Judge Dredd and Fatties in Blood Bowl

Citadel used to have a license to make figures for the comic book character Judge Dredd (oh yeah, and Stallone did that movie about him too). In White Dwarf 88, the rules for having an entire Blood Bowl team of Judges and Fatties was published for use with the 1st edition of Blood Bowl. I've converted the rules from 1st edition to 3rd edition and although I think a whole team of Judges and Fatties would make a weak team ... I think they make great additions as Freelance star players.

Judge Dredd's Background
Judge Dredd's world is the far future. He is a Judge - a combination police officer, jury, and executioner. Judges enforce the law through whatever means necessary (but a great deal of force is usually envolved.) The Fatties are a type of altered human capable of eating virtually anything. Their massive bulk requires help just to keep moving.

Who will Judge Dredd and fatty Bouncin' Billy Munce play for???
Judge Dredd will play for any team that wishes his assistance in upholding the law. Bouncin' Billy Munce will play for any team willing to pay for all the food needed to sustain him. Thus Judge Dredd and Bouncin' Billy Munce will play for ANY team in Blood Bowl.

Star Players:

NamePositionCostMASTAG AVSkills
Judge Dredd Freelance Star Player 180,000 6 3 4 9 Thick Skull, Block, Catch, Tackle, Pass, Honorable, Stop in the Name of the Law!, You Have Been Judged!
Bouncin' Billy Munce Freelance Star Player 120,000 4 4 1 9 Thick Skull, Block, Tackle, Stand Firm, REALLY Piling On, Limited Movement

Special playing rules for Judge Dredd:
Judge Dredd's whole life revolves upon upholding the law. So if any player on either team every fouls another player (regardless of the results of the armour roll), Judge Dredd will attempt to chase them down. While Judge Dredd in in pursuit of the perp (fouling player), Judge Dredd must finish each turn at least one square closer to the player who committed the foul until he can use his You Have Been Judged! skill on that player (even if it is his own teammate!). Judge Dredd may then be used as a normal player. Judge Dredd will not continue to pursue a player who committed a foul but was not Judged if a drive ends for any reason (touchdown, end of half, special play card, etc.) If Dredd is in pursuit of a fouler and does not finish a move at least one square closer (other than going from stunned to prone), if walks off the pitch and will not play the rest of the game ... he's off to fight crime somewhere with reliable back-up.

New skills:
Honorable: A player with this skill may not foul or assist in fouling another player.

Stop in the Name of the Law!: This skill is usable only during your opponent's turn. If an opposing player moves within three squares of Judge Dredd, he may challenge them to stop. Roll on the Judgment table below. If you roll equal to or higher than the required number on the Judgment table, the opposing player may not continue to move and may not make any further actions this turn. This does not result in a turnover. If Judge Dredd fails the Judgment Roll, the opposing player may continue to move as normal. The skill may only be used once per an opposing player's turn. Judgment rolls may not be rerolled.

You Have Been Judged!: If Judge Dredd's authority is enough to stop a player from three squares away, its effect is devasting to the psyche when he's in your face. During your turn, Judge Dredd may use this skill instead of a Block against a player adjacent to him (ie. it cannot be used as part of a Blitz move). Roll on the Judgement table below. If you roll equal or higher than the required number on the Judgment table, then roll another D6 for the Judgment effect.
On a 1, this skill has no effect.
On a 2-4, the opponent is very afraid (treat as Stunned but do not make armour and injury rolls)
On a 5, the opponent falls unconscious from fear (treat as Knocked Out)
On a 6, the opponent is so terrified of Dredd that he runs off the field in terror (treat as Badly Hurt)
Neither the Judgment or Judgment effect rolls can be re-rolled. Apothecaries CANNOT be used to heal the effects of You Have Been Judged!. This skill may only be used once per a turn.
Each time this skill is used, Judge Dredd's coach rolls a D6. On a 1, Judge Dredd feels that he has taken care of the lawlessness on the field for now and will go into the stand to look for more rule violators. Place Judge Dredd in the reserves box. He will be available for the next drive. This does not result in a turnover unless Judge Dredd was holding the football (in which case it will scatter 3 squares from where Dredd was standing when he decided to stop playing.)

Judgment Table

Team TypePositionsD6 Judgment Roll needed to Intimidate or Create Overwhelming Feeling of Guilt
Chaos Dwarf, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Forest Folk, High Elf, Treefolk, Undead, Vampire, Wood ElfAll Positions3 or more
All Other TeamsAll Other Positions2 or more
All TeamsAll purchased/freebooted Star Players or Roster Players with 31 Star Player Points+1 to the Dice Roll Needed

REALLY Piling On: A player with this skill has the Piling On skill as normal. But if the armor roll is made successfully after using the Piling On skill, the Injury roll is made with a +2 modifier (as if the Fatty had Razor Sharp Fangs)

Limited Movement: A player with this skill actually has a facing (ie. it is important which way the player is facing.) A player with this skill must always be facing a certain direction when they are standing. The player is assumed to be facing the square directly in from of them (if it is not obvious which way the player is facing the opposing coach may decide.) The player may NEVER face diagonally. If the player moves forward, or on to one of the two diagonals ahead of them they may use their full movement and their facing remains the same (in other words, the player ends up in the square facing the same direction as it was originally.) A player with this skill may only change their facing so that they are facing a new direction as long as they do not move or have not moved during this turn (as it takes all of their movement to turn around.) A player with this skill can only Block and is considered to only have a Tackle Zone for the three squares directly and diagonally in front of them. When a player with this skill that is prone stands up, he may be faced in any direction the coach wishes.

Suggested miniatures:
If you are REALLY lucky, you'll be able to find an old Citadel Judge Dredd on foot miniature (Part Number JD7 (see White Dwarf 82)) as so nicely posted by Stuff of Legends. Otherwise, get the Adeptus Arbite Champion and carefully remove his gun. Now, Billy is a bit of problem. Citadel minatures made figures for the Fatties (Thanks again to Voodoo Studios) but these guys are just as impossible to find as the original Dredd figure. To make matter worse, there is not a good replacement figure for this unique player. So the following conversion is suggested. Use the belly, back, and shoulders from an old edition Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Great Unclean One (the UK still can produce these). Cut off the head and arms of a Blood Bowl Mighty Zug. Use putty/green stuff to fill in all the holes in the Unclean One's skin. Attach Zugs arms and head to the Unclean One's body and fill with putty. Insert the rest of the Mighty Zug figure into the bottom on the Unclean One's body (it will perfectly fit with the legs sticking out at just the right length.) Fill the excess space in the bottom on the fig with putty. Cut off the wheel from a Blood Bowl Dwarf Deathroller Seat and place it under his extended belly (for best results, place the wheel just in front of the slotta base (not on it). This should give you the proper height for the wheel in comparison to the belly.) (The Fatties from Judge Dredd needed a wheel under their stomaches just to keep it from dragging on the ground.) The finished product should do very well as Bouncin' Billy Munce.

Special Note: if anyone has a JD7 fig for Dredd or one of the original Fatties that he would like to part with, I would be interested in buying them. Please feel free to contact me directly at my e-mail address on the main page.

Here is my representation of Judge Dredd and Bouncin' Billy Munce
Sorry for the blurring, I'll clean it up when they're painted.

PositionCompanyMiniature NamePart NumberPrice# in Blister/Box
Judge DreddGames Workshop - US40k Imperium Adeptus Arbite Champion72401-3$3.351
Bouncin' Billy Munce's BellyGames Workshop - UKGreat Unclean One Belly073214/46B$5.001
Bouncin' Billy Munce's BackGames Workshop - UKGreat Unclean One Back073214/32$4.001
Bouncin' Billy Munce's ShouldersGames Workshop - UKGreat Unclean One Shoulders073214/40$4.001
Bouncin' Billy Munce's Head, Arms, and LegsGames Workshop - USThe Mighty Zug099901301$5.991
Bouncin' Billy Munce's Belly WheelGames Workshop - USDwarf Deathroller Motor/Seat099901904$3.001

Contact Information for the above companies:
Games Workshop - UK
Phone: 011-441-1591-40000

Games Workshop - US
Phone (800)-394-4263
Internet: www.games-workshop.com

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