The Merc with a Mouth Plays Blood Bowl!

Updated for 4th edition rules

Okay, I'm not a big fan of adding star players to our league's roster. I like to convert the 1st and 2nd edition players created by Jervis Johnson for Blood Bowl, and every team in our league has to have a minimum of 4 star players (so we create a few for some of the teams with less than 4). Other than that I have only allowed into our league star players published in the Blood Bowl/Death Zone rulebooks or in a Citadel Journal/Compendium article. This player is my one exception ... just because Marvel's Deadpool is one of my all time favorite superhero/villians (depends on his mood). Deadpool has done so much time/space jumping that its possible Deadpool landed in the world of Warhammer at some time, and given his personality, he'd probably play Blood Bowl just as a fun diversion.
Deadpool is majorly copyrighted by Marvel Entertainment Group, so if they ever find these rules I hope their lawyers don't beat me up too terribly.

Deadpool's Background
Deadpool is an assassin/mercenary from an alternate universe/Earth. As part of a government program, he became a living cancer (ie every cell in his body is constantly replicating/splitting) thus making him virtually unstoppable (he wears no armour just to keep his job interesting). While his services don't come cheap, he is one of the best at what he does. Deadpool plays Blood Bowl just for the laughs he gets pounding opponents into the ground and annoying them with his continuos banter and insults while playing (earning him the nickname, the Merc with a Mouth).

Who will Deadpool play for???
Deadpool will play for ANY team who will pay him for his valued services and leave him on the pitch to have his fun..

Star Players:

NamePositionCostMASTAG AVSkillsTraits
Deadpool Freelance Star Player 180,000 7 3 4 6 Block, Tackle, Dodge, Frenzy, Dirty Player, Double Dauntless, Nerves of Steel, Diving Tackle, Annoying, Thick SkullConstant Regeneration, It's Just a Flesh Wound!, Cruelty, Greater Glory to Me!, Expert Mercenary

New skills/traits:
Annoying: Due to Deadpool's constant banter and insults, opponents around him can become easily distracted. Deadpool may do this either before or after he has moved. Annoying other players is a free action, and does not interfere with any other actions Deadpool might do. Deadpool may annoy any, or all adjacent opposing players. Choose the first player Deadpool is attempting to annoy and roll a D6. If the score is greater than the victim's Agility, the the victim is Annoyed and loses their tackle zone for the rest of the team turn (much like the Hypnotic Gaze skill). If the score of the dice is less than or equal to the opponent's Agility then Deadpool has failed to annoy his victim. Subsequent players Deadpool attempts to annoy during the same turn are subject to a cumulative -1 modifier on their Agility roll (e.g. -1 for the second player, -2 for the third player, etc...) which represents the diminished effect of the insults when Deadpool is dividing his comments between multiple opponents.

Constant Regeneration: A player with this skill is impossible to kill. This is because their flesh is able to regrow virtually immediately as it is damaged. Stunned results on the Injury table are treated as normal. If the player is Knocked Out, Badly Hurt, Seriously Injured, or Killed, then they are placed in the appropriate box in the Dugout as normal. Before EACH following kick-off takes place, a dice is rolled for the player to see if he regenerates. On a roll of 1, 2, or 3, the player continues to suffer the effects of the injury as normal. On a roll of 4, 5, or 6, the player regenerates and should be moved to the Reserves box in the dugout. Note: this means that if the player was Knocked Out, he will get a Constant Regeneration roll in additional to the normal Knocked Out recovery roll. Note 2: that opposing team players earn Star Players points as normal for inflicting a Badly Hurt, Seriously Injured, or Dead result on a player with this skill, even if the result doesn't affect the player in the normal way. If the team has an Apothecary, an Apothecary roll to treat an injury must be made BEFORE any Constant Regeneration rolls. Players may regenerate from the Injured in Practice special play card. Note 3: For non-League one off games, the dice roll requirements should be changed to 2 or higher to regenerate.
If the games ends with the player still Seriously Injured or Killed, then the player is immediately considered fully healed (ie you never roll on the Serious Injury table). This is because the time between games will be plenty of time for the player to fully regenerate his injuries.

Double Dauntless: This skill can only be taken if the player already has the Dauntless skill. The player loses Dauntless and gains Double Dauntless. This skill works exactly as Dauntless, but also allows the player to make a Dauntless roll when a player is attempting to block him in addition to when he is attempting to block. Remember this roll is made before any bonuses for defensive or offensive assists or Horns are added. A player with Double Dauntless who is being hit with multiple blocks by a player with Frenzy or Wild Animal must make a new Dauntless roll before EACH block is thrown at him.

It's Just a Flesh Wound!: Deadpool's use of this skill is slightly different (better) than the Brettonian Knights (since the negative modifiers never last longer than the current game for Deadpool). A player with this skill ignores any injury result on a roll of 3+. Instead of being carried off the pitch, he is left face down on the pitch, and he suffers the following penalties. (Note: you HAVE to roll at each injury, and if he is injured again the effects are cumulative (no characteristic (MA, ST, AG, AV) may go below 1.))
Stunned: the player is laid face up on the field instead of face down.
Knocked Out: -1 AG until end of game or a roll of 4+ before a kick off.
Badly Hurt: -1 AG, -1 ST, -1 AV until the end of game.
Seriously Injured: -1 MA, -1 ST, -1 AG, -1 AV for the rest of this game.
Killed: -2 MA, -2 ST, -2 AG, -2 AV for the rest of this game.

Cruelty: If there is a prone/stunned player, regardless of team, next to this player at the beginning of the turn roll a D6. On a result of 1, this player MUST go first (cannot be skipped) and will make a sort a foul. This will be all he does during this turn. This foul does not count when using IGMEOY and thus the player will only be evicted on a referee roll of 6. No assists can be given, its just a straight armour and injury roll).

Greater Glory to Me!: This skill represents a player's tendency to be a glory hound. When a player with this Negative skill wishes to Hand-Off or Pass the ball, roll a D6, on a 1, 2, or 3, the player becomes overcomed with his desire to score the touchdown and will not give up the ball, otherwise he may Pass or Hand-Off as normal. If the player refuses to give up the ball, he retains possession of it and this does not result in a Turnover. Also the player MUST go first each turn or not be moved at all.

Expert Mercenary: After the winnings are received (including amounts from special play cards) at the end of each game, Deadpool must be given a mercenary contract fee of half the gold pieces won for that game (deduct this amount from the winnings). Deadpool can be permanently removed from a team, but only after he has been paid for that game. Since Deadpool does not like to have anyone interfering with his payment (he has a tendency of hunting down such people with terminal results), the coach of the team with Deadpool on it may not have any special play cards played against him that would/could reduce the end of game winnings to zero (examples include: Bankruptcy!, Robbed, Kidnap Rival Coach, or A Large Donation). Note: Deadpool does not have to be paid an appearance fee to play in a game (as per the 4th edition rules), his taking 50% of winnings replaces the amount that would normally be required in appearance fees for a star player.

Special playing rules for Deadpool:
Rule 1: If Deadpool starts a drive in the Reserves box, the coach must have Deadpool on the field. Deadpool can never sit out a drive unless he is Knocked Out, Badly Hurt, Seriously Injured, or (temporarily) Dead.
Rule 2:Deadpool's healing abilities are incredible. Here are the special rules to follow when Deadpool is injured.
When Deadpool is injured, use his skills in the following order.
Knocked Out: Thick Skull, It's Just a Flesh Wound!
Stunned, Badly Hurt, Seriously Injured, Dead!: It's Just a Flesh Wound!
If Deadpool has any characteristic negative modifiers (MA, ST, AG, or AV) due to his It's Just a Flesh Wound! Skill, roll a Constant Regeneration roll at the beginning of each new drive or half. If the Constant Regeneration roll is successful, all of Deadpool's characteristics return to normal.

Suggested miniatures:
Marvel Entertainment never made a miniature for Deadpool, but Lance & Laser make a miniature for their Living Legends superhero miniature series that looks pretty close to Deadpool's body type and design.

PositionCompanyMiniature NamePart NumberPrice# in Blister/Box
DeadpoolLance & LaserBlack AmericaLL32$2.251

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Lance & Laser

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