occurs immediately after the fouling or blocking action has been fully resolved (armor and injury rolls finished.)).

To represent Galak storming on to the pitch, Galak's minature is set up in a side-line square as close as possible to one of the players who took part in the 'incident'. Each coach should then take turns moving Galak one square within the following restrictions:
1) Galak must move one square.
2) The square moved to must be closer to one of the offending players.
3) If Galak can move into a square occupied by one of the offending players, he must do so.
4) Galak must never enter the same square twice. (Use beads or coins to mark his path of destruction.)

While moving, Galak cannot be the target of Special Play cards, Wizard spells, or Diving Tackle (or any other ability that could make Galak stop.) Galak does NOT need to dodge to leave a player's tackle zone. If Galak is moved into a square with a player in it, he will throw a block at them (even if the player is prone). (Note: Galak does not need to roll to overcome a player's Foul Appearance skill (even if he has the special Foul Appearance skill of a Nurgle's Rotters player.)) If Galak falls down as a result of the block, he is knocked back to his senses and returns to the sidelines to continue his normal referee duties. Otherwise, because of Galak's Out of My Way! skill, he will follow-up his block by moving into the player's previously occupied square. If a player is prone, he is pushed back (kicked) one square and Galak makes an armour and injury against the player as normal. When throwing a block, Galak does not receive any offensive assists, but the defending player may receive defensive assists as normal (player in an opposing players tackle zone may not lead defensive assists).

Galak is only removed from the pitch if he falls down (see above) or has thrown at least one block at each of the offending players. Galak's block rolls cannot be rerolled. Injuries caused by Galak do not earn star player points for anyone. Any knockdowns, injuries, or dropped balls that occur during Galak's rampage do not count as turnovers for the active team. Play continues as normal when Galak is finished with the offenders.

New skills:
Tremendous Blow: Add +2 to any Armour and Injury rolls made by a player with this skill.

Out of My Way!: This skill allows a player to kick (push back) a prone player in an adjacent square. After the player is pushed back, make armour and injury rolls as if the player had just been knocked down. However the player's condition may not improve (ie. Stunned players will not become Knocked Down.) The player with Out Of My Way! must follow-up. In addition, a defending player may not use their Block or Stand Firm skills when a player with the Out of My Way! skill throws a block at them.

Suggested minatures:
The problem with finding a good Giant figure to use to represent Galak is that most of them are basically shirtless. Black and white strips don't look too realistic on skin. Ral Partha Enterprises made a Storm Giant that was fully clothed. Remove his sword (or not as you see fit) and paint his shirt with black and white strips and Galak is ready to take the field.

Here is my representation of Galak Starscraper

PositionCompanyMinature NamePart NumberPrice# in Blister/Box
Galak StarscraperRal Partha EnterprisesStorm Giant11-431$10.251

Contact Information for the above companies:
Ral Partha Enterprises
Phone (800)-543-0272

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