Advanced rules for the Team and Personal Apothecaries

Credit for this idea goes to Matt Brown. Article was published in Citadel Journal #18 pages 95-96, Copyright Games Workshop Ltd 1996.

The Team Apothecary

The Team Apothecary is in many ways similar to the staff member presented in the Death Zone supplement. It is still the case that you can only have one Team Apothecary on your team at any time. However, the alternative rules presented here enable him to improve his abilities just as players do.

The team roster box which you normally tick to indicate that the team has an Apothecary is now used to keep track of the Apothecary's ability level.

Every 50,000 gold (gps) spent on your Apothecary will raise him one level in ability. If your league uses freebooted apothecaries, each level costs 10k to freeboot. Each level brings with it an extra skill which he will be able to use during a match. There are five levels of ability, level 1 being the lowest.

1The Apothecary may attempt to cure one injury by rolling a 2+ on a D6 or he may allow a player with a niggling injury to start the match. This level is the standard Team Apothecary from the Death Zone Playbook, when you spend the base 50,000 gps for an Apothecary simply write a 1 in the box on the team roster.
2The Apothecary may do both of the abilities described in Level 1 in the same match, ie. He can cure a niggling injury and still attempt to heal an injury during the match.
3Whenever you fail the roll to return a KO'd player back to the game (see page 15, Restarting the Match in the Blood Bowl Rulebook), you may roll a dice - on a 1-5 the player remains in the KO'd box, but on a 6 he can actually return to the game. This does not count as a team re-roll and is the only Apothecary ability that is not limited to one use per match
4The Apothecary may reduce one just received 'Serious Injury' to 'Badly Hurt'. This ability can only be used once per match, though it may be used after failing the standard attempt to heal an injury. You may use the level 1 ability BEFORE, but not AFTER using the level 4 ability.
5The Apothecary may attempt to reduce one just received 'Death' on a player to 'Seriously Injured' by roll a D6. On a 1-3, the player remains quite dead but on a 4-6, he miraculously recovers, albeit in a 'Seriously Injured-Miss Next Game' state. This ability may only be used once per match, though it may be used after a standard healing attempt has failed. However, this ability may NOT be combined with the Level 4 ability to reduce a player from 'Dead' to 'Badly Hurt'. You may use the level 1 ability BEFORE, but not AFTER using the level 5 ability.

All Team Apothecary abilities are cumulative, so at Level 3 for example the Team Apothecary has all the abilities of a Level 1 and Level 2 Apothecary in addition to his Level 3 abilities.

A Level 5 Apothecary is very potent (and expensive (250,000 gps)) staff member with a wide range of abilities at his disposal. However as a coach you should beware the 'Better Offer' and 'Sorry' special play cards. You have been warned.

For team rating purposes, a Level 1 Apothecary is 5 points, Level 2 - 10 points, Level 3 - 15 points, Level 4 - 20 points, and Level 5 - 25 points.

Personal Apothecaries

Personal Apothecaries may be hired by your team in addition to the Team Apothecary. A Personal Apothecary has the abilities of a Level 1 Apothecary, in other words the standard Apothecary rules from the Death Zone Rulebook, and may never improve beyond Level 1. Note: if your team could not hire Team Apothecaries (such as the Ethereal, Undead, and Golem teams), then you may not hire Personal Apothecaries either.

Personal Apothecaries are hired to look after a specific player on the team. They can only be used to cure an injury (or heal niggles) on that one player they are assigned to.

Obviously, Personal Apothecaries are usually hired to watch over the best rookie and star players to ensure that the team's stars are alwyas on top form. Unfortunately, they know this and command a high price.

To hire a Personal Apothecary you must first be able to afford him. A Personal Apothecary costs exactly the same as the player you wish him to look after and the cost is added to that of the player - effectively doubling that player's value (for team rating purposes). To indicate that a player has a Personal Apothecary, write it in the player's skill box on the Team Roster(much like you would a Personal Trainer). MBBL2 rule change from the original Citadel Journal article: In addition to costing the same as the player add an additional 20k to the cost of Personal Apothecary for EACH star player roll that the player has made to date. Also ANY player in the MBBL2 may have a personal apothecary even for teams that cannot normally have a team apothecary.

The Personal Apothecary, like all coaching staff, must be represented by an appropriate figure. If for any reason, a player with a Personal Apothecary is removed from the team roster (retirement, sacking, or most likely, death) the Personal Apothecary will also leave.

You may only ever have a maximum of three Personal Apothecaries on the team at any one time. If you have three Apothecaries and wish to give a different player his own personal doctor, you must first sack one of the existing ones and pay for a new one. They may never be transferred. After you have sacked a Personal Apothecary remember to reduce the player's cost back to its original total.

You may still use your Team Apothecary on a player who has his own Personal Apothecary. This is where the added protection really lies - if the Personal Apothecary fails, the Team Apothecary can still attempt to heal a player with his, possibly better, abilities.


I have a Human team and I buy an Apothecary for them. I just spend 50,000 gps, he is therefore Level One. After a few games, I find myself in injury trouble. I have 80,000 gps in the Treasury so I decided to buy a Personal Apothecary for my best Thrower. My Thrower costs 70,000 gps, thus so will his Personal Apothecary. I write Personal Apothecary in the skills section on this player and adjust his cost to read 140,000 gps and deduct 70,000 gps from my Treasury. MBBL change effect: If the best thrower had had two star player rolls, then the personal apothecary would have cost 110,000 gps.

Later I have 90,000 gps in the Treasury so I improve the Team Apothecary by one level. It costs 50,000 gps to do this and I deduct it from the Treasury. I write 2 in the Apothecary box and his cost is adjusted to read 100,000 gps. I now have 40,000 left.

In my next match disaster strikes, my best Thrower is killed! His Personal Apothecary threw 1 in the attempt to stop the injury - a failure. So I tried my Team Apothecary but he threw 1 too! If my Apothecary had been a Level 5, he could have attempted to change the 'Death' to 'Seriously Injured'. But he's a Level 2. I erase my Thrower and also his Personal Apothecary and must re-work my team rating. After that match, I decided to spend my 60,000 gps winnings and 40,000 gps Treasury on the Apothecary. This increases him 2 levels to Level 4 and his cost to 200,000 gps. And so it continues ...

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